Inactive [FUN/MECH] Block Crusher v1.5 - Piston Crush & Compress [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dingmatt, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Another Suggestion

    since for some reason Notch removed pistons pouncing players that stand ontop of them.
    Add that back into the pistons :)

    ^ slight off topic but why not ?
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    If you power a piston like the image below, you end up with an auto crusher that doesn't extend the piston. Not sure if that is a bug or a feature.
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    I noticed since updating the plugin from the original release to 1.1, that the blocks are breaking before the piston animation is actually going, Not really an issue just doesn't look right when the block pops out then quarter of a second later the pistons go off.
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    Interesting, I'll get that fixed tonight.
    I'm not sure but it might have something to do with v1.7.3, I'll run some test tonight.
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    Hi all, sorry for the lack of an update but I'm updating the code using the new Bukkit piston functionality.
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    Sounds awesome!
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    Just released version 1.2 with fixes and performance tweaks, see first post for details.
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    Awesome idea! Working good.
    I like the big cobblestone generator, to bad for my players i got a afk system xD
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    This is progressing very well dingmatt, doing a good job. ^^
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    Please add a config file reload option.

    Everytime I get an idea of crushing something and its not on the list I have to restart the whole server :(

    Also when placing blocks next to the piston on the side that does not extend it gets crushed also.
    I had:

    [p] piston extending "L" towards obsidian [O] and the cobble block [C] got crushed. "-" = redstone wire.

    Ok and this gets even worse, remmeber how pistons used the corrupt a map when breaking the button that activates them? I think its is happening again when the piston accidentally breaks the cobble beside it with the wire on it when two pistons are close to each other. I had to restore my map to a older version last night.

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    Just released version 1.3 which include's a config reload command, see first post for details.

    @lipe123 I can't recreate the issue your experiencing, I've tried a number of different combinations in different orientations. Can you post your config and list of other plugins your using for me to diagnose.

    Just released version 1.4 which fixes the incorrect block crushing pointed out by @lipe123, see first post for details.

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    wewt XD I found a bug.
  13. This plug-in has become quite awesome, and is a mainstay of my server now. :) Thanks for everything.
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    Cheers everyone, I'm glad someone's finding a use for it.
    Expect a v1.5 to be up sometime later today as I've had a couple of idea's I'm going to implement, as always if you have a idea / request then don't hesitate to shout it out.
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    @Dingmatt I'm back! and I found a bug! I made a video of it, i think the pistons aren't accepting power from torches it seems? Just for the compress bit, the crushing part seems to be working fine. I'm running the latest version.
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    PLS make a download for the stone machine or a descriptio how to build
  17. Any commentary or potential for these ideas?
    This one. or This one?

    I've been trying to brainstorm on this idea but you've included most of the functionality I could think of for this, except for the minor tweaks mentioned above. You've done excellent work here. :)
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    Theres one on my server you can take a look at it i did my best to make it transparent as possible.
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    can u copy and save it with the plugin worldedit and send me the schematic ??? du kannst deutsch oder ? :D
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    Hi All ,:)
    the plugin dosn't works for me ...:(
    like in HotelEroticas vid...
    turn lever without blocks works
    but with no blocks .. nothing happens :'(
    i think that this plugin would be great for my server ...
    Hello item rain :D [cobble][gunpowder][arrow][diamond]

    Edit:Crushing dosn't works for me too :'(
    Edit2:D: works ... my bukkit was not the latest version :rolleyes:
    sorry ;)
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    thanks for that nice plugin :D

    and here is my littel version of a cobble gen :rolleyes:
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    Hey, this plugin is so cool :)
    But the compressor doesn't works with every type of block. I got problems with wood (that doesn't move), and leaves (that are destroyed). I think that should be fixed.
    One more thing : what about compressing with water? Like that :
    OW B P
    with P for piston, b for block, o for obsidian and w for water. I tried it but the water disappeared when one of the two block was moved.
    Good work ;)
  23. Not just water, but entities like coal dust and redstone dust. :)

    But yeah, for the adventurous admin, this plug-in holds all sorts of potential. :)
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    If you haven't modified the config in any way then the only blocks that will get compressed are sand and cobblestone, there are also default limitations on the blocks that can be crushed.

    If you want more choice then you need to add it to your config.
  25. I suppose I should've asked this actually.. Will it handle item blocks like dust and what not?

    And am I driving you crazy yet?
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    Yeah, sure I modified the config file, but when the pistons push the two leaves on the gravel, the leaves disappears and no cactus appears.
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    could you add wool color support, if it not already added (35:1 35:2 etc.)
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    @HotelErotica Yep its a bug but I've fixed it for 1.5, just want to add a couple more things before I release it.
    @basman93 Can't say I've heard of coloured wool support before, do you mean compressing say wool and cactus to make green wool?

    If anyone can enlighten me I'd be appreciative.
  29. I believe, specifically, he means the ability to set wool by color so you can create new recipes using it. Rather than a specific recipe for wool.
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    Looks like an awesome plugin!! I' going to install it, but do you think you could make a verrsion of it that uses bedrock instead of obsidian. I'm a server admin and I'd rather normal players not be able to use it, and since bedrock is unobtainable without spawning, that would work best and (I think at least) be the easiest to code.

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