Inactive [FUN/MECH/EDIT] Cinema v1.62 - Make animated pixelarts/scenes [1.2.5-R2.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fredlllll, Apr 10, 2012.

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    not interesting until the animations do not stays ... :/
  2. well you are then one of like 400. ouchy ouch :p
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    Please add a feature where you can activate an animation with a pressure plate/switch/button. Great Job on this plugin, works very well :D
  4. i think it would be more efficient to make/use a plugin which already triggers commands via these devices :p
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    sorry that this has nothing to do with this plugin, but does anyone know of a plugin that you can teleport offline player??? so the next time that offline player logs on he will be in a certain area? Please reply to this message if you have heard of one of these plugins... Im going to try to post this message on a few popular plugins so i can get this plugin... i need this plugin desparately so please reply to this message and give me a link to the plugin if you find one! Thank you so much for spending the time to read this :p Thanks!​

    BTW looks awesome! can't wait to try it!

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    Hey Tangy, instead of spamming peoples popular posts (which can be quite annoying to some people... especially the owner of the topic), may I suggest you try creating a topic at the following link;

    That part of the forums is for posting your ideas for plugins to be made... however if someone knows that the plugin has already been created then they will notify you of it there. Also, it's great because if it is possible or if someone is willing to create the plugin, then that's most likely where they will look. Hope this helps ;)

    I have an important question. In terms of server space... a lot of people are very cautious about the amount of space that is used up on their server. I'm wondering, how much space does this plugin take up? Not in terms of the plugin on its own... but in terms of, the storage files that the plugin creates. E.G. all the co-ordinations and block co-ordinates and block IDs etc... Obviously it depends on how many blocks are recorded each frame and how many frames there are and how many animations there are... but does the storage for all these animations take up a lot of space?

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    I looked all over and couldn't find an updated plugin that does this, Google was even failing :( Do you by any chance on the top of your head know the name of a plugin like this?
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    is there anyway to see all the available cinemas? whats the difference between the ID and the File name? shouldn't the cinema only require 1 name?

    How do i DELETE a cinema thats been created?
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    Hello, I've become really adjusted to this plugin and the owner does indeed have a language barrier as english is not his first language~ So I shall try to help if I can.

    A plugin that would help you in your efforts would be ScriptBlock!
    Use a block to trigger the command, ~

    Really this plugin has been created in a pretty amazing way. By actual file size with 10 made cinema's I only have 2mb used, its pretty conservative even on those monster scales. However playing bigger cinema's requires more ram from the server (with 8gigs I've yet to hit a cap on block movement but Ive yet to go over 40k blocks, as well as the toll is only taken upon the load of the player, if its a loop or if its been loaded it doesn't use much.)

    Hope that helps ^^
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  10. thanks koala =3
    well each file uses (4+(count of frames)*4)+(number of total saved blocks in all frames)*(4+4+4+4+1) bytes if you want it this exactly :p

    and for deleting cinema animations. you have to delete them from the root directory of your bukkit.jar by yourself. i cant make a plugin which could potentially delete all files on the server :confused:
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    Which file is it in the root directory that contains the animations? :)

    Edit: Nevermind, found out it's just the name of what you saved it as :)
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    Can I use This Plugin as Voxel Motion?
  13. uhh what is voxel motion? =3
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    After a restart on my server all is reloading an the cinema hasnĀ“t save? :(
  15. yeah. this will be maybe in 1.4
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    Cool plugin !
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    When ?
  18. then? i dont have much time, and i do this in my freetime

    /released 1.3 today. added support for editing cinema animations (only deleting frames)
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    Why does it say when i type /csave test it says "some IOException accured. mabye you dont have write access?' I AM OPED
  20. fixed it. the plugin didnt create the folders properly... now it does. just load it again from sourceforge
    thx for the report
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    do you think you can add worldedit to select the regon?
  22. uh no. cause if someone just wants to use this plugin he would have to install worledit too
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    hey. great idea! probably one of the best ive seen. but i can not /csave. it says i may not have write acess. i am op on my server. please help?
  24. uh get the newest one on sourceforge? i fixed that bug with the writeaccess.
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    Ziz needz moar tutorial rage!
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    Great work fredlllll :) Looks much less buggy then in Classic earlier, but are you going to add .gif file support too? :D
  27. well if there is something in java that can easily open gifs maybe yes....
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    Deutscher? :D

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