Inactive [FUN] JunksTreasureHunt V2 Beta - Treasure hunts for minecraft [1.2.2-R01]

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    That's really great thanks! I've noted that there's some confusion about the commands as to whether they have spaces or not. The idea was to make the non admin commands simpler but I will add support so both formats can be used.

    I've been out of town for the last month and will be revisiting this soon to add new features (and fix bugs :p)

    Yes, yes I am :)
    (I'm not - In fact I'm probably ashamedly old!)
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    i installed this plug in works great but when one of my players found the treasure the items disappeared out of the chest! i tested this and same thing happen to me.
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    one thing you should add is when you right click on a sign in a treasure hunt it tells the person a clue as to where the next sign or chest is. like the chest is hidden under a nearby fake tree, you right click the final sign and it says "Discover a tree of unnatural beauty and discover its roots." obviously, settable to w/e text you want. would make it more treasure huntery i think.
  5. Do you need to have the items in your inventory that you use as reward for the quest?

    I find this like a nice plugin. Useful mostly for admins and moderators thought since it's easy to use for cheating othervise. Create quest, put in item, do quest and get item, remove quest, break chest and get item again, redo.

    And since everyone get the price it's also to easy way to share one your diamonds with everyone.

    Is there any way to make the quest usable only once? So if one do the treasurehunt, the signs are removed and the box stays with a text saying "Treasure found by [playerthatdidhunt]?

    Or perhaps there already exists a plugin like that?

    Just some of my thoughts here, I do love the plugin, I just wont trust all players enough to allow anyone to create a quest :p
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    Thanks for this - I'm going to return to development of this tonight - I've had a few family issues lately since coming back from holiday :eek:

    Yes, you need to have the items in your inventory when creating the hunt as you put them in the chest.

    It's fantastic to see it getting used and I solemnly promise to address the issues and enhancements within the next week!
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    Great plugin! I use it in collaboration with bookworm to create epic custom made quests! Only problem i have is there tends to be quite a severe lag between right clicking a clue/start sign, and when trying to open the end chest. It must be trying to load info, but if you could get it to lag less that would be great news!
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    The chest items are not stored in the chest all the time. The contents are swapped in just as the player opens the chest. This sounds like it could be a problem with interacting another plugin. I know fast mining etc will break hunts, this is going to get fixed up in the next release.

    I did look at a geocaching plugin but one exists already. I'll see if it's still under development before I start adding functionality like that to mine as I don't want to step on toes too much :p
  10. This is really cool, hidden gem, should note in topic that it works on latest CB :p

    - Command to change owner
    - Command, after typing it, hit the Start or End sign and it tells you how often a Hunt has been completed. Maybe "/th stats"

    - Make the broadcast for completion configurable, or make it so you can set a value in config, completions over that value are no longer broadcast global but local. (less important)

    Also had a little boom:

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    I'm (still) working on a revamp of this and the Geocaching plugin - bear with me. I'm getting rid of the sqllite database as it's too slow I think.
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  12. Not seen the error since btw, been running fine otherwise. I'd like mysql support as well yes :p

    Yea just spammed some more of those today, and we have only a small test Hunt setup, so likely will get bad when people get more of them :p

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  13. Any news? Such a lovely plugin, just feel it needs a small bugfix for the SQL error :eek:
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    Sorry been a crunch at work - it's in progress but I'm doing a fair amount of work to it! Including massively redesigning the data saving/loading.

    Any features you'd like to see added? I'm currently adding the ability to do it without signs (using paper for clues) but the existing mode will still be there.
  15. It already worked impressively well for a plugin I'm using for the first time, tend to need 3+ bug reports first :p

    Ideally it would be possible to let players manage their own hunts, that would require making it so you store the loot before it's handed out, so you can't just dupe items, but gets quite complex then. For now all I'd like is the SQL bug fixed :p
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    The problem is that when you get more it slows down.. a lot - I'm redesigning so it's not talking to the DB so much in realtime - getting there, give me a few days!
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    :) Yay for update
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    can you atleast update version number in this thread?
  19. Any news?
  20. As this is not being updated it seems, any chance you can post source please?
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  22. I asked for his up to date source, not your unneeded input.
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    The source code is available so why Juze would want a decompiler...

    Anyway - latest version released and source code will be uploaded to github soon.
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    com. BOY

    Looks cool, where's download link?
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    Waiting for it to be approved on bukkitdev
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    Should work with the latest Bukkit version, yes.
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    I'm still having problems with deleting a hunt. When I type "/th delete" or "/th delete test" there is no indication that it is marked for deletion. When I end the editing phase the hunt is not deleted, everything is still protected.

    I also can't just look at a hunt object and type "/th edit" I actually have to type the hunt name that the object is assigned to. So I have to type "/th edit test"

    Also, when one of my players completed the hunt, he was supposed to get enchanted armor. However, upon play-through the enchanted armor that I put in the chest is normal, but when I edit the Hunt it is enchanted.

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