[FUN] LightningEvent v1.02 - Simple Lightning Plugin [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by AOD_Batman, May 16, 2011.

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    Could you explain me briefly the sense of a lighting on an player event?
    Is it for other players to recognize that somone has joined or teleported or something like this?
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    If a player has one of the permissions above it will cast a harmless lightning bolt at the player's location on that event.

    For example player1 has permission "LightningEvent.onDeath" and is killed by a creeper. When player1 died a harmless lightning strike happened where player1 died.

    Another example player2 is in a permission group that has the permission "LightningEvent.onTeleport.*". Player2 decides to go back home using "/home". When player2 teleported home a harmless lightning strike happened where player2 was and going to.

    One last example which I think is important.... Player3 is a admin and has the permissions "*" and "-LightningEvent.onMove". Player3 will now have harmless lightning strikes on all the events except for when Player3 moves. (Because well it's kind of annoying. :p)
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    Cuz It's fun :p
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    Sure, i understand how it works, but i didn't get the sense of creating lightnings on player events. What is the information about the lightning? That other players can identify the admin?

    But as Lolmen said...if it's just for fun, sure why not :p

    Keep it up!
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    How do you use it on the console
    ex. give player item = /give peeter 320
    how do you select / turn on or off certain lightining
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    Depends on the permission plugin you are using for example GroupManager you would do:

    /manuaddp <User> <PermissionNode>
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    This is a very neat idea :p I can see people respawning in a bolt of lightning :D

    One request though? The fact that the owner (me) would have everything happen to them would be rather irritating... Perhaps you should have a config file where you can completely disable certain events? It would be most helpful.
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    At least with GroupManager you can disable certain permissions for example you being admin you can do this to disable lightning onMove:

        default: false
        - '*'
        - '-LightningEvent.onMove'
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    But I don't like GroupManager... Nor do a number of other users.

    It was simply a request. Don't have to do it.
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    Cognito guy

    Can you also add the event off a configurable command that will strike the player who typed the command with lightning?
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    Umm... Commands?
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    Would it be possible to have the onTeleport.to and onTeleport.from to not make a lightning event unless you teleport to an amount of blocks away?
    Because having that is kind of cool, but it causes a problem if someone lags or gets stuck a bit.
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    I haven't tested it. I will take a look at it when I get home.
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    Ok, got around to testing it and it seems to work fine on the latest RB. =D
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    Request: Random lightning at night
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    I have a request, could you add the option to have lightning happen on a players location when i ban them? (would be epic)
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    @Cognito guy @Nial_D @BS0D

    LightningEvent Version 1.01 (Helium) Released
    • Added cast command for casting lightning bolts.
    • Added chat and kick events for lightning bolts.
    • Support for PermissionsBukkit.
    • Removed Legacy Permissions support. (This is due to the Inactivity of the plugin.)
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    can you add permissionsEX support?
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    Should already work with PermissionsEx seeing as it's all just SuperPermission based.
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    LightningEvent Version 1.02 (Helium) Released
    • Removed default permissions.
    • Built for Bukkit 1185.

    Can be downloaded from here while awaiting for approval on Bukkit Dev.
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    not for 1337?
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    No it was a bug with Bukkit Dev. I have re-uploaded the file hopefully this time it will be larger than 0 bytes.

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