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    Lava Furnace - Furnaces that run on lava:

    The basic idea of this plugin is to allow players to create a furnace that will run on lava but not consume buckets. It allows for customization by admins for fuel burn time, cook time, per player cook times and amount of furnaces per player. It is by default pretty balanced, but is customizable by admins for personal preference in balancing or even cheating if you so choose.

    • User created Furnaces that consume only the lava not the bucket
    • Also can be used with regular fuel sources through the Minecraft furnace interface.
    • Potential to create infinitely fueled furnaces via config file
    • Can set furnace burn times up to 2147483647 via config
    • Can set furnace cook times from 1 to 4 x normal speed via config
    • Can define the blocks a furnace is created from via config
    • Works with multi-worlds
    • Permissions via PermissionsEX, GroupManager, nijikokun based permissions, bukkit permissions or OPs
    • Lava level is easily viewable through glass door and changes with burn time of furnace
    • Optional small or large Production Chests (*based on Zarius's idea)
    • Optional Custom Smelt-ables via config
    • Production chest smelt priority from TOP LEFT to BOTTOM RIGHT
    • Per user cook times, per item cook times from 1 to 4 x normal speed via commands
    • Per player group build limits
    Tutorial Video & Review (by ValBGaming)

    Production Chest Photo:
    Alternate Chest Setup (open)


    Alternate Furnace Layouts (open)


    And you could just keep going with it.

    [​IMG] if you like this plugin and want to support me. Its much appreciated. :)
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    Here are the items that are accepted as smeltable:
    Material.COBBLESTONE    id# 4
    Material.SAND           id# 12
    Material.GOLD_ORE       id# 14
    Material.IRON_ORE       id# 15
    Material.LOG            id# 17
    Material.DIAMOND_ORE    id# 56
    Material.CACTUS         id# 81
    Material.PORK           id# 319
    Material.CLAY_BALL      id# 337
    Material.RAW_FISH       id# 349
    Material.RAW_BEEF       id# 363
    Material.RAW_CHICKEN    id# 365
    If you are having iron and gold work properly then it is impossible for this plugin to not work for food items. The code doesnt work that way. The handling of any of the above items are identical. The conditional statement simply checks the item placed in the chest against that above list and if there is a match it puts it in the furnace. If it doenst match, it ignores it and moves to the next item until it finds one that matches. No magic voodoo involved.

    Now, if you are using a mod that adds new foods or some other smeltable or cookable items, then they will not be accepted by the production chest as valid items. Thats the only case where items will be ignored and you might think they shouldnt.

    So, in other words ,I havent a clue why its not working for food items for you. In the post above you I just tested that. But, just to be doubly sure I tested it again with 64 of each of the above items in furnaces facing each direction with large and small chests. All the above materials moved from supply chest to furnace and out to the processed chest. Its working perfectly on my end.

    That was sort of a 1 off because I felt I owed Val for reviewing my plugin. I havent been keeping up with choptree's thread and dont really use it.

    So, short answer, I dont currently have plans to update choptree again. If you have further questions about other plugins PM me instead of going off topic. Thanks.
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    i useing 1.8.1 and i get the the message "The Magical Runes Fizzle Then Fade Away... The Magic Dose Not Yield To Your Command..." after i type [lavafurnace] and its correct set up like in your video i also configed it after your configuration. what to do what to do Please Wizard of the Lava Furnace Help me solve this Mystical Problem
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    [​IMG] Wizard patiently asks, "Did you check your permissions?" :cool:
  5. is it possible to design our own furnace ?

    i like to hide all [ ] command signs so its purly for asthetics.. lol
    but the option to specify how its created would be nice, i checked through the configs but wasnt sure if i could change more than the blocks it was made from.

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    Unfortunately no, the plugin would need to be re-wrote from the ground up to do that. The sign is the anchor for the entire furnace. Everything about the furnace is calculated based on where the sign is. So if the sign is gone I cant tell where the furnace is.

    Sorry, just the block types can be changed. The layout is hardcoded, meaning that too would require a complete rewrite.
  7. Ok thanks for looking tho :)
    future updates maybe make it so the sign can be placed on the back of the furnace?
    just wanting the front to blend in with my wall :)
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    Has the source for this plugin been released?
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    The future is uncertain :)
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    Do you know of any resources that explain how to analyze block placement relative to signs with text on them?
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    I can tell you this is how I'm doing it. I get the exact coordinates of the sign by the event that is thrown when a user places the sign. I then take those coordinates and then physically map it out on graphic paper how I want a furnace to look. X Y Z coordinates.

    From that point its just a matter of If statements. Example,

    int  blockX, blockY, blockZ = signs coordinates;
    if(world.getBlockAt(blockX -1, blockY, blockZ + 1).getTypeId() == blockId){
    Thats basically all there is to it. I dont have any resources to draw from when it comes to writing the code used in LavaFurnace and its anchor sign. I just made it up from scratch.

    As far as analysis goes, I'm simply remembering where the user placed the sign. If you are wanting to analyze already placed signs. I wouldnt know. I'm thinking it would involve something to do with Player movement and scanning nearby blocks for signs with text. Then grabbing their coordinates. It might end up being rather process intensive.
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    Do you know how to get a plugin to respond when an entity damages another entity? I have all of my code worked out, but I can't seem to find a way to tell the server to notify my plugin when that happens.
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    Not right off hand. I suggest you ask in the Help forum, you'll get more people responding and they are quite helpful. Here your starting to get off topic. Sorry.
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    permisions? i need add something??
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    Per the Main post/ readme

    "*Permissions not required, without plugin falls back to OPs "

    So, either permissions using the nodes listed, make your self an OP or in config allow_freeforall=true

    If you use allow_freeforall=true

    All permissions are ignored and anyone can (create / use furnaces) and (create / use production chests)

    Simple as that :)
  16. @Arcwolf are the Alternate designs hard coded into the plugin also? or is it some how the main design just with added checks?
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    main design just with added checks <- this
  18. ahh cool :)

    View attachment 6800
    i was looking at doing this. but i can live with the sign :)
    was going to make it so users didnt have to put lava in it. was just a furnce they could go dump stuff in and pick it up later.
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    I see... Other then the sign/chests in that pic being in the wrong spot, you should be able to do what you want. Just set it so the lava is infinite. Admin builds the furnace and places lava in and let anyone use it. Basically set it and forget it :)
  20. arnt the chests 1 too low also? or will they work in this location?
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    yea, I noticed that and update my post. Lack of observance on my part, my bad :p
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    The plugin seems to hate raw chicken. The furnaces will not take chicken out of the chests. You have to manually put it in the furnace. Everything else I've put in the chest works though.
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    Try running your server with just LavaFurnace and see if your chicken issue still occurs.

    I can not reproduce the issue.
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    I removed all plugins except for the lava furnace as you asked me to try, and the chicken still doesnt get moved from the chest. When u tested what I said, did u try using double chests cuz thats what im using.
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    Yes, double and single chests using 64 of each item in random locations and random amounts inside the chest. All items were taken from the chest and placed in the furnace. Cooked/smelted and placed in the processed chest. If chicken is not working for you I dont know why.

    Like I said, I cant reproduce the problem. I've tested and tested it with everything and now I've tested it again specifically with chicken. It works fine for me. [​IMG] ???​
  26. Eh we seem to have a pretty major bug/exploit:

    If a player loads the actual furnace of the lava furnace with 1 coal it will cook as many as the config will allow for a furnace where the lava has burnt out. (in our case 32)
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    :confused: ?

    translated>>> If a player fuels a furnace with 1 coal it will smelt 32 items even if the lava has been exhausted??

    I'm sorry, I cant make head nor tail of what your saying. I've even read it out loud a couple of times.

    You're going to have to re-explain that in more detail.


    Are you talking about the per user cook time settings? If so then I see what your talking about and I'm working on a fix now.


    Ok, give this a shot and please report back. I did a quick test and it seems to have fixed the problem. Sorry about the sploit :) it was an oversight in the code.

    Attached Files:

  28. Sorry for the fail description, I even asked him to describe it clearly so I could copy paste it here, will test your fix :p

    The coal exploit is fixed, great :)

    He has another issue. I have:
    - allow_freeforall_chests=true

    And that player has:
    - lavafurnace.chests
    - lavafurnace.player.build

    Yet he gets a permission error:
    "Only the truly powerful can attempt this..."

    Did this node change perhaps? As I recall it used to work...

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    Good to hear about the fix working....

    <facepalm> code regression caused by the fix. Damn it I though it was good to go. Anyway, some of the code went back to Capitalization like is used to be. So the perm was LavaFurnace.chests and should be lavafurnace.chests

    Anyway, I've fixed that now too and updated the main post. The players nodes should work correctly now.

    1.43 is uploaded and ready to go.
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    This make it too big, dont use this sorry.
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    this is a VERY good plugin and i love the "allow_Freeforall=true" settings :) and so do the players on my server

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