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    MagicSpells - Add magic to your server!

    View the plugin on BukkitDev!

    MagicSpells is a plugin that creates spells your players can use. Its main purpose is to give your players access to certain abilities that you might not want to give them unlimited access to. Each spell can be assigned customized reagent (item) costs, cooldowns. durations, ranges, and so on. Spells can be cast by using the /cast command, swinging a wand, or both. It's all customizable.


    Important: Read before downloading! There is a lot of information in this post. I know, it's a lot to read. However, I spent quite a while writing it all in what I hope is a clear, informative, and understandable manner. So, please, read the entire post before asking a question. Chances are, the answer is already here. I also suggest taking a nice look through the configuration file. Is it a massive file? Yes, it is. But if your question is "can I do this?" then a look through the configuration options would be a good idea.
    Plugin Manual

    There is a lot of useful information in the plugin manual, which can be found here:

    MagicSpells Plugin Manual


    Spells can be cast either by using the /cast command or by using a wand item. To cast a spell, a player must first know the spell. Server operators know all spells by default. They can teach spells to other players by using the teach spell. For example, to teach bob the blink spell, an operator would type: /cast teach bob blink.

    Bob can now use the blink spell. He can either cast it by command, by typing /cast blink, or he can cast it with a wand item. To select the spell, he holds the wand in his hand and right clicks. Right clicking will cycle through any spells assigned to the item he is holding. When he has the one he wants, he left clicks to cast.

    If Bob does not have the required reagents for the spell, or if he has cast it recently and it is still on cooldown, he will not be able to cast the spell and will instead receive an error message.

    If mana is enabled, a player can use the /mana command to see how much mana they currently have.


    View Spell List


    The zip file contains a config.yml file that should go into the MagicSpells folder within your plugins directory. The default configuration has appropriate spell costs, durations, and messages for each spell. However, you will most likely want to customize this to fit your server.

    You can modify the config.yml file directly, or you can choose to leave it intact and instead create an alternate config file, by default altConfig.yml. Any configuration values in this alternate file will override the values in the main config file.

    There are some general configuration options that apply to all spells, as well as options for each individual spell. Important: The default configuration file does NOT contain all config options, it is just an example. Just because a config option isn't in the default doesn't mean it is not available. For example, it's possible to add a duration to any buff spell, even though the default configuration file does not have a duration on all buff spells.

    To reload the configuration, simply cast the fake reload spell (/cast reload). Only server operators can do this (it can also be done from the command line).

    Please see the plugin manual for information about all of the various configuration options.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Help me! Why isn't it working?
    If - after reading through this entire post - you can't figure out why it isn't working, please take the time to submit a proper help request. You can post your request either on in this thread or in the MagicSpells forum. You should provide the following information:
    • The CraftBukkit build you're using.
    • The MagicSpells version you're using.
    • Which permissions plugin (if any) you are using.
    • The error in the console, if there is one.
    • Your config file(s). Please don't post them directly , use a service like and just post the link.
    It says I need reagents whenever I cast a spell! Where do I get reagents?
    One of the main ideas behind this plugin is to give players cool abilities, but with a cost. The reagents are the spell's cost. This can be configured in the config.yml file individually for every spell. The config option name is "cost". You can also add your name to the list of exceptions in the general.cast-for-free option.

    Can I unbind spells from items?
    Yes. Simply use the bind spell to bind the spell to your empty hand, and it will no longer be bound to any item.

    Why can't my players cast spells?
    Why does it say "You cannot cast that spell right now" when I try to cast any spell?
    If you're using Permissions, please make sure your permissions are all set up correctly. Look in the Configuration: Permissions section for more information. Also double check and make sure your use-permissions config option is set to true.

    What are the Permissions nodes?
    The nodes are listed on the permissions information page in the plugin manual.

    I can't get my Permissions working! Can you help me?
    Remember that all nodes use the "real" spell name, rather than the name you define with the "name" option. If you cannot get your permissions working, feel free to ask for help. Make sure you specify which permissions plugin you are using, and all of the items from the "Help Me!" question above.

    Will you add iConomy (or another economy plugin) support?
    With the addition of the 'tome' and 'scroll' spells, I currently have no plans to add special support for an economy plugin. You should be able to create tomes and scrolls and sell them using any plugin that allows you to sell items, thus allowing you to sell spells.

    I have a great spell idea! Will you add it?
    Please tell me about it by submitting a ticket! I can't guarantee that I'll make it, but if it's a feasible idea, I'll definitely consider it. I'm always looking for new spell ideas. Note that I may not respond directly to your idea, but I always read the suggestions.

    I've found a bug! What do I do?
    Please submit a ticket! Please include your CraftBukkit build number, any error in the console, the situation that caused the error (if known), and if you think it's applicable, the list of plugins you use.

    Change Log

    View full change log

    Donate: Always gotta have a donate link for those who love their plugin authors.
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    Nice plugin man.Is it possible to remove some spells for some admins so they cant learn them?
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    If the enable-permissions option is true in the config file, then players will only be allowed to learn a spell if they have the magicspells.learn.spellname permission for it. If they don't have the permission, they will not be able to learn the spell.
  4. Sounds MAGIC !
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    WE NEED MORE SPELLS!!! (and power) :p
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    ... I love you.
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    This looks awesome.
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    How i can configure a Wand to use the casts?
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    By default all spells are assigned to the stick (280). You can change this per spell by changing the cast-item and can-cast-with-item options on each spell.
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    mh, so just 1 item can do 1 castß

    ahh i get, relly nice plugin mate ! :D
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    when are you going to add more spells?
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    Is there any way you could give admins the ability to group spells, and then limit players to only one group at a time?

    You already allow us to separate certain spells to be cast by certain items, such as the Stick. What I would love is the ability to limit players to ONLY know a certain item's spells, and allow them to switch to another group, erasing their knowledge of the previous group's spells.

    I just want to limit the effectiveness while encouraging players to work together. If a player has Prayer, I don't want them also to have a powerful offensive ability like Explode. I would give a certain item Prayer, Entomb, and Forcepush, while I would give an offensive item Explode, Combust, Lightning.

    Perhaps I can already do this using a separate plugin together with this one, I'll check.

    You would already be able to do this by using this plugin:

    At least, that's how I'm planning on doing it on my server.
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    fireball - shoot a fireball - damage and chance to set on fire
    freezeattack - shot a snow ball - damage and chance to stun

    Awesome plugin so far!
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    This is what I want the class system to be able to do, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to doing it. I kinda wanna get a bunch of the other spells done first. This is why I implemented Permissions. You could probably set up some Permissions groups to get this to work until the class system is done.
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    The magicspells.grant.<spellname> permission doesn't work
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    Seconding the above post by Walker, granting doesn't work, though spells can still be used if taught.
    On the topic of class systems, I've set up quite a complex one with Permissions. If you're going to implement your own, do you think you could leave the Permissions support in? :p
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    Hmm... it looks like it should be working. Do you have the use-permissions setting set to true? And are you using the node names from the config file (not the names you define)?
    I'll leave both systems in. Not really any reason to remove it now that it's in there.
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    Yes I do, and I found a couple of issues.

    • Not really an issue, but I think the blink range should be longer
    • entomb doesn't work, like, at all.

    I will delve into the source a little tomorrow and take a look. I really think this plugin has serious potential.
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    Blink range can be modified as you see fit in the config file. Entomb should be working fine, as you can see here. If you're trying to use it against players, you'll need to have the target-players option turned on.
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    Oh wow.. that is working a lot better then it has been working for me :p
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    Its probably already in the works, but it would be really nice if cooldown time was displayed in the chat each time you attempted the spell.
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    i have a problem to translate the plugin.
    in the config i can change all the string, but the spell names i cant change.
    so in german in the chat is: "Du benutzt lightning" in english: "you use lightning" but i want to translate lightning, too.
    how can i do this?
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    This is incredible, thank you for this. I loved the version for hMod and this seems really close to that one. One thing I would love to see is the use of redstone for mana like in the original pluggin for hMod. In that one there was the use of redstone+certain items to cast the spell but I like your idea of setting multiple spells to certain items. This is truly great though, thanks for this!
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    Is there supposed to be a target-players option under entomb and forcepush? Because there isn't one and the reason it wasn't working before is because I couldn't use it on players. Only mobs.
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    I had planned it, but forgot, so it's good that you reminded me. :)
    Each spell has a name: option that isn't in the default config, but you can add it yourself to change the name.
    You can still do this. You can have more than one item cost for a spell, you just have to define it for each spell. It's much more configurable this way. I'd also like to point out that I am the original creator of the hMod plugin.
    Yes, there is. I forgot to put it in the default config file, but you can add it in yourself to make it work.
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    That's awesome!!! Thank you so much for porting this to bukkit!
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    I'm wondering something, but I have no idea what plugins are capable of doing... Would it be possible for the casters to have more of a visual magic effect, such as having the redstone particle effect show up around them?
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    Atticus Craft

    16:16:06 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_EXPLODE to Residence
            at com.bekvon.bukkit.residence.listeners.ResidenceEntityListener.onEntit
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.Explosion.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.World.createExplosion(
            at net.minecraft.server.WorldServer.createExplosion(
            at com.nisovin.MagicSpells.Spells.ExplodeSpell.createExplosion(ExplodeSp
            at com.nisovin.MagicSpells.Spells.ExplodeSpell.castSpell(ExplodeSpell.ja
            at com.nisovin.MagicSpells.Spell.cast(
            at com.nisovin.MagicSpells.Spell.cast(
            at com.nisovin.MagicSpells.MagicPlayerListener.onPlayerAnimation(MagicPl
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet18ArmAnimation.a(SourceFile:35)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    I get this whenever I use the golden sword to cast explode
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    Would a simple damage spell not be good?
    like point click = damage
    as fighting mobs isnt efficient enough just using magic at the moment i try to
    and this only kills one so i think a wizards main spell should be a sort of damage maybe call it
    Arcane blast?
    dunno if its possible but maybe even make nether portal particles come appear around the wand?

    also another spell 'freeze' its like entomb but with ice and actually makes the player get stuck Inside the ice making them take damage

    EXCELLENT plugin btw my faction in my server now depends on it thankyou

    ALSO the config is missing on the spells : Forcepush, Entomb
    target-players: true

    To add it simply copy it into the config above the relative spells costslike this

            description: Combine Fire and Sand to create a case of glass around you target (Traps Target in glass).
            cast-item: 280
            cooldown: 3
            range: 15
            precision: 15
            tomb-block-type: 20
            tomb-duration: 5
            target-players: true
                - 331 3
                - 12 10
                - 263 1
            str-cost: 3 redstone dust, 10 glass and 1 coal
            str-no-target: There is nothing there.
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    wat do u use as a wand?


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    I know there's the little disclaimer on the OP that says it could crash the server, but I'm just letting it be known that so far it has. My server's crashed a few times today since installing this plugin. It hasn't really been too much trouble, it just reverts it back to the last save level. Also I wish I could be of more help by posting a console error but it doesn't show any. Everything literally just stops. The server stops responding and the only way I can restart it is by closing the server window, it won't let me type stop in the console. Either way I know it's still in beta but it is an incredible plugin and I would love to see this issue fixed. Keep up the awesome work Nisovin!

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