[FUN/MECH] BookWorm v1.14 - Read and write books[BukkitDev]

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    Celtic Minstrel

    This is already possible. PHP scripts can read files from disk, you know.
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    sorry if it is posted somewhere already but, will you be adding support for super perms?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    ...doesn't he already support them?
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    Superperms has been supported for a while now. In fact, legacy Permissions support was dropped recently.
  5. Yeah I know, but I don't know how I make it "user-exclusive" for the ones that actually found the books.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I believe the second line of the book file is the user that created it. Something like that, at least.
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    Adding MySQL support wouldn't just magically make features like this appear. This user-read-tracking feature is a completely different feature that isn't related at all to MySQL, and wouldn't require MySQL to implement. So you're actually asking for two different things.
  8. Actually it's asking for what my limited knowledge can do. :p
    I know how to query the database for different things so my natural thought is "Oh MySQL please". The reason I know anything about query the database is because that's what most things I've been using requires so I've done google search + trial and error to make it work and learn how to. So in reality I know close to nothing about php and well, most things related. :p

    This means that I have no idea how to make it work the way you describe it but some knowledge on hot to make it work the way I described it.
    I'm not even sure I'd make it work my way either. But thats the main reason I'm asking :)
    I ask about things and try to learn some by the answers. For instance, now I'm gonna spend a couple of hours googling the various ways to call a textfile from php.

    And just for the record. This plugin is awesome and I love it! All questions about extra things added are my brain working on overtime with different ideas and in no way meant that I'm not pleased with your Bookworm as it is. :)

    One last question about this thought (my brain again), if I have my server on one place and the webpage hosted somewhere else. Do I have to make some kind of automatic transfer of the file to the webhotel before I can access it from the webpage?

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    Celtic Minstrel

    PHP can access files that are either on the same server or viewable from the web (you use a different method for each though). Viewable from the web (probably) doesn't mean publicly viewable; I would assume it's able to send HTTP passwords and stuff. (Even if it isn't you can probably embed it in the URL: "http://user:[email protected]/path/to/book.txt".)
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    I can't think of a way to do this that wouldn't feel weird and unfriendly. Sorry, but it's just not going to happen.
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    ok, thanks for letting me know :)
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    First: seriously great plugin. Thanks.

    Second: +1 for mysql support. Not for the reason stated above, but rather because a text file could get unwieldy if you started to amass an epic library.

    Alternatively, maybe reading a book could just generate an HTTP request in a format something like
    and display the resultant text.

    This would allow me to write my own mysql interface and also do pre-processing on the text allowing for all sorts of fun.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Don't forget there's an upper limit to the number of books you can have (65535, I believe; one less than the maximum number of maps). Though that's a lot already.

    I suppose maybe there's some benefit in allowing you to customize the URL that a book is fetched from. Of course, that would mean he'd have to generalize his code to handle URLs rather than file paths.

    (Is the action=read part actually necessary in that URL?)
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    Can you make it save books no in ascii-2, but in utf-16? For some odd reason, when you use plugin on "localized" servers, it saves it normal, but after reload it outputs non-english characters like "???????"
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    Yeah that seems like a lot to keep track of to me. :)

    Well I was imagining you could also have an action=write which would be accompanied by something like text="write this text"
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    You should make a write/read gui with spout!
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    ya i was one of the lazy who didnt upgrade permissions right away :p so now i am revamping every plugin... fun
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    got the Issue with the Shelfs mentioned a few times in this thread. My Non OP Players can read books (right click), but not copy them.
                permissions.build: true
                bookworm.copy.others: true
                citizens.use.interact: true

        no-permission: You do not have permission to do that.
        command-undo-fail: Unable to undo.
        write-done: 'Wrote line: %t'
        command-replace: replace
        command-erase-done: Text erased.
        command-invalid: Invalid command.
        by: von
        command-replace-done: Text replaced.
        command-eraseall: eraseall
        placed-book: 'Buch platziert:'
        command-undo-done: Undo successful.
        command-help-text: "Special commands:\n   /%c -chat -- toggle chat write mode\n\
            \   /%c -read <page> -- read the specified page\n   /%c -undo -- undo the\
            \ last write action\n   /%c -erase <text> -- erase the given text\n   /%c\
            \ -replace <old text> -> <new text> -- replace text\n   /%c -title <new title>\
            \ -- change the book's title\n   /%c -eraseall -- erase the entire book"
        page: page
        write-fail: You cannot write in a book that is not yours.
        removed-book: 'Removed book:'
        command-read: read
        command-title: title
        usage-write: 'Use /%c <text> to add text to your book.
            You can use a double-colon :: to create a new paragraph.
            Left click on a bookcase to place your book.
            Type /%c -help to see special commands.'
        command-chatmode-on: Chat write mode enabled.
        copied-book: 'Copied book:'
        read-divider: '--------------------------------------------------'
        new-book-created: 'Neues Buch kreiert: %t'
        usage-read: Rechtsklick zum lesen.
        command-chatmode-off: Chat write mode disabled.
        command-help: help
        must-hold-book: You must be holding a single book to write.
        command-replace-fail: Text not found.
        usage-start: Use /%c <title> to start your book.
        cannot-destroy: You can't destroy someone else's bookshelf!
        command-chatmode: chat
        command-eraseall-done: Book contents erased.
        placed-book-fail: You cannot put a book here.
        book: Buch
        command-erase: erase
        command-undo: undo
        indent-size: 4
        line-length: 55
        page-length: 6
        secret-amazing-code-do-not-change: bs
        text-color: 10
        book-info-achievement: true
        keep-all-books-loaded: false
        require-book-to-copy: false
        use-full-filenames: true
        clean-interval: 600
        drop-bookshelf-on-break: false
        show-title-on-held-change: true
        remove-delay: 300
        check-worldguard: true
        make-real-copy: false
        auto-chat-mode: true
        text-color-2: 15
    For some reason i think the Plug does not even check my Permissions. Does Bookworm support PermissionsBukkit at all ?
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Some might call that smart, since the ones who instantly switched had to deal with the switchover pains a bit more. ;)
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    It supports PermissionsBukkit. My assumption is you have another plugin that is interfering, since if you have everything set up correctly it should work fine.
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    It supports PermissionsEX?
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    that's true, a lot of plugins still haven't updated at all..
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    Hey guys, I am using Craftbukkit 1317, the permission nodes dont seem to work. It appears only Ops can write a book. Is anyone getting the same results?

    This plugin is used as a bonus perk for players on my server. It is such an amazing plugin!
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    So I assume my idea was never taken? :p Well I guess I'll remove the image for it then.
  28. Seconded. I'm waiting for a GUI D:
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    Just what I thought!
    I would write books and hints for riddles in Myst style with this.
    And different Fonts would be cool.
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    New update! A Spout reading GUI has been added. The GUI isn't incredibly pretty at the moment, but it does work. I've tested it quite a bit, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were still some bugs, so let me know if you find anything. If there are any serious bugs, you can disable the Spout support completely with the use-spout-features config option.
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