[FUN/MECH] MineFlag - Capture the Flag in Teams v0.2 [1.3.2-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Gunpowder, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Hi everybody,
    i'd like to submit my new version of my plugin "Circles". Circles is a plugin to chat in private groups or clan chats. Your can create Circles, add player to your circle so that read what you chat, you can delete circles, create multiply circles and you can remove player from your circle.
    You can use the plugins by using following commands:
    • /c:create + name
      • Create a new circle with a name.
    • /c: open + circle
      • Join one of your created circles.
    • /c:close
      • Leave your current circle.
    • /c:drag + circle + player
      • Drag an user from sever to your circle.
    • /c:remove + circle
      • Delete an created circle.
    • /c:remove + circle + name
      • Remove an player from one of your created circles.
    Circles v0.2

    Please send me requests and tips for the plugin. Screenshots and more features coming soon.
    Hope you like the plugin! [diamond]
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    WTB more info.
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    @Noxturno Ok but what do you mean with "WTB more info" ?
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    How to edit the Flags? Because it was destroied by an creeper so I don't set a new flag.
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    @Thebattlemine Edit? You can set a new Flag ! Enter /ctf again, then the new position would save! Or what do you mean?
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    Also ich gebe den Command /ctf . Aber dann erscheint dort keine neue Flagge.
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    @Thebattlemine ok hmh werde mir das mal ansehen Ok habs mir angeschaut: Also eigentlich müsste eine neue Flagge gesetzt werden [ die "Überreste" werden dabei nicht entfernt].Zumindest hat es bei meinem TestServer funktioniert! Ich gebe dir den Tipp den Server mal neu zu starten! Hoffe es funktioniert dann! :)
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    jo hast funktioniert! Danke
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    Freut mich wenn ich dir helfen konnte!;)
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    Google Translate For The Win!
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    Edit the title as I told you and PLEASE stop those blank bump posts. I can see you have been making one a day and then deleting it the next.
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    it doesnt work? I cannot even download it??? it comes to an error page
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    it is not working for my server can you come on and help us are server ip is
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    Everything updated! ;D
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    Ummm.Circles - MineFlag?

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