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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    ControlORBle v2.0
    Control your players experience​

    At the lack of plugins that actually use experience, I've created this plugin quick that I plan on updating with more features and usage.

    • Configurable Experience Loss on Death (With the ability to fine-tune by death type!)
    • Add/Remove/Set players experience
    • "Virtual Experience"
    • Configurable experience drops from monsters
    • Many more configuration options!
    View project page for more info!

    Known Bugs:
    • Experience on respawn is "glitched" until you re-join or gain/lose experience
    • Sometimes shows experience orbs that don't exist, re-join to fix.
    Change Log:
    v2.2.1 [Download]
    • Fixed dropExperience bug
    v2.2 [Download]
    • Fixed name Requires you to move old config to new folder! Or Remake your config.yml
    • Added more expLoss configurations
    • Added deLevel config (allows you to keep your level after death if false)
    • Added "expLossByTotal" to lose based off of total instead of level
    • Added "expBurn" (experience permanently lost upon death)
    v2.1.1 [Download]
    • Fixed "negative experience" bug.
    v2.1 [Download]
    • Streamlined Experience Command
      • Fixed bugs when setting experience with /exp
    • Added configurable "showTotal" when using /exp
    • Added configurable (basic) death loss percentage
      • Percent loss based on current "experience to next level"
        • eg:
          • Level 2, 0 exp, 30 experience total, 30 to next level
          • Percent: 50
          • Lose 15 experience. (30*(50/100))
          • New level: 1, 5 exp, 15 experience total.
      • Will add more options later! Including "no down-level" and "lose exp based on total experience"
    • Cleaned code.
    • More Awesomeness.
    v1.0 Tested on CB 1149

    • Players keep 100% experience on death
    • Opens up a path to new RPG usages! :eek:
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    I think it would give the plugin just that little bit more flexibility to the end user. It'd be something cool to have the ability to set the plugin to affect just specific worlds. At least when you think about it from that point of view and think about how you make different worlds, typically for different reasons, it makes sense. I wasn't meaning really making it full fledged per-world, but allowing the user to specify the world or worlds to apply the plugin to. For full-fledged multi-world things, yes there are far too many great settings to make it plausible, but to limit the range of the plugin down to selected worlds...that doesn't seem out of reach.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    ah.. You mean like that. Yes, I can probably add that.
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    It'll be good for people who have the same idea as myself to have more worlds for difficulty. I'm making a server at the moment for my friends and just got this mod to lower the exp gained. In the future if my internet and computer can handle it, I'd like to add in more world portals and increase the damage/ health of the mobs there, as well as the sale prices and things like that. That way as players get more gear, they can progress in difficulty for a chance of getting better rewards instead of just getting full diamond and facerolling everything. Adding a variable experience multiplier (not sure if it's easier, like 1.7x exp on world America) would be helpful on servers like the one I'm creating. I'm not sure if there are others like it tho.

    Also, do you by chance know any mods that give things to do with experience other than enchanting? I'd like exp to be useful for something, but so enchanting seems the only option. :p

    - Disregard edit. I turned the EXPloss total to true and it worked as intended. :)
    Edit - I think I'm having trouble with the exp loss. I use /exp to check my exp total and at level 8 my exp was 19/35, total exp 171. In my config file I have the following:

    Basic: 50
    Percent: 50

    I'm not sure if Percent is needed there but I added it because I wasn't entirely sure. Anyways, after dying, I only went down 17 experience. What am I doing wrong? From the example, it looked as if you lost a % based on the total experience. I want players to lose 20% of their total exp when they die, and using 50% is an easy way of telling if it's working. :3
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    oopomopoo I don't know of any mods that use experience in any way. People need to start making them! :D

    for the variables... this would probably have to wait until I code 3.0, when I get time to.
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    Hey I am trying to use this plugin to customize block break xp values on a tekkit server.

    The specific issue I am running into is damage values on blocks. I want to be able to customize the xp not just at the blockID level but also base on the damage value of the particular blockID.

    For example 140 is a blockID used in the pack for Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Silver, Tin, Copper, Tungsten and Nikolite ore. I can set the xp value successfully for the 140 block ID however this will only allow 1 xp value to be used for all of those ore types.

    Is there a specific syntax that you can use in the config.yml to specify the damage value of the block for xp on break?

    I tried for example:

    place: 0
    break: 10

    place: 0
    break: 5

    But this doesnt work at all and after I restart the server the config file turns into:

    place: 0
    break: 0
    place: 0
    break: 10
    place: 0
    break: 5

    I can edit the X140: again to have a single value for all of the ores but the '6', '7' lines dont seem to work.
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    'X140.6': <- you need single quotes around it.

    But it wont do anything... Does X140 even do anything? I don't support anything other than Bukkit.
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    Yes X140 will assign xp to all the 140 block id's in tekkit correctly. The issue is when you want to break out the xp based on blockid damage value. Tekkit 3.1.1 uses craftbukkit 4.0 I believe. And I dont have an issue assigning xp values to anything that has its own unique block ID (for example X247 equals blockID 247 which in tekkit is Uranium Ore).

    I think the same problem would exist for example if you wanted to assign different xp values for different colored wool since there the blockID does not differ depending on color just the damage value of the blockID itself.

    White Wool = 35:0
    Orange Wool = 35:1
    Magenta Wool = 35:2
    Black Wool = 35:15

    If you wanted to assign lets say 1 xp for each piece of white you break, 2xp for orange, 3xp for Magenta and 16 xp for Black you could not since they all share the same blockID. But you can set them all to like 5xp for example.

    [edit] Never mind I took a look at the block break event handler and it doesn't look like the 'damage value' data is being read into the string key being used to look up the xp value from the config file.

    int exp = plugin.getConfig().getExp(key);

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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    svk151 : I'll take that into consideration. It probably wont be added until ControlOBRle 3.0 though.
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    No worries I can live with setting XP based on blockID alone just wanted to confirm I wasnt going crazy!

    Thanks for the great plugin. Really is the only reason my friends and I bother enchanting anything as mob spawner afk farming is not fun.​

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