[FUN/MECH] Armor Abilities - Get Abilities For Wearing Different Types Of Armor! [1.4+]

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    I know me too! Waiting on the recommended build from Bukkit! And no it will not stack like that. That would be too overpowered :p. There will be some armor with partial abilities though. (Example: You will be able to wear 3 moon armor pieces, and 1 speed armor piece to jump 3 blocks higher and run slightly faster)
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    Kurai Ookami

    recommended build for bukkit is out..... *holds breath* only a matter of time now OwO
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    Kurai Ookami

    Holy cow! I never got an alert that this updated OoO *downloads*

    Quick question as I'm setting up the mod currently. I noticed none of them default to allowing chain mail, can you still set chain mail to be useable?

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    That was a mistake I made when I was tired and adding that option for 3.1. I submitted version 3.1.5 yesterday which includes chainmail so I would expect it to be out sometime today.
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    Kurai Ookami

    awesome thanks, and in your config file it said to set the item number to 0 if I wanted it turned off, does that mean there's no more need for permissions too?
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    No problem. Let me know what you think of 3.0!
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    Kurai Ookami

    you know I will ^w^
    Also I tried to add it before you replied but I did make an edit to my last post sorry XP
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    I believe so. Because if there was no ability in the first place, the permissions wouldn't be needed. You may want to configure them as a fallback but other than that they wouldn't be necessary.
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    Also read the changelog on BukkitDev for more info on the updates
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    Darn was working on this plugin and I found this =(
    Back to the drawing table I guess
    If u want ideas I got a lot :eek:
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    I have a question can you post a small video to help us enable stuff in-game? We got moon on by default but the others are not working nor are we able to craft them.
    Is there a online list for the recipies?
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    You can type /ability info [abilityName] which reads from the config file on what item is required to craft [abilityName]. So for instance /ability info speed.

    There is a short video I made here that showcases it but I will gladly help you out more if this doesnt do the trick.
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    I was just thinking. I dont know it its possible but I think it would be cool to be able to add abilities to colored leather armor. That way if you have multiple sets you could have white for speed, water for scuba, red for lava, black for vampire, etc.
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    Would be great if I could add different abilities to one piece of armor using different things, otherwise this is a great plugin but useless for my server.
  15. I love this plugin and think its amazing, unfortunately my friend and I are opening a server soon, and have a major dilemma. Because we want this armor to be exclusive, we would like the ability to change the crafting permissions. Otherwise everyone has the ability to craft the armor, thereby ruining our idea. My friend and I decided that unless we find a way to work things out, the armor is too good for the everyday player. We believe that players should need to earn the right to use such OP armor. Thanks for your time, hope you can help.

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