[FUN]Magic Carpet Revived V1.5.7: Magic Carpet Reborn [1.0.1-R1]

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    Magic Carpet is a plugin that allows the user to fly away on a carpet made of glass. By using the command /mc <size>, either a 3x3, 5x5, or 7x7 carpet is created. If no size is specified, a 5x5 carpet is created by default. By entering /mc again, the carpet disappears from the world. To go down, the user simply has to crouch down.

    Version 1.5.7 is the current newest version that has been tested on the lasted version of bukkit and is promised to work. 1.5.7 features a redesigned version without use of permissions *hope to re-add soon* and a whole new text response system. It also is the most recent version of Magic Carpet to work under craftbukkit-1.0.1-R1.

    Now, when enabled, this plugin will create two files in its own subfolder in the plugins folder, one called "config.yml" and one called "magiccarpet.properties". The config file will give you three options to edit, whether one crouches to go down by default, and whether the MagicLight puts glowstone on the center or the border. On initialization, the settings are false , true, and false, respectively.

    This is my first plug-in and plugin update so let me know if there are any errors and I'll try my best to fix them. The source code for everything is included in the .jar file.

    Same commands and stuff from Android just polished and updated

    Magic Carpet V1.5.7

    Magic Carpet - Take yourself on a magical ride of glass:
    craftbukkit-1.0.1-R1: v1.5.7

    • Allows players to type a command and be able to fly on a carpet of glass in the sky.
    Changelog: Version 1.5.7
    • Version 1.5.7 Re-polished text, temporarily removed permissions as it was causing errors during compiling

    Magic Carpet was created by Android and I take no full copyright of his work. I merely polished and updated it.
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    wtf ? why reborn ? the good old original version by Android still work like a charm even on recent dev bukkit builds.

    this thread is useless
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    Yes however I have polished this version and why not actually use my new version of it? when craftbukkit updates next time it might actually render the old version useless and at least its good to know someone still wants to continue it. This is also the first thing I have ever worked on so just the least you could do is test it out and tell me if its alright from your point of view.
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    I also prefer a plugin with an active dev available for bug fixing, support etc over a plugin which has been inactive since ages.
    Thank you!

    Edit.: But please format your thread right. You're missing the version tag in the title and your post doesn't fit the plugin submission guidelines.
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    Ah thank you for informing me, I am new to the whole thing and was in a rush to get this out there.
    Edit* Fixed, sorry I had no clue how to really set the change logs and stuff :confused:

    Just letting everyone know that I am hoping to be able to have permissions added back in the next release 1.5.8 with a bit more commands with the plugin.
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    you shout your command but no one hears you...
    this error measgae on MC and magiccarpert
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    That means you don't have the proper permissions, Are you op'ed?

    Anyway, id like this to have a revival, but only if it means progress. I really enjoyed the original when it was in its prime, when it was truly needed.
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    i´m OP?^^
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    the "you shout your command, but no one hears you" means you dont have permission to use the command.
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    What is the permission? Or what are the permissions?
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    The author of this "revival" said he removed permissions for a short while.

    Actully, Xalogen ill help you with this is you like, i've got 3 years in java and a few using this API, i dont know how effective you are, but i liked this plugin, and if your actually going to do something with it, im in. (or i could just set up permissions for you)
  14. The original plugin was licensed under the terms of the GPL, so where are your sources?
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    Was it? hmmm.....

    Well then Sir, Show us the Carfax Sources!
  16. Yes it was. ;)
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    If there are no permission nodes then how am I suppose to use this plugin? I typed in /mc and it says "you shout your command but no one hears you". I also tried to make myself and OP but still the same thing happened
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    Yes I do need help as I am being sunk by everyone around me that I haven't had time to check up on the comments till now

    In the source code as I haven't been able to keep a steady flow of help for the plugin yet as I am being sunk by school work and java scripting, along with being an admin for CorruptCraft's Minecraft survival server and I have a ton of things on my hands that I haven't posted the source code anywhere yet.
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    That is a silly statment and this:
    is the ending of your plugin, it still exists and was updated last on december 7th for 1.0.0
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    Sorry @Xalogen, But Smex got you there. The plugin isn't yours to take over if its still being updated.
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    I tried everything magic carpet won't work i only use essentials and magic carpet. And it says you shout your commands but no one hears u i putted permissions and so on i tried everything but doesnt work help me?
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    Deleted user

    What exactly in the code did you change? The package is still the same, and this plugin has been revived for a long time on DevBukkit (link to MagicCarpet is here).

    And do you even know that to revive a plugin, you have to ask the original author for permission.
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    Interesting, since creative mode's flying abilities negate this plugin, unless you want this to be in survival.
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    Dude, can you please add permissions, specifically GM?
    • Please report the main post when this happens, no need to tag all the staff
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    You have permission to "take over" this plugin as long as you follow the GPL license.

    However, the main dev is still active so I don't think this is necessary.
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    Yeah, its not necessary, if you really wanted to for whatever reason, you could just fork it and go your own direction with it. Otherwise its sort of a rude thing to 'take over'(if you can even call it that) someones plugin that they are still working on...
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    Deleted user

    Now now children, let's give Xalogen some credit.
    Thank you for taking your time to revive this plugin, but perhaps you could add more features to MagicCarpet instead of just reviving it.

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