[FUN/MECH] DroponDeath v0.2 - Drops a item on death [1000]

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    DroponDeath - The DroponDeath Plugin
    Version: 0.2

    Description: DroponDeath drops a configurable item and item amount on death of a player.
    Just drag the .jar into your /plugins directory.

    Source Code

    • A item drop on death of a player
    • Configurable item amount and item type

    Version 0.2
    • Updated to compatible version 1000 craftbukkit

    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    I don't get this at all.
    Do you mean an item is placed into the player's inventory once they respawn after death?
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    No, if you had the config set to itemtype: bones and itemAmount: 2. When joe kills bob, bob drops all the items in his inventory plus 2 bones.
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    title missing version
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    Changelog has to be at the end of the post
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    Say whaaaaaaaat? You've made a few plugins, and yet your not Plugin Dev?
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    I bet the administrators and mods are just busy. You totally deserve it smurf!
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    Thanks, I asked plaque and he said just because you make one doesn't necessarily make you a developer. So I don't know why.

    Right now I am just taking [REQ] and doing them, so if you see a REQ, that seems interesting tell me.

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    Hmm, I made NoMelt and got the title. It doesn't really matter to me, I just like making plugins for the community.
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    Yea, its fun to do. Trying to think of what to make now.

    Should I add it so where you can have multiple item drop?

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    Congrats on plugin dev

    and yes.
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    Would it be possible to add the option for the player to not lose their inventory on death but still drop the configured item? I can't seem to find a lightweight plugin to do that to use along side this one.
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    Hemmmm, good idea i will look into that.
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    This would be perfect for my server, gonna download and try this plugin,

    anyway to make it so the set item to drop only drops if a player kills another player?
    because right now it drops if you die anyway, mobs, falling, etc, and for players on my server that could be really abused since i want to use the plugin as a reward for killing another player on my RPG server.
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    There are other plugins for that.
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    I actually cant find any, i can only find like, iConomy based where players gets money,
    But i want items as rewards like in this plugin
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    I am busy, I am making my own game...If you donate I can take time out of my schedule to do this for you.
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    Hi, just downloaded this plugin, now my players drop bones and meat when they die :) Floating trees are possible in Minecraft but cannibalism is not? not anymore!

    [EDIT: Multpile spawns not possible, just bones. Maybe an idea for later?]

    Also, i know this isn't related to this plugin at all, but i saw the words "REQ (i know this technically isn't a word)" and "take" in a single sentence, so i figured i might as wel ask;
    I've been searching for hours for a plugin that disables commands in specific worlds, but haven't been able to find one.
    Basically, i have about 6 or 7 worlds, and i want to be unable to use (almost all) commands in one of them.
    If you know something that does this, can you tell me where to find it?
    and if not, do you think you can make one?

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    I don't know of one, I can search for you.
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    Where are the configs? When I open the config.yml there is nothing there.

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