Inactive [FUN/MECH] Mob Block v1.0 - Create Note Blocks That Play Sound Effects! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Full description and download can be found on BukkitDev.

    Mob Block is an innovative plugin that opens up a whole new world for note blocks. With this plugin, you can:
    • Play all types of sounds from almost every mob in Minecraft.
    • Add more functionality and purpose to the ordinary Note Block.
    • Trigger sound alerts when griefers enter your homes and give them a scare.
    • Play additional sound effects such as lightning strikes and explosions.
    • Add more options to gameplay.
    Watch It In Action!

    Thanks to UltiByte for the video!

    How to Create A Mob Block

    To create a Mob Block, the player must have the mb.create permission node. The player must be sneaking when they place the Note Block or else the Note Block will be a normal Note Block. Upon creation, the player will see a message saying the creation is complete.

    How to Use A Mob Block

    The player must have the mb.toggle permission node. To toggle the sounds for the Mob Block, the player right clicks to scroll through the sounds just like for a regular Note Block and left clicks to play the sound. Note that the Mob Blocks function as regular Note Blocks do and can be played through a Redstone current.

    Removing Mob Blocks

    The player must have the mb.create permission node. Simply break the Mob Block to destroy it.


    Default Nodes:
    • mb.create - Allows player to create Mob Blocks.
    • mb.toggle - Allows player to toggle the sound played by the Mob Block.
    • mb.listen - Players with this node can hear the effects played by Mob Blocks.
    All of the permissions are default for non-op players. To remove their permission to use Mob Blocks, add the node of the permission you want to remove with a '-' sign in front of the node.
    Source on GitHub: [​IMG]

    Change Log:

    Version 1.0:
    • Release.
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    Good plugin,but I would have liked it more if they had to get the sound like trap a creeper or something,other than that great plugin!
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    Thanks! What do you mean by trapping the mob?
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    Like trapping it in a glass building and shaving its vocals out.
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    Lol. That makes it more complicated but it would be a good implementation for SMP servers. I might add an option to do that but I don't know how one would "shave" out their vocals. XD
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    Cool plugin, I will be installing it tomorrow, actually I already did, but not all the permissions.
    Thank you!
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    Use shears while they stand on the noteblock :p
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    LOL, It works now [diamond][diamond][diamond]
    I was listening to all the mob sounds and lightning struck the noteblock xD
    I also saw a breaking torch [torch] particle when I was playing the sounds, you know, when you break blocks they spawn particles. Also TNT [tnt] explosions :D
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    You should also add sounds like chests, doors, pistons, etc.
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    O_0 I heard those sounds...
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    Yeah. I've included sounds like doors being broken down. I don't think it's possible to play piston and chest opening sounds but I'll try.
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    MUST be 1.3.1 NOW!!!
    i want it on my 1.3.1 bukkit server so when i make
    a PVP faction server they can make traps and sound effecs.
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    Hey, I'm learning Java and I'm wondering if I could have the source code. I wanna learn how to change some mechanics in minecraft. Thanks - it would be very helpful:)
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    I'm testing this on the 1.3.1 release build, which i assume contains everything from the dev builds? i know this requires those. however, when i place one, then right click it to change what it plays, I just hear the normal note block sounds, and the console gives me some errors,and if I continue doing it, i get disconnected (end of stream). I will post the errors in more posts, the log goes over the character limit.
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    Hi r0306 , I like your plugin alot but I would like to know if there is a way you could make this plugin using commands instead of note blocks. I love trolling my Server Members and to scare them , but always placing a note block , looking for the right sounds etc. is just to circuitously. :)

    Please reply! :)

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