[FUN/MECH] Armageddon v2.4.2 - cannons, grenades, and guns galore [1317]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by sunkid, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Cannons, grenades, and guns galore!

    All updates and project support is now handled on our DevBukkit site!
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    Nice its kinda like aimcannon. But you should add turning. Maybe with a lever. :oops:
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    Turning is a great idea! However, it may mess up redstone or button connections... gotta think about this.

    I had not seen AimCannon, but I think this may be a little simpler and more versatile. With this, you can set up batteries of cannons, for example.
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    Well this uses less blocks than aimcannon so far. :D
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    I have found an amusing bug (I think its a bug) after firing a large amount of TNT the cannon then "regurgitates" light grey dye.
    Anyways great plugin
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    I like this. Nice and simple.
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    Also,I constructed a cannon, fired it the left the game.
    I logged in a short time later to find that i had to activate it again.
    Is it possible to fix this, or was it intentional?.
    Don't pay attention to my posts if I'm not making sense or rambling.
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    I think there is actually quite a bit to learn from the aim cannon plugin as well, it has it's own aiming functionality that would be useful to look into IMO.
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    Since 1.6 the ghast mobs shoot these exploding things. Cant you let these things come out instead of TNT?
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    @earliestkrab : the grey dye is the ash from firing the cannon :D (I needed the dispenser to produce something for it to make the dispense sound and smoke). Also, the cannon should be persistent between sessions and even server re-starts as long as the server is stopped gracefully. I see if I can reproduce your issue.

    @compgurusteve : the simplistic ballistics of CannonBall are intentional. Think of it as a heavy mediaeval cannon. Of course, the programmatic problem is that a dispenser doesn't know who set it off unless I require a "manual mode" where you have to click a cannon directly to shoot it. If I don't know who set it off, I don't know what they are aiming at.

    @crysis992 : fireballs need a shooter and, again, I don't know the shooter of a cannon. Look for my FlameThrower plugin soon to come though :)
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    Heavy medieval cannons were amiable ;-) even though It did takes quite a few men to use them. Idk, just food for thought. I like your plugin though. :)
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    Amazing downloading now
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    i dont know why, but when i put tnt into it it shoots tnt which is not exploding...its a normal item..i dont know what im doing wrong :(
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    You have to turn a dispenser into a cannon first. Left-click with a torch or red stone dust and you will also see what the cannon is set to. Change settings with the '/cb' command and apply them by left-clicking with a torch.

    Version 0.3 released for RB860... now with more boom! :)

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    i did this, it shows "This dispenser is now a cannon", but the tnt is not exploding :(
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    Tried in 860 and it works! Thanks for this plugin.
  17. Cool plugin :D

    I placed a dispenser, and it was a cannon by default. Could that be reversed?

    Also, not entirely sure I get the permission nodes, if a dispenser is cannon by default, then there is no node to prevent cannon creation, as you dont need the toggle node?
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    What if you dont use permissions?
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    This should not be the case! By default, dispensers act as dispensers and must be turned into cannons by left-clicking with a torch or red stone dust. If you want to find out if a dispenser is a cannon without toggling its setting, you need to left-click 'bare handed', i.e. without holding a tool.

    If you don't use either Permissions or GroupManager, you must be op to use cannons. I can add a configuration setting to turn cannons on by default for everyone though, if that is desirable. Alternative, I can provide an internal permissions handler just for this plugin.

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    not for me I just wanted to make a suggestion but that sounds great. I bet non permissions user would love that.
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    Yes, this is why i like this better than aim cannon, in aim cannon you had to, if you excuse my immaturity, make a penis shaped cannon, 4 blocks long, and 3 wide. in this, it's just two blocks and a button. which i like a whole log better.
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    Just an FYI, but you can of course set off the dispenser any way you like. The block with button in the video is just an illustration. Anything that triggers the dispenser to do its thing will do. :D
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    Great Plugin, works great with my zepplins.
    2 things:
    What do you mean by movecraft compatibility? The only thing when using movecraft is that you have to turn the dispenser into a cannon again, but that is kinda cool like a reloading time.
    And any idea on when the tick fuse will work? That will be cool. (If you are implementing it)
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    Yeah, movecraft compatibility would do away with having to "reload" :)

    As for the fuses, there are two possible implementations and I have not decided which to go with:
    • fuse settings determine the delay in discharging a cannon - I am not sure how useful this is but it is doable with current Bukkit/CraftBukkit code
    • fuse settings determine how long the TNT takes to blow up after discharge from the cannon - this seems to be the more useful thing, alas, there is currently no clean way of doing it.
    As it is, I am waiting for some additions to Bukkit/CraftBukkit to make this easier to maintain and more extensible. Stay tuned! :)
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    Thanks for the quick response:)
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    Haha great! I was working on the exact same thing, Only I couldn't figure out how to get the vector/direction of the dispenser and to properly convert that to a TNT entity thing!
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    yea, i figured that out the hard way when i was experimenting, blew my hole ship up(i use movecraft, great combo with this plugin)

    does anyone know why when on the exact same settings: 45 degrees 2 m/s and 80 ticks, how this happens?

    fired at the exact same time. took me a a while to get this picture timed correctly

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    This plugin is pretty fun! My only issue is that the TNT seems to land in the exact same spot every time. Maybe add an accuracy cone? Like /cb angle speed fuse accuracy /cb 35 2 80 65

    Great work though. I like it.
  29. this plugin does not work correct.
    I fire once -> tnt fly & explode (weak explosion)
    i fire second time -> tnt fly & no explosion, or atleast no dmg to ground
    3rd time -> tnt fly & no explosion, or atleast no dmg to ground

    what the hell?
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    Works fine for me, BUB!
    Could it be interference from another plugin?
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