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    Lava Furnace - Furnaces that run on lava:

    The basic idea of this plugin is to allow players to create a furnace that will run on lava but not consume buckets. It allows for customization by admins for fuel burn time, cook time, per player cook times and amount of furnaces per player. It is by default pretty balanced, but is customizable by admins for personal preference in balancing or even cheating if you so choose.

    • User created Furnaces that consume only the lava not the bucket
    • Also can be used with regular fuel sources through the Minecraft furnace interface.
    • Potential to create infinitely fueled furnaces via config file
    • Can set furnace burn times up to 2147483647 via config
    • Can set furnace cook times from 1 to 4 x normal speed via config
    • Can define the blocks a furnace is created from via config
    • Works with multi-worlds
    • Permissions via PermissionsEX, GroupManager, nijikokun based permissions, bukkit permissions or OPs
    • Lava level is easily viewable through glass door and changes with burn time of furnace
    • Optional small or large Production Chests (*based on Zarius's idea)
    • Optional Custom Smelt-ables via config
    • Production chest smelt priority from TOP LEFT to BOTTOM RIGHT
    • Per user cook times, per item cook times from 1 to 4 x normal speed via commands
    • Per player group build limits
    Tutorial Video & Review (by ValBGaming)

    Production Chest Photo:
    Alternate Chest Setup (open)


    Alternate Furnace Layouts (open)


    And you could just keep going with it.

    [​IMG] if you like this plugin and want to support me. Its much appreciated. :)
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    Sure !
    i prefer your plugin. more difficulties, more parameters = more fun.
    and the size is more correct for such device :) just big
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    I like the idea of eternally burning furnaces. I have gotta try this out. Thanks!
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    I think you'll really like the next version currently in beta. I've added redstone outputs for fuel / and full chests. Also via config you can put fuel items in the supply chest and have the furnace run autonomously... at least until the fuel runs out. But then thats what the redstone outputs are for. I was thinking along the lines of a falsebook minecart system. Automation can be fun... :D

    I've added a compatibility mode to LavaFurnace in the latest beta. If you wish to try it out. It should fix the bucket issue with dwarfforge.

    Test it out and see if it works for you.

    If you happen to run into another plugin that seems to be adding buckets or other random items to the fuel slot of a lava furnace. You can add the plugins name to the compatibility option in the config file. Its a comma separated list. That should alleviate the problem.

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    Just another question, about custom smeltables : what to do with that ?
    ok, we can put some resources that are not naturally smeltable, but to get what ? How.
    I mean, i.e. i want put netherrack to obtain netherbirck : how configure that ?
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    That is designed for use / compatability with another mod of your choosing. LavaFurnace will put the custom smeltable items into the furnace but the other mod will have to control the furnace. This plugin makes no attempt to modify the smeltability of items. It simply places items into the furnace and controls how fast default minecraft items smelt as well as the amount of time lava fuels the furnace. Nothing more.

    I think there may be a spout mod that allows you to add items to the minecraft furnace smelt list. But I dont know for sure.
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    So I love this plugin but in the normal world the lava furnace wont work it has the lightning and everything but it doesnt show the percent of lava left and it doesnt cook anything nor do the chests work BUT it works perfectly fine when I made on in The End? HELP P.S. I have craftbukkit 1.3.1
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    Sounds like maybe its a permissions problem. Make sure you have permissions for all worlds you want lavafurnace to operate in. I have quite a few lavafurnaces strewn about 4 different worlds on one server alone and I do not have this problem.

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