[FUN/MECH] Mario v0.1 - Shoot fireballs from flowers, as in Mario [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by BR_, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Cool mod! Keep adding new features though. So far I have simply been using essentials for the /fireball command and worldedit to bind the command to any tool I wish. Show me how this mod is better than doing that with the plugins I already have ;)

    Ooh, can I suggest something actually? I thought it'd be cool if you could modify how powerful you wanted your fireball to be. For example, if I wanted to allow my fireballs to break through stone, I could just use a command that would make fireballs break harder materials. Maybe you could even make it so we could change the blast radius. Not sure if that's asking for too much, but it would be pretty awesome :D
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    I can change the fire-ness and the blast radius easily, but for breaking through harder stuff, it'd be more difficult.
    And yes, I will add more :) I'm just being lazy and spending too much time on other stuff.
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    i HATE spout how you need a client side mod for it
    Please dont make it for spout
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    Well, you wouldn't have to have Spout.. if you didn't you'd just miss out on the extra features.
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    No video? ;( Would you like me to make one?
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    No thanks, when I update (eventually) there'll probably be new things. Maybe then, though :)

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