[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    Jukebukkit no longer works with the latest Spout release. I need to update it.
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    1) Go on the BukkitDev Page
    2) Read those comments

    It's because of the update, and he's working on it.
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    I HAVE a setup webserver. The problem is.. as soon as JukeBukkit detects no internet connection it DELETES its files. This forces every user in the lan network to be connected to the web.
  5. this works almost perfectly and is really fun to use but I have a problem... every time i open spout and go to my chest where I stored the jukebox and the burner it is flint. once i try to use them i get an error message telling me to ignore, blame it on bill gates, or close this crappy game (probably spout error) So I wanted to know everytime I open my server if I have to make a new one? The CD is still there... please reply asap want to start my server soon thanks!

    P.S. just read someones post on top of me and I understand. I will wait for the update
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    waiting for update. i hope u will finish soon
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    Help what should i do if the burner does not work it freezes my game if i right click it
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  8. doesn't really work. i tried everything and if i want to craft a cd the texture is a cd but if click on it it is named flint. when i want to burn it it tells me no command type help to see the help. and then when i want to try it again there is no burn menu. and cant play the music.
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    Hello, I have a problem,
    Since the last update of SpoutCraft is the update of Spout server (Spoutcraft: 718 and server:502)

    With the plugin crash the server, I made ​​the recipe for the CD burned, it gives me a stone, then the server crash, how to fix this or when will the next update of this awesome plugin loved by more than one ?

    Thank ^^
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    Looking forward to it.
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    You talk about update ^^
    I refuse to update my spout plugin and spoutcraft in order to still using your awesome Jukebukkit (and it works with the old versions I have !)

    For the update, I had an idea. Just tell me what do you think about it :
    Can you add a "sound resistance" or something to blocks? For exemple, Leaves block don't stop the sounds. If a jukebox is on a side of a leaves block and you're in the other side, you can hear music.
    But obsidian blocks stop the sound, you can't hear anything if there is an obsidian block between you and the jukebox.
    Some other blocks like wook could maybe block the sounds by 50% or something...

    It could be great for creating night clubs for exemple, so people outside of the nightclub can't hear anything :)
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    @thedudeguy when can we expect the loop feature to be implemented back in, i highly need it ^.^!
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    Me want loop back. Me thinks loop is why me wanted duh plug-in. Derp :D
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    Two things:

    First i found a bug. You can dupe jukeboxes by placing them on top of other jukeboxes.

    Second, is there any item ID assigned to all the new blocks and items this adds to the game? I would love to be able to spawn them with /item and use them as quest items in the citizens plugin.
  15. This plugin fails on me everytime. Why does this work on you? If I craft a CD the CD has the CD Texture and it is named Flint. Why? If I want to craft a burner or a player then it is named flint as well and has the Flint Texture. Help.
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    Waiting for the update, because of the 'flint thing'.
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    Just wondering so i don't end up crashing an awesome server i play on, What is the memory limit for the obsydisks? I want to download the entire SKYRIM! soundtrack lol
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    Please @thedudeguy
    Please, update your awesome plug-in to CB #1491 and Spout #544.
    Well, anyway I think your plug-in needs SpoutCraft to work :(
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    I am loving this plugin so much. Awesome sauce! I still haven't let my users know about this plugin as sometimes the boxes will turn into stone blocks. However, that seems to have not happened for a long while now.

    Permissions has been suggested a few times, but I would like to request redstone activation if possible. It would be awesome for some one to walk into a building and have a theme for it start playing.
    or I could actually try seeing if it works haha

    Another suggestion is mat requirements. I wouldn't want every noob blasting the "Trololol" song at max range. I think if you could adjust the mats per jukebox(via config or what not) to make obtaining a max range box a heavy investment it would help curb that. More customization is always nice.

    Sign configs! Hang a sign on the box to configure what it does. like Looping on/off, redstone or hit doesn't restart song, start/stop times in song, or maybe even loop a song for a certain duration.

    Anyway, good work.
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    please i thumb up !! please update to the last DEV. spout ! (581 i think) please update !
    i want that on 1.0.0 please please please please

    I'll donate 3USD if you release that update tomorrow bot not later !

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    Ill bump another $27 onto Skipys donation to see this updated ASAP! :D Best of luck and thanks again!
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    Hi there! great plugin, and it would be just awesome, if I could install it on my server. As you can see a lot of players like your plugin a lot, and are very unhappy, that you most likely forgot about it. Please, update your plugin to the latest Bukkit reccommended build (1597), if you are doing it already tell the community, when it will be ready! Or at least give your plugin someone else to maintanance. Please, respond, the author of the Greatest Plugin Ever ;-)
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    Dude! looking forward to getting this back up and running on my server, thnx for your time and effort. i love this plugin so much Bro! and all my family & friends on my server too for that matter!
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    this should really be updated
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    IOn Vash

    he hasn't been on in the last 16 days. I don't think hes coming back anytime soon.
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    So, basically, this plugin is dependable of at least 3 other add-ons on the server even a specific client to play music? And this same plugin is currently downgraded since the beggining of the month? The same one that's got to be registered on minecraft.net and therefore can't be installed on gamemode = 0 servers? Ridiculous... Be very proud of your failure, or fix it and actually make it work as it should. The idea is great, the developer, not so much.
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  30. what an ass, the plugin works fine. maybe not your attitude. You can run this with gamemode anything. and if your even bother to read you can still run this fine using a spout api.

    and yes you need a client to use it, spoutcraft, been living under a rock? sorry but i dont take well to people giving developers like this stick before checking their facts really pisses me off
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    it working for you dunem? Trying to find a replacement for my old ryvemusic. but cant seem to get it to load with newest spout and bukkit 1.0.

    any tips?

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