Inactive [FUN/MECH] MapClone v0.5 - Clone and Scale/Zoom Any In-game Map [1337, 1.0.1-R1]

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    MapClone - Clone and Scale/Zoom Any In-game Map!
    Version: v0.5
    This plugin allows you to clone any map that you have in your inventory to the one you are holding in your hand as well as allowing you to scale the current map! To clone a map just hold the destination map in your hands and do the command "/mclone [mapNumber]". Poof! You've got your map. To scale a map just hold the map you want to scale in your hands and do: /mzoom [closest|close|normal|far|farthest|1-5] <mapnumber>. To configure it just go into your plugins folder into the folder named "MapClone" and edit settings.ini.
    Please note that to use an economy plugin the Register plugin is required.


    Cloning Recipe:
    You must be holding down shift when you click on the maps, otherwise you will get two maps of the next available number instead of cloning the map you want!!!!

    • Clone Any Map!
    • Change the scale of any map!
    • Permissions Support (Both legacy permissions and the new Bukkit SuperPerms)
    • An option for a cloning recipe (bypasses permissions, and all other options when enabled.)
    • Supports any Economy system through the Register plugin!
    • An option to use items upon cloning or scaling maps
    • Adjustable timeouts on scaling a map so that you can get charged once, find the scale you want, and never be able to change the scale again after the timeout (unless you have the special permission which allows you to do so)
    Permission Nodes:
    • mapclone.clone - The ability to clone a map in your inventory
    • mapclone.any - Clone any map, not just ones in your inventory
    • - If iConomy is enabled, this will enable this group to clone maps for free
    • mapscale.scale - Allow someone to scale a map
    • mapscale.any - Allow them to scale any map, even already scaled maps, at any time
    • - If an economy or item system is enabled, this will enable this group to scale maps for free.
    Download MapClone.jar v0.5

    Download MapClone.jar v0.4 (Bukkit versions 1060 and older)

    Known Bugs:
    • When using a resource with a damage value it prints out the name of the item with the damage value of 0 in the chat, instead of using the proper name. Although it does use the correct item. (Any good, simple ideas to fix this would be appreciated)
    Plugin Not working correctly?

    For me to diagnose the issue properly please provide me with the following information:
    Description of issue:
    Version of Craftbukkit:
    Version of java:
    Other plugins installed:
    Output of console (If there are any error messages):
    MapClone configuration file:
    ToDo List:
    • See if there is a way to find out how close the player is to the area where the map was first created and add an option to restrict map cloning of that map outside of that area. (Need hooks added in bukkit)

    Version 0.5
    • Added ability to scale maps with the /mzoom command
    • Added support for any economy system through Register
    • Added ability to specify the quantity of the items used up when using items for charging for cloning/scaling
    • Added Bukkit SuperPerms support
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed needing 2 maps when the player had mapclone.any permission node.
    • Added resource using when cloning.
    Version 0.3.1
    • Fixed flipped variable for map cloning
    Version 0.3
    • Added iConomy 5.0 support
    • Added map cloning with a recipe
    • Added extra permissions nodes
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed permissions support not working
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
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    Looks great, would love to see this work without commands somehow and require a bunch of paper and an inksac :) Perhaps like the original recipe, 8 paper but with the inksac instead of compass.
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    That would actually require the original map to be in the recipe, (7 paper, original map, and an ink sac) and in code I would need a new recipe for every map number and have it spit out 2 maps with that data value. It's doable with a for loop, it just might be a little time intensive. I could add that as an option though. Only downside though is that it wouldn't support permissions with that method and you would also have over a thousand new recipes in the server.
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    Of course you would still be able to add permission support. Permission support is not solely command based, you decide what should be possible with what permissions. As long as you know the user/player entity trying to create the cloned/map.
    I'm not really sure how the recipes work out, but I wouldn't think you would need more than 8 recipes in order to support this idea.
    Otherwise, lovely, since Notch apparently didn't come around to support this :)...
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    Well, the way recipes work is you add all custom recipes to the server when it first starts. Since each map has a specific damage value it looks like an entirely different item to the recipe so I would have to add a recipe for each map number that you would want to clone, at server start-up. Also, as far as I know, there is no event thrown when a player crafts something (as of build 819), so there is no way for me to cancel the event and prevent the creation of the map. That's why I said it wouldn't support permissions. If you can find a way of adding permissions support, I'll definitely add that. :D Also, look for an option for cloning maps using a crafting table in the next version, it just won't use permissions and will be limited to the first X amount of maps that you specify.
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    Maybe restrict cloning of maps to a limited area around the original map? Would only be possible if there's a way to check which map is being held by a player, of course.

    iConomy integration would turn this into a viable plugin to allow players to map the world for a living, too.
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    Interesting ideas. I'll see about limiting map creation to a certain area (might take some doing though), and iConomy support is a cool idea too (added to my todo list), although if you want iConomy support right now Command iConomy should do the trick. I'm assuming you just want to be able to charge the player for the use of the command.

    Both of these ideas have been implemented in 0.3.1. Enjoy. :)

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    Command iConomy is a great idea, but would also charge if you wanted to do /mclone help, or if the command didn't work for some reason. I see you already added iConomy support, though, so thanks!
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    Wow, sorry. I was very confident that an event was triggered when a player crafts something, I haven't checked my self, and am not familiar with CraftBukkit, but I must say, I was very confident that this was the case. I am also shocked to learn that the maps are assigned using the damage value.
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    thats the way notch likes to do things, in order to not need more variables than necessary. he also uses the damage value for wool color

    question: not sure if it is, but would it be possible to create a plugin for wall mounting maps?

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    No sorry. That would be client side.
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    wget compatible link please.
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    Nice work :) Thanks.

    But, if you have the permission "mapclone.any" you should be able to clone maps without 2 maps in inventory...
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    Oh, but that would make perfect sense. ;) Just kidding, I totally overlooked that part of my code when I coded it... I just fixed that issue, but I'm also adding another feature in my to do list to the plugin as well, so I'll wait to publish it until that's integrated as it will be done in an hour or two. (Last thing I want to do is push 2 updates within 2 hours of each other unless something is broken.)

    Wget command:
    wget -O MapClone.jar
    I also added this to the main post for future reference.

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    Nice :)

    You should use Register, then you support all major economy plugins :D

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    @halvors sorry, I don't know what you mean by Register. If you could link me to either the thread or the documentation I would see about getting this implemented.
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    Not trying to be mean. But you can alreday do this all you have to do is opp a map.
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    The video only shows map_0, which can be done normally, but for all the other maps, 1,2,3,4.... you have to use a plugin to give yourself a map with that damage value. Sure, you can do it, but do you really want your users giving themselves items? This makes it more realistic.
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    Whenever I type /mclone 2 it always just says /mclone <map number> and doesn't let me clone the map. The crafting recipe doesn't work at all. Does anyone know what's wrong?
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    Please submit a proper error report:
    Version of craftbukkit:
    operating system:
    Java version:
    Any error messages in console:
    Mapclone config file:
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    my bukkit build is 1.6.6
    i use windows xp professional
    java 6 update 26
    no errors in console, other than the /mclone <map number>
    mapclone config file is 0.4
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    Bukkit build should be a number like 818,860, or 928. It usually shows a line like this in the console:
    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-889-g22f4388-b928jnks (MC: 1.6.6)
    Also, instead of the version number of mapclone, can you show me the settings.ini in the plugins/mapclone directory?
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    Working with 1.7 and latest RB? :confused:
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    Yes, just updated title.
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    Having a slight problem with cloning. It seems to be cloning the map correctly with the recipe but it creates a new map file in the world/data folder every time. I found files for up to map_70 even though we only have 8 maps that we cloned.

    Version of Craftbukkit: 904
    Version of java: 6 Update 26
    OS: Mac OSX 10.6.8
    Other plugins installed: permissions, BorderArea, BukkitContrib, HigherExplosives, InvScanner, LoginMessage
    Output of console (If there are any error messages): none
    MapClone configuration file:
    #This is the main MapClone config file
    # enable-recipe: Enable the Crafing Recipe. Note: This will make it so
    # anyone can clone a map using the recipe. All other settings and permissions
    # are ignored if you use this option.
    enable-recipe = true
    # useiConomy: Charge to clone the map using iConomy
    useiConomy = false
    # pricetoclone: The price to clone a map
    pricetoclone = 0.0

    # itemtouse: The item ID to use when cloning a map. (not used when iConomy is
    # enabled). If the item ID is set to 0 then no item is used. To specify a damage
    # value do: itemID:damage. Example using Cocoa Beans: 351:3
    itemtouse = 0:0

    #Do not change anything below this line unless you know what you are doing!
    version = 0.4
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    Does the server know which maps are the cloned version and which map the original version? How does that work?

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