Inactive [FUN/MECH]MobCatcher v3.0.1 - Capture mobs and get spawn eggs legitimately[1.4.2-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Malikk, Jan 30, 2012.

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    ... so then ... whats that permission? can.catch ?
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    You can find all of the nodes on the bukkit dev page
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    but i don't want to give that to anyone, i want to make it so that NO ONE can have that perm, but when they earn it then i give it to them
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    This permission defaults to true. This means if you don't assign this permission to someone, by default, they have it. So, in order to remove it, you have to assign them a negative permission node. You assign them the same as normal nodes, except with a hyphen in front.

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    I'd prefer enderpearls, instead of eggs. Maybe an option of the two?

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    You can set the capture item to whatever you want in the config file.
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    Very nice plugin, something neat to add to my VIP packages. Permissions were sort of confusing to set up considering that most of them disallow an action while most other plugins have the nodes set to allow an action. Either way, now that everything is set up, it's nice to be able to spawn mobs legitimately now. :)
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    I decided to go with disallowing, rather than allowing, because I wanted the plugin to work for most servers without ever having to touch it. As opposed to other plugins, where you can't do anything at all until it's completely configured.
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    Ah I see. Well great job with the plugin. :D
  11. hi i really like the idear of this mod but is there set up permissions cus i dont wanna install something that everyone can use everything on it cus i was thinking to set this up for my vip players on my server but if its no set up for permissions so everyone can use it it kinda makes it hard for me to set it up for only one surten groupe of players i hope you´ll consider to set it up with permissions if there is please let me know the permission commands cus i dont seam to be able to find them any wear ty very much :D

    EDIT: sorry for this message i just noticed the permission list a bit futher in the comments sorry for bothering you with this message thank you alot tho for making permissions for this pluging it helps me alot thank you agen
  12. I look forward to trying this, seems nice to get eggs legitamitly. Thanks.
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    You should integrate Factions. Mainly for the protect signs. Allowing only that faction to capture in that area. Thanks :)
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    Can you add an optional chance to let the capturing fail (Like pokeballs :) ) ?
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    I'm writing a plugin called Shield that will act kind of like vault but for protection plugins, this should be possible once it's finished.

    This has been in the plugin for quite a long time. Have a look in your config file. You can set it for simply peaceful and hostile, or for every mob individually.

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    This is awesome. Thanks for this!
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    Could someone please send me the inside of the config file for when i want to make it so when they get hit by gold sword the spawn egg will get into your inventory when its getting it of the mob,You know what i mean,i want to do some easy disc farming with my friend on our server,And i dont get anything of what is on the BukkitDev page in the help for config,Please someone help me out :D

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    All you'll need to do, is find out the id number for the gold sword. Here is a good resource, for future reference.

    and then type that in your config file under the CaptureItem section

      Enabled: true
      ItemName: Egg
      ItemID: 344
      UsedOnCapture: true
      ReturnedOnSpawn: true
    You'll want to set it so that it looks like this,

      Enabled: true
      ItemName: 'Golden Sword'
      ItemID: 283
      UsedOnCapture: false
      ReturnedOnSpawn: false
    This means that the capture item is the Gold Sword, it isn't consumed when you capture with it, and it doesn't give you another one when you spawn something.

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask :)
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    Okay thats that,but now i cant seem to capture a creeper?I enabled it and stuff but does not seem to work :/
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    What does it do instead? Just nothing? Errors? Cost messages?
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    Nothing,And now i tested it out again on some more mobs and again,wont work,so maybe yust put the whole thing how it should work of the config and stuff for the plugin,cuz' maybe im doing something wrong,anyways the plugin is very awosomeEDIT:Now nothing works anymore???Do as above when you can please,because i cant seem to figure anything out :/
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    Well, the plugin should work perfectly fine with the default config file, so if you think you've messed up the config, just generate a new config.

    The other things to consider is the possibility of a plugin conflict. Any other plugins you have that cancel damage to mobs would be canceling MobCatcher's captures.
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    I have Ptweaks plugin,BlocksOnGlass and MobDisguise,any of these conflict?
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    A little suggestion, when a spawn egg is thrown and it hits another mob the spawned mob would start attacking the other mob if it can attack things, i just thought this would be a fun little idea, i honestly dont care if you dont implement it, its a great plugin as is
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    Idk, that's for you to find out.

    Run your server with only MobCatcher and see if it works. If it does, add the plugins back in one at a time until it doesn't. Then tell me which plugin is conflicting.

    A lot of people have suggested things such as making mobs docile towards the player who spawned them, making mobs target each other, even giving them stats which can be leveled, but I feel as if all of these things are WAY out of the scope of the idea of this plugin. I've been telling people since day one that I'd much rather stick to the core idea and do a good job, than have to manage a crap load of tangent ideas.

    Sorry, but this is not something I intend to add.

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    Hey, thanks for a great plugin! I hope you'll update it to 1.3.1 ASAP, because our latest LP, called 'Tilia Keep' relies heavily on your MobCatcher plugin. It's a CTM-concept. We're testing it for our third season. We have build a big prison in which we have to place mob eggs from all the hostile mobs. It's in Dutch, but we have you credited in the Keep, on signs. Although the credits are there from the beginning, I don't think we showed the credits in the first episode. But once we release the Tilia Keep schematic/world for download, it'll be on there for everyone to read.
    Only, we can't update the server to 1.3.1 untill this specific plugin is updated. So just to say: thanks again and please update it as soon as possible. Great stuff!
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    1.3.1? ... balls, lol.

    Likely, it's already compatible, but I won't know for sure until Bukkit updates.

    Thanks for the support, and I'll be on this as soon as there's a Bukkit build for me to work with.
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    Man i really love your plugin but this is not working, and this is not because i sue other plugins because i don't.
    I use your plugin since the version 1.0.0, and it works perfectly now i did like always configured it. And nothing is responding like i want to, i mean i catch a mob, i still have the egg, don't lose my redstone dust and the mob in the egg is multiplicate.

    Thanks to fix that and please don't send a version of a plugin when it does not work and proclaim it does.
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    I havent had any issues with it at all on 1.3.1.

    What version of mobCatcher and CB?

    Any errors?
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    lol i todl you tyhe problem nothing works at all and i got the last version of craftbukkit and the last version of your mod what else can i add ?

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