[FUN/MECH] AdvancedMobs v0.3.7 - Mob variants for your normal, nether, and skylands worlds [1060]

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    AdvancedMobs - Mob variants for spawning in normal, nether, and skylands worlds
    Version: 0.3.6
    Tested with: CB 1060

    Latest JAR:
    MediaFire - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    MegaUpload - Version 0.3.7 JAR

    Previous Versions:
    0.3 - MegaUpload - Version 0.3 JAR
    0.2 - MegaUpload - Version 0.2 JAR
    0.1 - MegaUpload - Version 0.1 JAR

    As my first plugin, I decided to do some of the things I couldn't find with other plugins. I've run AngryWolves (with hellhounds), and Tossers on my server before. These plugins added new variations on old enemies. This got me started thinking about what I could do. So, I learned java (I have been doing C++ for years), read and listened to some plugin tutorials, and learned from looking at some other source code that the plugin developers have been kind enough to upload. This is the culmination of that work.

    AdvancedMobs is a plugin meant to add advanced mob types to your worlds. The nether too bland for you, the skylands nice to look at, but utterly devoid of anything to do? Maybe you just want giants to work in your world. This plugin has all of that, and more is going to be added too. The nether will get fire immune versions of zombies, skeletons, spiders and slimes, the skylands will get ghasts, creepers with new attacks, and animals, and your normal world will finally get to see zombie pigmen, and they are none too happy about being yanked out of their normal world. All of this and giants too, and they have a few surprises of their own.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Important: If you find any bugs or adherent behaviors while using this plugin, please give a list of the mob changing plugins you have besides this one, the startup messages for AdvancedMobs (it will show [AdvancedMobs] in front of it) as well as any errors you get in the console. Your config file would also be helpful if you changed any values. </font><font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Also be sure to include your CB version. I will not be responsible for versions I don't support.</font>

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)"><font color="rgb(255, 153, 0)">Warnings: Skylands mobs use velocity in their attacks. They will cause you to sometimes move too fast and get kicked. This is rare under most circumstances, but if you have a fly mod enabled on your server it can do this. There are several ways to solve this, including enabling fly, adding the plugin "NoMovedTooQuicklyKick", and also possibly handling the velocity with anti-hack plugins. If you do not want this, you can turn the force down on their attacks, or turn them off altogether.</font></font>

    * Zombie Pigmen can spawn in normal worlds (and can be spawned hostile)
    * Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Slimes can spawn in the nether, and are immune to fire

    - * Nether Slimes can set YOU on fire too
    - Ghasts, Powered Creepers, Pigs, and Sheep will spawn in your skylands worlds
    * Aether Ghast fireballs explode into snowballs instead of explosions
    * Powered Creepers can explode with air power instead of damage, possibly knocking you off the skylands
    - Giants spawn in all worlds!
    * Normal Giants will toss TNT at enemies to give them a ranged attack (TNT won't destroy terrain)
    * Fire Giants spawn in the nether and spit fireballs instead of TNT
    * Storms cause normal giants to gain the power of lightning, calling it down on you
    * Custom loot tables for giants (since they normally don't drop anything)
    * Configurable health
    - Advanced Hostile Wolves for all worlds
    * Hellhounds are immune to fire and spawn in the nether and normal world
    * Winter Wolves spit blasts of cold at you, and spawn in the skylands and in snowy terrain in the normal world
    * A super secret special wolf type - fear the sitting wolves
    * Configurable loot tables for both
    * All special wolves are tamable!

    - * (Hit them with a raw porkchop to calm them for 10 seconds)
    - Configurable spawn rates for everything, and the ability to turn on and off most special properties for advanced mobs
    - Multiworld support - turn off mob types in certain worlds
    - Much much more to be added

    Multiworld Setup:

    In order to set up multiworld support, you will need to create files in your "AdvancedMobs" folder. These files will be named the name of the world you want to modify plus "_config.yml" ([world]_config.yml). So if your world "world_nether" needs to have some creatures changed, you need to make a file called "world_nether_config.yml" and put it in that folder.

    Once you have made this file, you do not need to turn any creatures to true. Any creature names not found in the config will default to true. So, if you wanted to turn off nether zombies for instance, you would put on a line inside the config file "Zombie: false". All creatures have their normal names, and zombiepigmen are called "PigZombie". You can only turn off a creature type that this plugin is spawning, it will not effect natural spawns or spawns from other plugins.

    Example contents of "world_config.yml"
    PigZombie: false
    Wolf: true
    That would turn the ability for this mod to create pig zombies in the world "world" to off, but leave Hellhounds and Winter Wolves on. Conversely, since the default is true anyways, "Wolf: true" could have been left out and they would still be on.

    Change Log:

    Version 0.3.7
    * Fixed a ClassCastException error that was happening
    * Added an example world config file to the default config files

    Version 0.3.6
    * Toned down the secret wolves' attacks some
    * Fixed the log message for autosaving (it was saying AnimalCompanion because that's where I copied the auto save from)
    * Fixed a bug in the world loading section of loadWolves()

    Version 0.3.5
    * Fixed nether slimes getting giant fire effects
    * All tick rate timers were 3 times too fast, fixed
    * Added force variables in the config for ghast/winter wolf snowballs and creeper explosions
    * Fixed a bug with the "secret wolves" that was leaving behind junk in the world
    * Added hookups for the AnimalCompanion plugin

    Version 0.3
    * Made all wolf types tamable - hit them with a raw porkchop to calm them down long enough to tame one
    * Tamed special wolves are persistent between server restarts
    * Added a super secret wolf type, fear the sitting wolf
    * Gave hellhounds a small tick fire bite
    * Ghast fireballs in the skylands now explode with snowballs and deal a small amount of damage + knockback

    Older Notes:

    Show Spoiler
    Version 0.2
    * Added multiworld support
    * Added Hellhounds and Winter Wolves
    * Added loot tables for advanced wolves
    * Tweaked Aether Creeper explosions
    * Added version identifier to console output

    Version 0.1
    * Initial Release

    Known Issues:
    * Slimes that catch fire have huge fire effects on them
    * Fire giant fireballs sometimes don't show up but will still damage you
    * Ghasts in the skylands can sometimes get stuck in terrain (Should be resolved)
    * Winter Wolf smoke effects can sometimes become disembodied
    * Winter Wolves in the normal world become normal angry wolves on server restart
    * Hellhounds in the normal world near water or after/during a rain storm can lose their fire effect until they find a target
    * Winter Wolves/Ghasts/Powered Creepers in the skylands can under rare instances with some other mods enabled cause a "Kicked for moving too fast" client kick

    Planned Features:
    * Aether Slimes (high jumping slimes that push you away when they land)
    * Aether Ghasts shoot snowballs (instead of fireballs, do less damage, but have a high spread)
    * Adventurers (humanoids with armor on that can attack you)

    - * Valkyries for the skylands
    * Demons for the nether
    - Advanced Wolves (hellhounds for nether, winter wolves for skylands/normal world)
    * Make advanced wolves tamable and persistent
    - More configuration for everything
    - Add a check to make sure giants don't spawn underground
    - Full multiworld support
    - Spout support for skins
    - Custom mob spawning and hookups for other plugins

    Possible Features:
    * Giants can kick you if you get too close to them
    * Giants might throw up slimes onto you if you hit them (rare chance)
    * Flying/floating mobs for the skylands (pigs and sheep that can fly!)
    * Ghasts for the normal world that do... something
    * Depth dependent normal world mobs (like elemental creepers or harder mobs of some kind)
    * Biome specific normal world mobs (like cactus creepers that explode in arrows)
    * Mob riders, like spider jockeys but with different mob variants

    Related Plugins: (Not made by me)
    * AngryWolves - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...lf-spawns-now-with-hellhounds-953-1000.11256/
    * Tossers - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...hat-jump-up-jump-up-and-chow-down-1000.16844/
    * Creeper Rods - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-misc-creeperrods-v1-2-lightning-rods-not-bombs-860.20691/
    * NaturalGiants - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-naturalgiants-v1-30-make-giants-spawn-naturally-1000.10746/
    * OtherBlocks (for loot dropping) - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...op-editing-ultimate-customization-1000.21074/
    * sRPG (for advanced normal mob behaviors) - http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/rp...ustomizable-rpg-and-combat-system-1000.19180/
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Honestly. right now Spout is going through a series of large bug fixes, which apparently seemed to have identified a mem leak in CB 1060 itself, (was "worsened by Spout" as Afforress said)... you can look for yourself before making a decision but I'm thinking that it's not really going to be easy to test anything with the current builds. Might have to wait for more stable builds.

    When you can use it however, Spout will be able to enhance the effects of this quite a bit. (in particular visually), with custom mob skins and overhead names being things that I can confirm it can do. MyWolf, Citizens and all the player editor ones like Spoutessentials and PlayerEditor already do overhead names,. (MyWolf does it for mobs, well, wolves xD). So I'd look into it when you can :3

    (I realise that names are part of AnimalCompanion.. I'm reffering to both plugins as one project? :p)

    Awsome looking plugin btw,
    Marcos Cosmos
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    That would be exactly it. I hope it's not too much trouble. :D
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    Yeah, there's alot I want to do with both plugins, but I have two primary goals always in mind, one function over form. I'd rather make a mob work and add challenge and fun than make him look cool. Not that I don't eventually want both. The second is keeping the plugin bug free and expanding on it, but most of all making it work for everyone, not just those with the right mod/plugin. Even AnimalCompanion works without AdvancedMobs.

    I want to make everything look good, and I will, but give it time on spout. While I'm working on my end, I'll let Spout get their end working good. And yes, I've seen all of those, and I think I'll be adding some things similar. Thanks for the info on it, and I do so believe that the memory leak was in 1060. I am honestly not sure why 1060 was released, but it's been a headache on my end too.

    As another piece of news, I am thinking that I may require Spout for what I want to do with the adventurers...
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    Marcos Cosmos


    Also, your AnimalCompanion is Very similar to MyWolf made by @Keyle (Edit: Fail tagging yesterday xD) ... the largest difference seeming to be spout support?

    I've been doing advanced trigonometry for 5 hours so my minds a little scrambled and I can't remember if I've brought this up already, so, sorry if I have but I think your plugins could benefit quite a bit from one another (or merge?), :D. (I'm posting this for Keyle's benefit as well)

    And yeah, CB 1060 has created unwarranted hysteria against Spout, and probably every other plugin that updated to the build. :\
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    Is there away to set a max number of mobs per normal and nether worlds? It seems as tho there are tons more spawning than before.
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    There shouldn't be. I replace mobs of the same type. The reason there is a cap in the aether is, Ghasts, Giants, and Creepers aren't the same creature type as chickens. In other words, even if there are thousands of Giants (done it by accident btw), more chickens can still spawn, which get replaced by more Giants/Ghasts/Creepers, causing an overflow of creatures.

    That can't happen in the normal and nether, because the cap on zombies/zombie pigmen is hit when including things like spiders and whatnot. Let me look into it though. There's maybe two mobs that could cause it, namely slimes and wolves. I'll see if I can get them to go out of control like in the Skylands and get back to you.

    Yeah, it's more or less the evil citizens. But they would spawn more frequently, and I am trying REALLY hard to make them work with a bit less lag than citizens. I noticed citizens makes their NPC's into players, which causes all sorts of stuff. I don't want to go that route, but that means anything like making them wear armor or hold items or anything will require spout.

    Yeah, seems like his has done alot of what I plan to do. I don't see some of what I put in in his though. I actually made AnimalCompanion primarily for my own server. We didn't have what we needed out of any of the other plugins. Namely, we had a ranger class, but every plugin we came across didn't handle the wolves how we needed. His is alot further along in support though, so I concede I have a long way to come in mine.

    I just want to see a change log for bukkit every once in a while so I know what has changed. Seems they break plugins with every update, but I have no idea what they are fixing.
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    Hello again, another small issue. On a normal world I set Creeper: false in the config file for the world but they still show up. Blocking other mobs seem to work just fine.
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    My config files only handle the creatures my plugin spawns. Sorry, but I do not control if normal creepers spawn in your world naturally. If it was skylands, and you set Creeper: false it would stop it, because in the skylands, my plugin spawns special creepers.

    At a later date, if I add special creepers to the normal worlds, then that setting would do something too.
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    How come when in God mode, the Giant's TNT still kills you... And, The Creepers are invis, in the Skylands
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    First, it depends on what God mode you are using. I have noticed that AdminCmd's godmode doesn't block damage caused by the damage command if the entity causing it is TNT. I do not know why. It works fine the entity is a mob, but not when it's TNT.

    Second, I honestly do not know. Do you use a custom texture pack? Have you seen powered creepers in the normal world with your texture pack? It could be that, but I don't control their appearance at all.
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    Yep... Use AdminCmd's godmode... :/ and I don't use a texture pack... just double checked and had one in a normal world :p
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    If you don't have a world_config.yml for your main world, does it use config.yml instead? Or is it more that it always looks at config.yml first, then the for a [world]_config.yml for overrides?

    In the OP, I think you might mean "Once you have made this file," ?

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    First, no, it uses both. The world configs just turn creatures on and off. It still uses the main config for determining spawn rates etc.

    Second, yes thank you. I'll have to change that. It even took me a few read throughs to catch it when you pointed it out, my bad.

    Lastly, can you rephrase that? Do you mean TNT arrows and Essentials/Worldguard are -also- going through Godmode as the previous poster described, or do you mean that my TNT is having trouble with all of those plugins?

    Speaking of previous poster. Yeah, same issue over here. Gotta be careful around them for now. I am going to see if there's another way to turn off terrain damage. That's just my big thing, I don't want the giant's TNT to be destructive to the world. That would be bad!

    Hm... it sounds like an issue with packets not being sent to the client correctly. Does it always happen, or just sometimes? And how is the latency on your server? Also, do they show up after a client restart? And since I find myself asking this alot lately, are you using Spout?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Well yeah, MyWolf is one of most advanced wolf plugins I know of.. Trouble is it isn't used on enough servers though IMO, I mean where I have found it, the server had basically removed the core aspects of Survival, or depreciated it so you can only build in allocated space and mobs don't spawn, or they were too small to really be MP(no one else on when I could be) or were laggy or something or other that made it less playable as traditional Survival... Although I find this problem with most Spout plugins, most likely because it's relatively new, (if you don't consider BukkitContrib) and development is still slightly unstable.

    But also, I'm kind of trying to pushing, or at least wanting Keyle to do more things than just MyWolf, to expand beyond the personal to broader kinds of features that would be good for clans/war/tribal RPG. And I've put more ideas to him as well, like (although I realise how complicated, ideas are ideas?) ability to ride wolves and even mounted-combat. (he said they would have to be a plugin pack because they strayed from MyWolf a little too much.. There's a whole post about it bigger than this one (I think). xD

    And really I know that Keyle doesn't have the time to put into that kind of thing any time soon, and I don't have the time to work on it myself because I'm heading toward end of year exams and what not. But I've put them to him because I didn't know of any other wolf-related plugin that was an even remotely advanced enough to contemplate the possibility of the things I thought of.. However, your plugin is quite extensive, and (although perhaps not the main focus), does deal with wolves :D

    Your plugin deals with spawning, which is something that comes up in my ideas, and has a few features that I think have been low-priority, or just overlooked as potential features. So it still has something that MyWolf doesn't. Perhaps not that could, or should be brought into one all-encompassing plugin, but something of value none the less.

    I also want MyWolf to be bigger so I can actually play on a server that uses it, whether dedicated to the plugin, as ChaoticUniformity and SuperNaturalPlayers are tied, or otherwise. Of course, MyWolf isn't really big enough in itself to warrant a dedicated server, at least, the community isn't..

    I like your AdvancedMobs plugin in particular though, it really expands upon Survival, and I think at the very least, compatibility would be a good thing for MyWolf :)

    Also, your plugin has a few features, like auto-feeding in hunter-mode and evasion in particular which wouldn't go amiss in MyWolf ;)

    Also, by Adventures, do you mean "Adventurers"? subtle typo I think :p

    And yeah, the CB update log leaves a lot to be desired, particularly because they Really broke Bukkit this time with the Mem leaks it's hard to imagine so little change.

    Edit: I kinda got confused when reading over this and I realize I lost direction and rambled a lot. Sorry about that. I think my main point was that your plugin(plugins) is/are definitely not inferior to MyWolf and, personally. I would like to see some co-ordination between the two plugins. It's even hard for me to go back and read it to cut stuff out, :eek:
    I think that I've taken up enough of your page now :eek:,
    Marcos Cosmos
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    I'm not going to quote you this time, you gave me alot to read though. I honestly think I must have overlooked MyWolf when I was trying to solve my own server's wolf problem -because- of the Spout requirement. I didn't look too much into the plugin until you mentioned it here. I made AnimalCompanion for my own server, mostly because InvinciWolf didn't let me change the damage types, wolf spawn no longer worked, and none of them were compatible with AdvancedMobs which since it adds three new wolf types, becomes a huge deal to those who want special wolves. So far, I've found my players suddenly much more active, and I've noticed them hunting down the secret wolf type to tame it, as well as going between worlds JUST to get a special wolf.

    And yes, MyWolf has a few features I wanted to add, like inventories and the ability to direct your wolf. Ridability itself will only be possible once I add the leash item and functionality. The two plugins that I've made really were kind of related. I wanted them to work together, so I don't mind the posts getting a little jumbled together. If Keyle wants to plug into AdvancedMobs to support the wolf types, I won't play stingy. I'd rather have the two plugins compete on merrits of their features than on what they can support, and because my plugins aren't (currently) open source, I can tell him how to add in the support if he wants.

    And yes, I meant Adventurer's. I completely missed that. The ones with armor and stuff, including possibly Valkyries and Demons. I've even given thought to armored zombies/skeletons/zombie pigmen. But there's one thing... I don't want to make any of my plugins dependent on any others. One promise I will make right now is that you'll never see a dependency in my plugins. I will support other plugins sure, like AnimalCompanion supporting AdvancedMobs, but I will never make a dependency, which is why I had to update AdvancedMobs with the hookups for it.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @TheTennesse Yeah, the dependancy thing with Spout blocks it's plugins for a lot of Admins, users and it's implementation for a lot developers too.. I find it a little bit sad, (a little bit). Because it's the easiest, and most efficient way to do what it does. I think it will, eventually become a lot more popular. I mean really it's just like Bukkit in many ways, they are both APIs that increase customization for minecraft. The only real difference is that it's physically impossible to do certain things without client modification.

    In particular I think that a lot of people are bothered that SpoutCraft doesn't allow other client mods and thus turn their backs to it. But the thing is that you can still keep your personal mods and run them in the regular launcher, and unless decided by admins, SpoutCraft is Not Required to play, you can't can't see Spout's visual effects like the overhead names in MyWolf or the permanent display of economy info in SpoutWallet so it's that much of a dependency.

    And honestly, I admit I have a bias because I see Minecraft more for it's potential as a sandbox than for it's current merit as a game in and of itself. But, really, I think that Spout is as big as Bukkit, (or will be).

    But anyway, I'm ranting again.

    And I would expect your plugin to increase activity like that, I haven't even tried it myself yet, but it's already something I'm going to look for when browsing servers xD.

    Inventories... I don't I've seen that without Spout yet? Anyway you don't need the SpoutCraft client to use them if that's what your thinking.

    And rid-ability. Keyle said he'd have to alter wolf AI's, which according to him was beyond Spouts control at the moment. So I'm really interested in hearing more about your leash item. If you have the time to tell me :D

    And good to hear about the Adventurers, and interesting that you have a different approach to NPCs, another thing that I brought up with Keyle, although slightly more along the lines of allocating wolves to NPCs and making NPCs take wolf-appearance. I always thought NPC as a player entity was clever.. but again, I'd love to hear more about your plans, :p

    Thanks for your time,
    Marcos Cosmos
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    Oops totally missed that. I think I need to redo my configs hehe. That's why you shouldn't install new plugins right before bed, kids :p

    Yeah I took that comment out because I wasn't sure afterall. I'll do some further testing and repost if I think it's having that problem. Sorry and thanks :D
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    @Bronski Well, let me know how your tests go. I have -alot- of plugins on my server, but I definitely don't have them all. So far the only thing that I've seen interfere on mine is the Godmode from AdminCmd.

    @Marcos Cosmos Well, the one thing that I can think of is somehow tricking the client into opening a chest. I have seen Citizens more or less do it, with Player inventories. My theory is that it's possible, but we'll have to see. Then again I am the type that will think it is possible up until I've exhausted every single way of doing it. As for riding, I am pondering how to do it myself, but I think if you used the leash item to set the waypoint, you could make a wolf travel there. I am not sure how direct it would be since wolves like to wander a bit, but I think it could work. On the flip side, no one said riding a wolf was easy either, so if it ends up being a little hard to control, I am not even sure if that would be a bad thing.
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    You cannot possibly have more than I do (but if you did I would be secretly impressed) :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Well why don't you take a look at spout's source code and see if you can pull the method they use without the other parts of it (so long as you credit them), as I said, it doesn't require client-modification to do the inventories so it may be possible to isolate.

    and as for the wolf-riding being ok not to be easy... I very specifically want a smoother, faster way to travel :(, (if you read my post on the MyWolf thread it mentions auto-hopping of single blocks), and in particular keeping the standard ability for awsd/arrow key movement control. But that's me personally. I mean, even if you were to choose a different mob for riding that doesn't move quite so erratically it'd be alright. Hell why don't you try for Ghast riding? xD

    What I really want is a smoother way to get around. (no, flying, teleporting, etc I do not consider smooth in this case).

    And besides if your not going to try and improve control then why don't you just port aspects of MobRider into your plugin? (is it really out of date? :eek:)

    And as for the leash item... whats holding you back with that? I mean, most plugins can allocate functions to items and I don't mean to be rude because I don't even know java yet but I'm a little surprised that that isn't the easy part. :eek:
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    I was planning on looking at a few methods of inventories and deciding what would work best. I don't think it will be any issue. I think I know how to make it work in fact.

    Now as for arrow keys and ghasts. I don't think that the server knows when you press keys. That's actually the major issue. What I can do is use the leash item to point the way of where to go, or use the leash item to start/stop the mob, and use the direction you are looking to make the mob move. I have to see which is easier. But ghasts are a different beast. See, ghasts don't have targets from what I've seen. They have line of sight, which they check, and then pick the closest player to shoot a fireball at every time it comes around time for it to decide who to fire on. That's also why they wander and don't come after you.

    The leash item itself is no big deal, it's more of a design problem. How do I want it to work? Also a time issue, I just have to spend some time on it is all, and I haven't gotten the chance yet. Ridability/inventories is next on my list for AnimalCompanion, so you can be assured I will be looking into it.
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    no option for spider jockeys? Somehow my world naturally spawns them, hope this wont prevent that :)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Alright... I was pretty sure servers to know what keys a client presses though, (at least, until now). Because.. how else could assign extra key-press events in plugins? Or maybe that's a spout feature... I know that re-factoring keypress packets to reduce bandwidth is on spout to-do list on github.. But I think that's just an optimization since long before spout plugins like PortalStick have been using keypress events for toggling options etc... and also @Afforess commented on github that "Key listening and bindings are all server side, the client has no idea they exist", of course I could be wrong though.

    I know that ghasts are rather different from other mobs as they are excluded from features in a lot of plugins, so it shows xD. That was kind of a joke.

    And what I dislike about current vehicles, well, boats IS that it has heavy momentum and it's direction relies of your characters view direction (although it is quite functional for a boat). Doing this with wolves is rather dangerous and unstable because it could hamper ability to avoid cliffs and lava.. so you would have to have really good speed control to really make it useful.

    By the way, why compete with MyWolf? What's the advantage in being competitive rather than co-operative or just co-existing? :confused:, I really don't it :eek:

    And I'm still frustrated with your reluctance to utilize the Spout plugin (SpoutCraft is the client, and most plugins barely put in features that req it). But hey, it's rather interesting to get feedback like this so I suppose I stand to gain either way :D
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    I'd like to point out two things:

    Not all spout features require the client mod - in fact a great many awesome features are being missed out on because of this misconception. Inventories are a big one here. What you want is incredibly simple with ONLY the spout server plugin, no client needed.

    Spout has the API available to create custom bukkit inventories of any size that are empty, or from a list or array of items. It's dead simple, 1 line:

    SpoutManager.getInventoryBuilder().construct(SIZE/ITEMS, NAME_OF_INVENTORY);


    Second, Spout also can open inventory windows on the client, again, with no client mods. Again dead simple:

    SpoutPlayer player = (SpoutPlayer)event.getPlayer();


    Diverging into a personal rant, but I get tired of plugin dev's who feel the urge to reinvent the wheel for dozens of mind-numbing tasks when there are easy API's that are widely used available. Don't moan to me about the Spout dependancy, we stat track and nearly 50k servers are using the plugin.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Afforess (not going to quote) what he said.. only I didn't know it was that simple :eek:

    I'm learning lots today xD, I didn't think it would be that simple :confused:, I really need to get into meddling with plugins myself... Well.. No. If I do I'm bound to fail the rest of this years assessments because they are all crammed into the next 6 weeks and yeah..
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    How many servers were running MinecartMania when you dumped it at the side of the road to work on Spout and how do we know Spout won't get its own "hiatus" for another project? That's what every dev thinking about Spout should be asking themselves. But I guess that's my personal rant.

    50k servers, you say...


    @TheTennessee, can we get a comprehensive list of the mobs you can list in the world_config.yml files? Like an example of the exact wording for setting them all to false I guess.

    Marcos Cosmos likes this.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    That they do... and 50k servers? I guess it got heavily boosted since last week when I was struggling to find it utilized. :eek:, sounds a little excessive though... how exactly are you tracking it? @Afforess

    Edit: I mean how is reported? is Spoutserverrunonce used simply to track?:confused:
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    Guess he's not allowed to go to another project to have a break from an existing one? It clearly states in the title that Minecart Mania is on Hiatus, give the guy a break... they say that variety is the spice of life ;)

    plus, he is spending his time, which could be spent coding a new game or something which could actually earn him money; on plugins which he is even freely distributing the source code for
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    That's fine, but saying you're on vacation while you're working in the next room is a little silly. And the x thousands of servers that had to redo their track for other plugins might also disagree. So all I'm saying is, code for Spout all you want, but if you're going to rant about people not using it, there might be a few thousand good reasons you're conveniently overlooking.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I think your forgetting that Spout isn't a new project, so you can't possibly know that he dropped it for spout, although with all the work spout is getting and needing it's a high chance, but the point is your kind of implying that Afforess is getting bored with multiple plugins and moving to a new one, as if they were one-night stands, which just isn't fair. Not to mention that he didn't just drop the project and leave people hanging, he made a very clear announcement for all to see OR that it's a temporary stop in development. Besides. Where the hell did he say he was on holiday

    Also, Spout doesn't really have alternative plugins, that spout is almost guaranteed to used more broadly than Minecart Mania AND that @Afforess is NOT the only SpoutDev member, even if he dropped off, the floor wouldn't fall through, the team can probably still update it to keep with new CB builds without him. So it's not much of a risk there.

    And honestly, if you need it that badly why don't you ask for the source and pick it up yourself? I doubt there would be objections. Not to mention that but your badmouthing a major project because of a petty gripe. If Spout did stop updating it'd probably be better to stay with that build of everything than move to ItemCraft.

    Your reasons are actually one of the least valid I've ever heard for reluctancy to use Spout (the best being the headache of explaining to newbs, and the reluctancy of newbs to join.)

    I are disappoint:mad:

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