[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by thedudeguy, Aug 10, 2011.

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    what is dat der problem you got?

    Oh ya, just released v 0.3 (im horrible with the double posts i know)

    Thanks for loading me up with work, now ill never be done with this.

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    You are welcome. ;)
    As said, feel free to add what you want.
    No need to add all of it and no need to do it fast.

    Added all of them now. If I got more bugs or ideas I gonna post them there.

    Side note:
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    derp. Thanks.

    I do want to help you danny. You must elaborate, though, or I cant do anything for you. By elaborate, I also mean you must elaborate beyond the scope of what is already in the OP, which you have thoroughly read.

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    Just to add it in here. My tests have concluded that sound in the Spout client does not work at all under Ubuntu 11.04...which means I have to run Windows 7 if I want to play Minecraft with Spout with sound working :( It makes me sad. I'm not sure if there's a workaround or fix as of yet but hopefully there is cus Minecraft runs way better in Linux
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    This isn't working for me. It says it burned the disc but nothing plays. And yes I have all of the sounds up, and I'm using a .ogg file from dropbox
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    What is a good place to upload these songs
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    @thedudeguy - Will you add also Green Record?
  9. Amazing plugin, good work. I have a hypothetical scenario:

    If personA goes up to a Juke box and plays a track and then personB goes up a minute later and I assume JukeBukkit will then download them the track, will it then play them the track at the same point as everyone else or will it only play from the beginning?
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    Also. Can you add JukeBox protection. Other player won't be able to pop out disc unless it's admin.
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    This makes-a-me sad.

    Additional question, are you using the latest Spout Dev? This does NOT work in the latest spout dev build yet.

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    So i've tested the 2 jukesboxes playing ats time, it works but....

    u cant have 2 music tracks playing and walk over to the other, it will just play 1 track each user, but the other can hear another song hes at, so just 1 track playing at the time.


    Cant clone cd's with /cd clone, using permissions 2.7.4
    i have * permissions

    users can burn cd's with burn permission

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    That is correct. This is a limitation to minecraft itself. You must be within range of a jukebox when it is started to hear it. Each player can only have 1 background music track playing at any given time.

    This plugin makes use of the Built in Bukkit Permissions API. You will need to a) use a permissions editor plugin like PermissionsBukkit, or b) edit your permissions.yml
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    cant u make it work with 2.7.4? or is that really hard?
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    I love this :O!

    If user sets title/artist make it show that in the achievement pop up when downloading instead of file name, or after its downloaded. Every time they put it in the jukbox to play it that achievement notification will slide down with the name and artist so others know what it is as well.

    Ability to burn multiple songs to 1 disc to create a playlist. Or use the green record for playlist, and gold record for single tracks?!

    Im using the latest dev sprout for server and client, and the name/title does not show up as its name in the inventory for me just "Music Disc" and yes i set the title and artist on it. :O

    Edit For More Suggestions
    Create a separate small backpack just for your music discs?

    IF you implement the playlist idea on the Green Music Discs add a GUI so when u right click the disc in your inventory it'll show its playlist? Itll either show the file name or if the artist/title is set by the user it will show that instead.

    /cd set title 1 refgregerg
    /cd set title 2 erwerrrr
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    maybe a bit offtopic,
    but whats is the easyest way to give me permission for cloning in permissions.yml at the same time using permissions 2.7.4 without messing things up
  18. How does this work when used in tandem with BCMusic or SpoutCast? It would be useful if, when approaching a playing jukebox, the music from those plugins gradually got quieter as the music from the jukebox got louder.
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    How come this doesn't support mp3? Just curious ;)
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    Ill put in there just for you, but its not at the top of my to do list. I do strongly back the permissions api. Its the future.

    dont use spoutcraft dev builds. double check volume levels in options. restart spoutcraft.

    wonderful ideas. Can you add them to the to github?

    No idea. Think it will work ok with bcmusic. i have no idea about spoutcast.

    This doesnt support mp3 becuase spoutcraft doesnt support mp3. Spoutcraft doesnt support mp3 because the minecraft engine doesnt play mp3's ( i think ).
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    it's dosent work for me
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    probably in 1.8 ill put all permissions to the build-in one

    is there any way i can use a shop for selling the goldrecords?

    chestshop says out of stock (doesnt recognise the labeled cd)
    auctioning it wipes the record to a normal one

    a dispenser does keep the cd info on dispensing it (would be nice if i can make this work with something)
    the plugin simplevend doesnt use the inventory of the dispenser..

    this seems a useless post to me, but hey...

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    Am I doing something wrong?
    I can burn discs without problem, even the little box in the upper right corner pops up, saying:
    Downloading xxx.ogg
    Download Success Full

    But all I hear is the deafult golden disc sound.
    I'm using latest spout launcher and latest server plugin Build.

    Any help on this?

    (PS: Even console does't give out any erros or smth.)
    (PPS: also Disc are Douplicating.)
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    latest spout launcher, or latest spout dev launcher?
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    I suggest that you add a function that will enable us to set a different range setting on every song.
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    Suggestion: Make a speaker system (i.e. black cloth) that plays the music louder as you get near it as well. You could connect it to the main jukebox through a command, perhaps. This would allow music to still have short ranges, but have multiple sound hubs.
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    I thought about this too. Im wondering if there is a way I can detect if a speaker is connected to a jukebox via restone :eek:
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    dont show the artist and title with TwoManyItems :(
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    Im not familiar with twomanyitems.
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    Should be, i "think" i have seen a system similar to this.
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