[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    hey, so I want to host this on my bukkit server. I have the blocks, but when I right-click on the disk burner with a blank cd nothing happens? Could you help me please.
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    nothing happens? the gui screen should appear for you. check your server logs for errors.
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    This is a GREAT plugin I luv how when i do the crafting recipes right i get Flint that spawn stone Amazinh
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    your so SMART. I love how you are unable to read the OP, and then hop on the forum to complain about how SMART YOU ARE.
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    [​IMG]No flint... No Stone... Just Jukebukkit
    (TheDudeGuy AFK on the record player)
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    Mens,HELP ME!I cant Find config.yml In Jukebukkit folder!!!!

    + I Have Spoutcraft!

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    the thing that fucks the sound that only certain people can hear it and some can't is when you start 2 cds at the same time
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    JukeBukkit 2.0 is right around the corner, and boasts some exciting new features for example:
    MP3 Playback! yes its been wanted for some time now, and here it comes.
    A new custom utility block. Textured by my good ol' friend John England this block will take care of your basic disc needs like labeling. No more awkward disc labeling, and no more issues with labeling in creative mode.

    One thing I'm very excited about, is the new Music Repository. That's right. a Music Repo! hosted by me. This Music Repo will be filled with music that is completely LEGAL for you and your users to use on your servers. That's right I said legal. No more worrying about if the content your users are spreading around is copyrighted if you don't want to. And the best part is: It's built right into the burner block, and hosted by me. No additional setup for you. It's just there.

    The Music Repo will only be available to servers that have subscribed to the service. Yes, this will be a paid subscription service. The subscription fee will be based on a per server usage, so everyone who plays on a server who has signed up can benefit from the Repo. The totaly monthly fee at this point is undecided. This is to cover the costs of bandwidth and servers. Consider the subscription fee a donation to JukeBukkit to keep it in active development!

    In order to get the Music Repo started I've decided to launch a small campaign. That's right. a campaign! Here's how it works.

    The first 2 users to donate $50 usd or more to JukeBukkit will receive a free LIFELONG subscription to the music repo for their server.
    The first 10 users to donate $20 usd or more to JukeBukkit will receive a 6 month subscription to the Music Repo for their server.
    The first 10 users to donate $10 usd or more to JukeBukkit will receive a 3 month subscription for their server.

    Make sure to include an email address in which I can get in touch with you, and more importantly, send you your subscriber codes.

    Subscriptions awarded will begin on release day of JukeBukkit 2.0.

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    Um, I dunno if people have suggested this but, there needs to be a Speaker Block similar to the note block that when you use redstone (buttons, wires, whatever) it play it.

    And it would be like

    Speaker Speaker Speaker
    Speaker [burnt disc] Speaker
    Speaker Speaker Speaker

    or something of the likes.
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    All jukeboxes can already be activated via redstone.
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    Hey whenever i make something from this plugin it disconnects me and saysInternal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length is less then zero! Weird string any ideas on how to fix?
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    you probably need to update everything
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    Yer i always restart my server when i upload my plugins, just to refresh everything =D

    Thanks! I was thinking it would be hard to find those files and change but i checked that website and its Awesome! Thanks =D
    GREAT PLUGIN too gonna get it tomorrow and test Hope it works good though.
    Also, I have a question, does it add the items to toomanyitems or the blocks you have on creative mode when you press 'E'? Thanks

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    Hey This says it's updated to version 2.0.0 but the download link is still version 1.6.1
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    pending approval still. should be soon.
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    Ahh Ok. So is there Anyway you could help a friend and I Set this up when it's available?
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    Looks like a great plugin, except I'm having some issues...

    Here's a list of things that aren't working for me:
    Cannot create Disc Machine (I don't think it exists anymore though).
    Cannot create labels (Right click with paper in hand?)
    Music displays download notifcation, but never finishes.

    I have the correct Spoutcraft, Spoutplugin, CraftBukkit builds and the most recent version of JukeBukkit.
    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the config.yml. Which is really confusing to me:(
    I have all music files saved locally in the music folder that was created with JukeBukkit.

    I've included a copy of my config file.
    enableWebServer: true
    webServerPort: 8080
    minecraftServerHostname: (my external IP, this is set to the correct value)
    serverName: Brimstar
    allowWebServerUploads: true
    allowExternalURLs: true
    debug: false
    I am unsure if there is any port forwarding I need to do. I don't think I do because the port: 8080 is one of the default ports for HTTP.

    Ever since installing JukeBukkit/Spout, I've had these error on my server log. I don't know if these pertain to JukeBukkit, but I thought I'd include them if this is the reason I am having problems.
    9:00:34 PM [SEVERE] ebean.properties not found
    9:00:40 PM [SEVERE] 2012-07-12 21:00:40.937:INFO::jetty-7.x.y-SNAPSHOT
    9:00:41 PM [SEVERE] 2012-07-12 21:00:41.000:INFO::Started [email protected]:8080
    Anyways, all help is appreciated.
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    y wont the plugin work?!? :mad:
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    a little bit unhappy =( don't know if it's the control panel or the jukebukkit - I try to upload it but it just keeps saying nothing and disapears I use Tree Puncher Servers.
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    Hello !
    I don't understand, the plugin work but i only can listen your music "battle_jesus_vs_cyborg_hitlers". When i burn my music, the plugin burn, when i download , the plugin download, but after the popup (download finish) nothing append !
    Can i have some help ?
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    @millerni456 you always need to do port forwarding, or ip-table setup, or make sure A/V or firewalls are not blocking the port your using.

    it works. (vague questions will get you vague answers)

    well im not sure exactly, but it sounds like an issue with the server itself, not having the write write permissions on the directory maybe? Dunno, but music gets saved in the JukeBukkit plugin folder under the "music" folder. check there.

    well if you can here the music that I've provided, it means everythings working. It is one reason I provided music with the plugin. If the music you are uploading is not working, it could be that the music you are uploading is not encoded properly.
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    Thanks for your reply, thedudeguy.

    Unfortunately I am unsure as to the specific I need to follow to do port forwarding correctly.
    My guess is that I need to go to my router's homepage like normal, then just tell it to forward requests on the port: 8080 to my computer. If I am wrong, or if there is more I need to do, please let me know.

    Thanks much,
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    that is generally the process flow, however it can be different for any given router depending on make/model/type/software
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    In The Music Folder It Only Has The Jesus Vs Cyborg Hitlers File. It seems a bit stupid though, because i don't really know much about plugins, i only mostly know how to upload them and sometimes edit :(

    I would LOVE to get this plugin working though, it seems like one of my favourite plugins.

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    look for stack traces in the server.log
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    when i try to upload it now, i get a message saying

    Unable to upload to web-server

    and ok, i'll try that, if i know what to do lol =P
    sorry for being so annoying though.

    the message was

    Unable to load to Web-Server

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    YESS!!!! I Got it working!!!! Thanks for the help!

    Is it possible use speaker wire to connect speakers to a jukebox to extend the audio's range or create surround sound?

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    I use Formatfactory for convert my music in .ogg. But it's not working ! Do you have another solution ?
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    http://media.io or use Audacity, which is very easy.

    p.s. jukebukkit supports mp3's now.

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