Inactive [FUN/MECH] ChopTree 1.24 - Chop Trees by Removing Lowest Block - Like Cacti [1000] (by Arcwolf)

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    ChopTree - Chop trees like cacti or make logs move down while chopping
    Version: 1.24

    There seems to be a plugin conflict where the client crashes with a blue-white screen and keeps crashing for minutes after that.
    If you encounter the error please give me a list of the plugins you are using, with enough lists I will be able to outrule what causes it. Please also tell me if you are using any client-side mods.

    Thanks very much to Arcwolf for developing version 1.24!

    Tested with Craftbukkit build [740], [766], [798], [818], [1000].
    Supports: Permissions v. 2.7.2 (Phoenix) and mcMMO v. 1.0.07.
    Please give me feedback, ask any questions you like and/or provide suggestions!
    Thank you!

    • Lets trees act like cacti - remove a block and all blocks above are yieled too.
    • Or you can make that log blocks move down one by one instead - no more climbing trees.
    • Works with all three tree types (they all yeild their own wood).
    • Also works with "big" trees that have multiple branches - makes felling them a lot easier.
    • Restrict using this plugin to certain tools only.
    • Supports mcMMO and Permissions.
    • Only works on trees, houses made of logs are safe!
    • Chunk protection to make your tree houses safe.
    Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file)

    This plugin was requested by Britich and is inspired by the Canary plugin RealTree by billyoyo.
    However, it is not just a simple port of that plugin, it was made from scratch after Britich's description.

    Show Spoiler

    Approach tree...

    ...and punch it.

    All logs will be yielded.

    The leaves will decay like normal.


    Even though I added a lot of things for version 1.2 it will act like the original one if you don't change any settings - with the exception of players are able to toggle the plugin.​
    To run this plugin just copy it into your plugins folder. On first startup it will create a ChopTree folder and a file, which you can edit.​
    There will be a ChopTree.players file which saves player toggles and a ChopTree.chunks file which saves protected chunks.​

    Properties File:
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    The file will look like this when first created:
    # -ChopTree Properties-
    # You can add or change the command and toggle command aliases here.
    # Because of technical limitations the console commands will always be "ChopTree" and "ct", but the in-game comments will be taken from here.
    Command = ChopTree, ct
    Toggle = ToggleChop, tc
    # Here you can change the options (can also be done in-game).
    ActiveByDefault = true
    UseAnything = true
    MoreDamageToTools = false
    InterruptIfToolBreaks = false
    SupportMcmmoIfAvailable = true
    TreeFellerNeeded = false
    LogsMoveDown = false
    OnlyTrees = true
    # -Material List-
    # If the "UseAnything" option is false, the plugin will take the items you can use to chop trees with from here.
    # You can either put in the material's name or its ID.
    mat = WOOD_AXE
    mat = STONE_AXE
    mat = IRON_AXE
    mat = GOLD_AXE
    mat = DIAMOND_AXE
    Command and Toggle can be changed manually by just adding more aliases for them, seperated by commas. Note that if you run the command from the console it will always have the aliases "ChopTree" and "ct", no matter what it says in your file.
    You can also remove either of the lines to disable the command for players completely.

    The options can be changed manually in the file too. To find out which option has which effect look at the "Commands" section below.

    The material list will only be used if the option UseAnything is false. In that case you can specify which items players can use to chop trees with this plugin, other items will not trigger plugin effects (except chunk protection). You can either use the item ID or it's name.
    If you want to make tree chopping more costly you can only allow gold axes for example.
    List of item IDs on Minecraft Wiki, list of all item names in the Bukkit documentation.

    Show Spoiler

    ChopTree - show status of all options.
    ChopTree (option) - show status of specified option.
    ChopTree (option) (true/false) - switch option on or off.
    ChopTree chunk - shows if your current chunk is protected.
    ChopTree protect - deactivates the plugin in your chunk.
    ChopTree fullprotect - disables destroying logs in general (not only with plugin) in your chunk.
    ChopTree reload - reloades changes from your properties file (the normal reload won't do that)
    ToggleChop - toggles the plugin on and off for a player.

    (option) can be:
    ActiveByDefault - choose if plugin will be toggled on or off for players (on).​
    UseAnything - if activated players can use any item to chop trees, else materials list will be used (off).​
    MoreDamageToTools - toggles damage to tools for every chooped log (off).​
    InterruptIfToolBreaks - if activated tree chopping will interrupt if the tool breaks (off).​
    SupportMcmmoIfAvailable - if activated plugin will support mcMMO if it can find it (on).​
    TreeFellerNeeded - choose if players need to have mcMMO's tree feller enabled (off).​
    LogsMoveDown - if activated logs will move down when chopped instead of popping like cacti (off).​
    OnlyTrees - if enabled only trees can be chopped, else all logs can be (on).​
    EnableOverride - if enabled choptree.override nodes can be used (off)​

    Show Spoiler

    ct or "command" in properties file for ChopTree.
    tc or "toggle" in properties file for ToggleChop.
    c for chunk.
    p for protect.
    f or full for fullprotect.
    r for reload
    a or default for ActiveByDefault.
    u or anything for UseAnything.
    m or damage for MoreDamageToTools.
    i or interrupt for InterruptIfToolBreaks.
    l or down for LogsMoveDown.
    o or trees for OnlyTrees.
    e or override for EnableOverride.

    Show Spoiler

    Permissions node - description (default if you are not using Permissions)

    choptree.chop - chop trees using this plugin (all)

    choptree.command.check - check what status the options have (all)
    choptree.command.change - change status of options (ops)
    choptree.command.toggle - toggle plugin per player (all)
    choptree.command.protect - protect/unprotect chunks (ops)
    choptree.command.chunk - see if the chunk is protected (all)
    choptree.command.reload - reload properties file (ops)

    Override nodes will be ignored if EnableOverride is false.

    choptree.override.moredamagetotools - will not have tools damaged for every log (off)
    choptree.override.useanything - can use any item (off)
    choptree.override.interruptiftoolbreaks - chopping won't interrupt when the tool breaks (off)
    choptree.override.treefellerneeded - tree feller is never needed (off)
    choptree.override.onlytrees - can chop all logs, not only trees (off)
    choptree.override.chunkprotection - chunk protection will be ignored (ops)

    To Do:
    • (Medium) Test with WorldGuard, remove conflict
    • (Medium) Enhance isTree algorithm a bit more
    • (Medium) Add [tools], [non-tools] and [hands] to material list
    • (Low) Add configurable drops
    • (Low) Add automatic sapling replant
    • Version 1.24 by Arcwolf - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - July 28. '11
      • Removed deprecated methods
      • Fixed mcMMO compatibility
      • Updated for Craftbukkit build [1000]
    • Version 1.23 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - June 02. '11
      • Fixed an error with iron axe receiving double damage as if it wasn't an axe
      • Added /ct reload command to reload changes from properties file
    • Version 1.22_2 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - June 01. '11
      • Recompiled for Minecraft 1.6.6/Craftbukkit [818]
    • Version 1.22_1 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - May 22. '11
      • Fixed chunk protection Permissions
    • Version 1.22 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - May 22. '11
      • Fixed chunk protection
    • Version 1.21 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - May 16. '11
      • Added EnableOverride option (off by default) to fix wildcard problem
    • Version 1.2 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - May 14. '11
      • Rewrote tree finding algorithm
      • Fixed some bugs leading clients to crash
      • Fixed and extended Permissions support
      • Added toggle commands
      • Added mcMMO support
      • Added option that player has to have mcMMO's TreeFeller enabled
      • Added optional damage to tools
      • Added optional tools list to restrict using this plugin only with certian tools
      • Added option to let trees go down one by one instead of popping like cacti
      • Added chunk-wise protection
      • Included plugin.yml into source download
      • Probably more
    • Version 1.1 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - May 5. '11
      • Added Permissions support
      • Fixed bug with some pine trees not being chopped
    • Version 1.0 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file) - May 1. '11
      • Initial Release
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    I use Movecraft on my server. Since there's no way currently to designate an foreign object (or group of objects) as a vehicle, the only way they got it to move, is by teleporting the blocks and the player one block in the direction they are facing. This means storing the connected blocks and their relative coordinates in an array, then replacing those blocks with air, then placing that configuration of blocks with an offset to their coordinates.

    Have you ever watched the CPU load when someone is flying around in a vehicle using Movecraft? I can tell you that it's significant. Granted, trees are relatively small, but then multiply that animation function by however many people are chopping down trees simultaneously, and you're looking at a lag-fest. It took the developers of Movecraft awhile to get rotation to function, and it's still a little buggy (and not recommended) right now.

    Rotating the tree on it's axis to simulate falling over in a random direction could have the result of leaving holes in the ground where the branches and leaves were sticking out. Then someone would complain about THAT. So then we'd need collision detection so that the tree would stop rotating when it hits another object, resulting in yet more CPU load. Just to simulate chopping down a tree.

    I'm not saying that the idea isn't a good one. Just that we have to work with what we've got right now, and the "cactus approach" seems to be the best one so far. The code already exists (cacti) and can be re-purposed for trees.
  3. Yeah, after spending time thinking about it'd be an ugly fix anyway. I like the Cacti approach having worked with it a while. What about the axe thing I suggested?

    Also, can you implement instant leaf decay for chopped trees? It's not a big thing, but it just looks silly. ;)

    As pertains to movecraft: Aye, I have noticed that, I've also noticed that the vehicles have a bad tendency to break up if you're moving too fast.
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    1.7.x support, anyone?
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    Does any one know if there is a Single Player Version for this type of mod?
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    I wish. I looked around, couldn't find one.
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    Terraria Tress & Treecapitator i normally look but i was busy. When i had time i found those to mods. Terraria Trees is outdated. Treecapitator is working and its cool but it doesn't take the leaves away.
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    Did anyone try it for 953?
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    I'm on build 953 and I just downloaded the plugin.

    The first time I ran the plugin, on all defaults, it made the tree drop one block at a time. I couldn't get the "Pop" to work at all. I then installed mcMMO and it continued to drop one block at a time, but in an incredibly glitchy fashion. It also seemed to stop TreeFeller from working at all.

    I then went through and removed ChopTree and mcMMO Treefeller worked just fine. Feeling brave, I tried installing ChopTree again. It now does nothing.

    I figured out that if I turn off mcMMO support on the plugin, the POP now works as normal (first time I've made it work at all) but if I have it on, it does nothing at all.

    Ultimately, I would be happy either having it pop the tree and give XP for all of the blocks yielded, or move the tree down one block at a time. I just don't want to have to climb the bloody things.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Other Mods I'm using:
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    Drago1128 i love this!
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    LMAO I had this plugin and I forgot it and a was playing a custom map and me and my friend just started we chopped some wood and the whole server almost crashed (cuz everything was made out of wood (probably in mcedit)) IT WAS SO FUNNY all the wood LOL!
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    You're not really doing anything wrong. Although the plugin hasn't been approved for RB953 yet. There have been multiple reports of problems using this mod with mcMMO as well. It tends to cause a blue-grey screen of death.

    Right now, the author is unable to work on it because he's away from home for an extended period. My best recommendation is to hold off on using it until he gets back.
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    Will do! thanks
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    THANKS ! This plugin makes it ALOT easier for ppl to cut wood ! I have gotten alot of response on it and people now can't live without it ! :p

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    UPGRADE FOR 1000!!!
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    @sfxworks the plugin author is traveling for a while, be patient please :)
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    but...I dont want floating trees in my world was SO UGLY... =_=
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    dish out some kicks and/or bans then? :D
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    Nah. It aint their fault the trees aint faillin.



    Its notch! BAN NOTCH I SAY!
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    Can you add piston support? So you can destroy whole tree by moving lowest block like with cacti.
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    Does anyone know if this is compatible with RB 1000? I don't care so much for piston support right now, I just want to know if the plugin still works as it has in the past. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Well this seemed like a fun plugin. Started a fresh install of Bukkit, added ChopTree, MCMMO, and Vampire mod. Nothing else. Tried the "trees fall" setting first. Seemed to be working. Then I noticed some really bad glitches. First, if you have a horizontal line of wood and try to axe it down, the wood won't break. You'll still lose durability, and the line will move down 1 block. Once the line of wood is finally on the ground, it'll let you collect it. Second, I found that occasionally wood would drop and replace blocks under it. I had some cobblestone platforms I used for cutting down higher limbs on trees.. they got holes poked in them from falling wood lol.

    So I turned off falling wood and restarted the server. No more falling wood, but the trees aren't crashing down either. They're acting exactly like trees would before adding the plugin. Could this be a compatibility thing with MCMMO? Or is it another bug.
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    sorry for suggest it.
    i hope that an artifical tree/log cant cut by Choptree
    and only a tree by nature or saplings can cut by choptree
    when i make a character with log, there were some leaves nearby.
    but when i cut the log nearby there, hair of character was cut by choptree.
    and the version of bukkit was 1000. can we apply it that ver?
    I always Thank you for Making Plugins:)
    ps. plz understand the error of grammar:(
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    Is there any chance you have updated ChopTree or made a similar mod like it? (Seeing as it has been almost 2weeks since you have said that)
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    realy cool
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    This plugin worked fine for a couple of days, and now it is not working and is filling my console with errors like crazy. So I will be disabling it until a proper fix is made. Either another developer needs to fix this, or it needs to be marked as inactive.
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    Would any Dev's be able to do any updates on this plugin just to keep it working properly until the Dev gets back? :)
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    This is inactive. Also this does not work with McMMO.
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    lol As far as I can tell it doesn't just not work with mcMMO -- It just doesn't work period.

    I think I'm going to go ahead and make a request topic to ask if somebody could either take over the plugin or keep it working until/if the dev gets back.

    EDIT: It has been done.
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    ;( I would like to see this back. ;(

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