[FUN/MECH] CameraObscura - Take a picture - Say cheese! [BukkitDev]

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    Offline-mode servers aren't supported by Bukkit staff or most of the community. Refrain from putting your server in offline-mode.
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    Eneway i'm just gonna be patient for the version without Vault
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    Today I find a review about CameraObscura.Thanks to 1cyki11er for video :)

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    • Now large images could expanded to multiple maps
    • New permission: camera-obscura.image.large - allows players to create "large pictures"
    • Custom item (brush, photo camera, photo paper) format definition changed. Now you can use names to define items (check config.yml file). For example "Photo_camera&1&2&3$WATCH" will define a watch item with name "Photo camera" (sub string "&1&2&3" is required to prevent ability to create same item using anvil rename). Old Photo cameras and photo papers will not work in current version. Sorry, minecraft is not support the item with custom data/durability value since v1.7.2
    • New color palette supported. You can enable old palette (for 1.6 older crafbukkit versions) at config.yml)

    Example images (open)

    palette_new.png mine_beatles_morecolors.png

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