[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    oh i c. And that doesnt work? That url value gets passed directly to spout to handle to play
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    It doesn't for JukeBukkit, says it has to be a http:// link.
    I was had to learn how to set up a web server on LAN to get http:// links fro my files. What is actually good, now no I can paste my music/skins or anything else that could any spout plugin transfer between players, into a folder and start up the server and acces my files ( and everybody else in the network ) via IP: port//filepath.....

    But quite a boulderstone for some I guess.. would be easier if spout plugins would server users just allow to use file://host(computer name on the network)/filepath links.
  4. how About A Gui For Burning The Music Disks Thats Kind Of A Quick Button For The Commands Just An Idea
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    I wonder if BukkitHTTPD would work well for that. I might make a custom music serve
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    This new version is impressive and works well but I think it would be better if the commands were activable. As the only admin on my serv it's hard to use this new command-less system to burn and rename another time the 200 discs we had before the update :'(
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    Ya I'll probably put them back in.

    Version 1.1 is out let me know whats up.

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    Well, it just gets flint when I try to craft something that has the plugin to do. Hopesomeone can help me. :)
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    My attempt at retexturing the custom cd player and burner for the semi-realistic HD texture pack Mixcraft:

    funny thing.. when I set up my server and burn the disk with my http:// links the files won't download.
    But if I put my files into share in give JukkeBukkit a file url ( file://Gordias/Dy Share/Spout/ogg/SOTB.ogg ) the download works for me and my lan users.

    edit: and with 1.1 the cd player texture looks like stone :/

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  10. hey good work, but I have a little request for you. Is it possible to do Webradio? Webradio has a .asx format and is hosted on the internet, it would be great if you can do this plugin compatible with webradio
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    This plugin now have to enforce the players to have 100% of sound on, and it'll be perfect <3 :)
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    Can you add a config to increase the Jukebox Range for the Server or a similar function.

    My Member want to listen music with 1 jukebox in a big Room.
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    version 1.2! already!? wtf.
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    download 4 1.2?
  16. When I try to burn them there is in the chatroom like

    There is no command type help to look for them

    But why this doesn't work?

    And I can't listen to music on every plugin I can't hear it I have all installed but I can't hear or listen to it.

    I need help how could I fix this?

    When I want to burn them there is

    No command is there type help to see a list of commands

    And when I want to play them I can't hear anything it's the same on other plugins when I want to listen to music.

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    go read the bukkit dev project page like it says in the OP
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    Your plugin is unplayable when you disconnect from the internet. LAN usage is impossible as it forces each client to download the files at login. Even if a move the downloaded files to each client your plugin DELETES all its files (png, wav) when it detects no internet connection.
    Make it possible to stop autodownloading when the server user has the files already and JukketBukkit files should transfer via server->client route.. not web->client.
    The way the plugin works now it impossible to add custom textures without nagging the author.
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    Can someone help me?
    I want to use it, but anytime I try to craft something to do with this, it just gives me flint!
    I am using:

    So Basically, Spout 449, and Spoutcraft 564!

    I have reloaded and re-opened my server hoster. Nothing seems to work! Help, please!

    I really need help. Read post above!

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    dont run spoutcraft in dev mode. check server logs for any crashes, or exceptions, try it without other plugins, etc, etc, etc.
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    Amazing~! You have no clue how badly I want to use this, but i just can't use it unless it has permissions support :(
    Please continue working on this plugin and re-enable permissions ASAP please!
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    So really nice job!!
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    i have the latest spout, spoutcraft, craftbukkit and minecraft, but when i attempt to make an obsidyisc it makes flint, and when i try to make any kind of jukebox it makes flint too, how do i fix this problem and get the plugin to operate proplerly?
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    Guys. What about permissions?:confused:
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    waah. this still doesn't work offline
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    throw or webserver on you lan, have a look at WAMP. maybe try bukkithttpd.
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    Why are you ignoring me? I've asked if I can set permission rights on this plug-in in the Permissions. I don't want everyone to use it...
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    Doesn't work with the latest RB of Spout :(
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    The API for custom blocks and items changed. The author will have to update. It's likely to change again soon. The custom blocks and items API isn't really a released feature yet.
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    Yep. I'll have to make some time to update. Hopefully soon, slightly burned out at the moment haha.

    not ignoring you. I dont watch this thread closely, as this project has moved to bukkitdev. Also there is a ticket for this already.
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    Hi there,

    I use JukeBukkit and everything goes fine except that the Jukebukkit texture for the burner and jukebox is buggy.
    It's a flint texture instead of the real texture. And as soon as i use it, it makes my Spoutcraft crashed.
    Any ideas ?

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