[FUN] LaserPointer v0.3 - Point at what you are looking at [1.1-R4]

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    LaserPointer - Point at what you are looking at
    Version: v0.3

    LaserPointer creates a red wool "dot" where you are looking while you look around for you to show others where you are looking. Also functions as an impromptu stool, if you want.

    LaserPointer supports language translation: Simply edit the "lang" file to change anything LaserPointer says.

    LaserPointer has been translated into German, French, Swedish, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese:
    If you translate this plugin I would be very grateful if you would send me your lang file so that I may share it with others in this post.

    LaserPointer uses Bukkit Permissions, so any Bukkit Permissions provider will work with LaserPointer.


    Video courtesy of hipson86​

    • Laser pointer where you look
    • Bukkit Permissions

    • /point - Toggle on/off your laser pointer.
    Nodes (open)

    • laserpointer.* - Alias of laserpointer.point
    • laserpointer.point - Allows you to use the /point command

    Download LaserPointer

    • Version 0.3
      • Update for new event system
    • Version 0.2
      • Pointers cannot be broken
    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
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    pics or maybe a video plz :)
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    screenshot would be great, I do get how it works but illustrating it would make it awesome on sight
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    Version 0.2, pointers cannot be broken now.

    On the way
    Many thanks, it is in the first post now.
    You are most welcome.

    A friend of mine said he would make a video for it, just waiting on him.

    Thanks for the comment

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    *awaits the progression of the plugin* Looks amazing as is ;P but it would be a lot more fun IMO if you pointed the lazer at "burnable" blocks aka... wood/planks/leaves/etc and it burst into flames or if you pointed it at tnt the tnt would then trigger and explode. however that might be a bit more complex, or a simple time and trigger fire above the block/on the block face.
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    As exciting as that would be, I don't think I'll be adding that.

    Something more like colors, or global configurable block type... is what I see in the future of this plugin.
    Many thanks, it is in the first post now.
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    Can you add something like tnt rain where you point at? That'll be very cool and usefull to my server :)
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    Swedish translate: here

    PLUS: can u add so the pointer glows...?
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    Thanks for the translation, and I will add in the option to change what sort of block it is in the next version.
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    I think @IRS has a good idea! it could be another type of pointer though because a simple laser pointer pen wont set something on fire! mabey have /pointf or something for the flammable pointer! it would be a great way of remotely detonating tnt!
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    I can see how it would be used.
    Bob: "Wanna make our house there?"
    Joe, without this plugin: "WHERE?"
    With the plugin: "O we could make a epic mansion there and have Notch bow to us! :D"
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    I'll keep that in mind, but configurable block is higher up on my list.
    I'm glad you enjoy it, thank you.
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    @NuclearW Kay! no problems! I also have a question. If you logout via the X or some other manner other that using the disconnect button does the block stay? I have not been able to test because my RAM is currently fried... :(
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    I translated it into Dutch for you :)

    Attached Files:

    • lang.txt
      File size:
      248 bytes
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    tha d0ctor

    cool idea!
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    I shall work on fixing this.
    Thank you for the complement.
    Many thanks, it is in the first post.

    Also many thanks to @TGF for a polish translation.
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    tha d0ctor

    hey you did a shout out to me and I didn't translate anything, you should edit this so the right person gets credit ;)
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    My apologies @niels241 ! I have fixed it now.
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    this could be used to get over fences in worldguarded areas :/
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    Yes, I know, it even states in the first post that it acts as an impromptu stool in the first post.
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    Oh I didn't say it occured I was asking if it is a bug or not? like if it is and you know of it I wouldn't need to test...
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    Norwegian translate :p here
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    That's pretty neat :D
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    Many thanks, it is in the first post now.
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    it look enoing

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