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    FireryArrows - Light your arrows on fire!
    Version: v1.2

    This is my third plugin, after a tutorial-tag-along, and a TNTNotifier. This plugin is very similiar to FlamingArrows, but I'm adding a few spins to differentiate it! It is quite simple to use, simply left click with: A flint and steel in your hand and a bow and an arrow in your inventory.

    • My plugin allows you to set arrows alight
    • Pigs killed with a flaming arrow drop grilled pork, yum!
    • One Shot - One Kills
    Bugs (open)

    • The arrow only lights a while after being shot(any help?)(client side)

    To Do (open)

    To do:
    • Permissions support?
    • Set block hit alight
    • Dispenser support

    Me (Bulk)
    Mixcoatl (Removing arrow)
    Hretsam (Help with inventory manipulation)
    Adamki11s and ItsHarry (Generally)
    SK89Q (Inspiration)

    Version 1.2 - 17/07/11
    • One shot one kills
    Version 1.1 - 17/07/11
    • Sets Mob Hit Alight(Allow pigs to drop grilled pork)
    Earlier Verions (open)

    Version 1.0 - 16/07/11
    • Released my plugin
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    You can remove the last to do assigment, if pigs get killed by fire or lava they drop grilled pork.
    If you want I can help you with the permissions support and with the new damage system :)
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    Nice however, most people stop the use of flint and steel so if you could find some other way of doing it it would be handy.
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    I may be a 12 day rookie, but I'm pretty sure lighting fires with flint and steel is disabled and not left clicking with it, and if i do add a function which makes the block hit set alight, i will probably add permisions support

    Sounds good, but if you could show me how its done as well, Im 12 days old :p

    And 12 years old :p

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    title was missing version, added, please keep it updated
    (why do so many people just left it out last few weeks?)
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    Looks good but seems similar to my plugin EffectiveArrows.....
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    Does your plugin animate the fire on the arrow and does it light mobs on fire? Also the use of flint and steel is what differentiates it, and soon I intend to add dispenser support
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    Yes and yes and seeing that the use of flint-and-steel is my most requested feature soon I will have that working too. By soon I mean tomorrow. *Edit* Looking at your source I also don't see any damage being applied to the flint-and-steel
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    Friendly competition for the win, look at my avatar, and seeing as im 12 i have free time, when i say soon, i mean in 30- minutes

    Or we could work together? I could produce bits and we could advertise each others plugins, the you can focus on more, anyway, ill do dispenser support soon, shall we work togetheR?

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    Check my profile I'm 15 been programming since I was 6. If you wanna make this a race be wary.

    I have a better idea use a java decompiler look at my source code and learn from it, from there I say we merge plugins you work on the dispensers for my plugin. This means there would only be 1 good arrow plugin on Bukkit we could have a monopoly!

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    Ok we shall work together, also my pluton uses a whole Flint and steel
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    I noticed... I say check my source throw this to the inactive and work on improving effective arrows. Send me the class files of anything you change... i'll mention you in the main thread for what you contribute. P.S. use chat its cleaner.
  13. This may seem a ridiculous question, but what does one-shot-one-kill mean in this context? Is this universal? Is it configurable? Is it a constant?
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    It just means when you shoot an arrow into a mob, its a kill
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    um.. so how exactly is this a bit different then flaming arrow? the only difference i see is you haven't made it exactly the same yet... and your todo list is what flamingarrow already has. What's the twist?
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    Just curious about what makes this different? You should modify the flaming arrow source to get what you want, so you don't do work someone has already done. That's what open source is for!
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    Flaming arrows has dispenser support?
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    It does not. But it would be easier to add dispenser support to flaming arrows than to start from scratch.

    Actually flaming arrows is very close to having dispenser support. on impact, it decides to burn you or not depending on whether the arrow is on fire. You can put magma in front of a dispenser to set arrows on fire.

    This is related to my intentions: Only a small group of firemasters has permission to shoot flaming arrows, but anyone can set up a dispenser with lava. Also, I'm trying to figure out how to make it set blocks on fire, which it can't at the moment.
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    very lose?
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    Flaming arrows does indeed have dispenser support. Put lava in front of a dispenser, and when that arrow hits, it will burn airships, players or monsters that it hits.
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    When I say dispenser support I mean putting arrows & flint and steel in a dispenser, its actually just the entity listener which causes it to light stuff onfire
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    how do you make that server add i want one :p
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    One thing that would separate this from FlamingArrows is the desperately needed Permissions support. Also, be sure to create a customizable config, so we can set charges used, and possibly even item used. A configurable mod is always a winning mod.
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    not only that, but as well make it so we can limit the damage done by the fire for mobs and pvp seperately and how much durability of the flint and steel is used in each shot. As well make it so you can choose the option of letting fires spread or not on blocks. If you could do that, it would be golden.
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    should I continue this plugin?
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    Am thinking of merging this with Additions, am just bumping to check views aswell
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    With this plugin do you still draw the bow back and use it?
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    I am hosting a 24/7 RPG server, and It would be nice to have the permissions like.



    Something like that would be nice!

    So on, so not everyone can shot it,
    Because I have a mage class, and archer and lots more. And I only want the Archer to have the permissions.

    So if you could add permissions that would be great. Thank you!

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    Hehe it's Fiery not Firery

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