Inactive [FUN] JunksTreasureHunt V2 Beta - Treasure hunts for minecraft [1.2.2-R01]

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    JunksTreasureHunt - Junk's treasure hunt V2.0 Beta [1.2.2-R01]

    Now on bukkitdev:


    Add magic treasure hunts to your server allowing players to find clues, and reap the rewards.
    • Create and manage treasure hunts
    • Treasure hunt signs and chests are protected against access and damage
    • Treasure chests give the same rewards to each treasure hunter.
    • When a player returns to a chest it remembers what they left in it from the last visit.

    Version 2.0
    • Updated to Bukkit 1.2.2-R01
    Version 1.11
    • Updated to Bukkit 935+
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed thstart permission
    • Revised help commands
    • Fixed permissions for hunting commands
    • Fixed treasure hunt deletion
    Click here for full change history

    Instructions for use

    Embarking on a treasure hunt
    • Simply find a start sign and right click it. It'll tell you that you've found a treasure hunt.
    • If you know a secret code type /thstart <secretcode> to start on that hunt
    • To get an hint to the next clue location type /thclue
    • To stop the hunt (you can resume it later) type /thend
    • To get information about the hunt type /thinfo
    Creating treasure hunts

    Type /th new into the chat window
    > A new treasure hunt has been created.

    In front of the prize chest type /th set prize
    > Prize chest has been set

    We'll change the name of this now. Type /th set name Pirates booty (or whatever you like!)
    > Treasure hunt has been renamed to Pirates booty

    Fill the chest with all the items we want it to have, using the usual chest inventory.
    Once that's done, go to the start point of the hunt.

    Place a sign where the hunt starts, look at it and type /th mark
    > Sign has been marked as start of hunt

    If you wish to place more signs along the route, place a sign and type /th mark again
    > Sign is now part of treasure hunt

    If you wish to remove or relocate a sign, type /th unmark.
    > Sign has been removed from treasure hunt

    If the sign was a start point it will automatically select a new one if possible.
    To set a sign as a new start point type /th mark start
    > Sign is new start point for treasure hunt

    Once you've finished, type /th end to save the changes.

    You can use /th save throughout editing to save the current hunt without ending editing.
    Your hunt has been created, the items in the chest are removed, so even if someone finds out how to unlock it it contains nothing. Players who complete the treasure hunt get their own set of prize items and while can only complete the hunt once they can return to the chest at any time to pick up any remaining items.

    Treasure hunter commands

    /th start [secret]
    Start a treasure hunt with secret code
    /th clue
    Get a clue to the next treasure hunt point
    /th end
    Cease the current hunt, can be resumed later
    /th info
    Get information about your treasure hunting career
    Creator commands

    /th create
    While facing a chest - Creates a new treasure hunt with the chest as the end prize.

    /th edit
    Edit the treasure hunt associated with this item

    /th set [ITEM]
    Set a treasure hunt property, either Secret, prize, name, owner, clue, start

    /th unset [ITEM]
    Unset a treasure hunt property, currently only /th unset clue is supported

    /th mark [start]
    While facing a sign - Marks the sign as part of the treasure hunt. The first marked sign will be a start point. You can specify the sign to be a start point by using the 'start' modifier. This is the same as using /th set clue .

    /th unmark
    While facing a sign - Unmarks the sign as part of the treasure hunt. Equivalent to /th unset clue.

    /th info
    Get information about the currently edited hunt

    /th save
    Save changes to treasure hunt

    /th validate
    Validates the current hunt, also checks for removed signs or chests and regenerates if required.

    /th error [warp|fix|delete|next|prev|fixall]
    Manage validation errors by warping to them, fixing or deleting errors

    /th end
    Finishing editing the treasure hunt


    Permissions Groups

    All permissions for treasure hunters to play hunts

    Permission to create/edit your own hunts

    Permission to create/edit anyone's hunts

    Individual Permissions

    Todo list
    • MySql/Yaml support (closer now..)
    • Configurable options (broadcast on completion etc)
    • Automated treasure hunts
    • Link clues to player compass
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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    Have already got it in the next update to be released shortly.
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    Can you make a Video?
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    I'll see what I can do!

    Updated to 860 - is there a way to change the thread title?

    Also included some instructions in lieu of a video :cool:

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    Yes, should be a "thread tools" box in the top right of the page (next to "watch thread"), click on that then "edit thread".
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    Job done - thanks!
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    changelog has to show two latest versions without a spoiler
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    When I created a hunt, all worked fine. Then I tried to delete the sign and it obviously wouldn't let me. But it went blank. Then when I tried to edit the current hunt, it allowed me to unmark the sign and delete it, but I could not unmark the chest or delete it. I had to delete the plugin folder to release the chest so that it could be deleted. Did I do something wrong? No errors showed up in the server log. If I did it wrong, how do I actually delete the hunt so that I can then delete the sign and chest from that hunt.

    Oh, I should add that I am OP with full permissions. I did try the hunt to test it. Could this be why I couldn't fully delete the hunt? BTW AWESOME plugin. Works great!!! Just need further instructions on how to delete everything from a specific hunt when I need to.
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    Same happened here.

    Also all the commands like

    • To get an hint to the next clue location type /thclue
    • To stop the hunt (you can resume it later) type /thend
    • To get information about the hunt type /thinfo
    didnt work at all, they give no feedback. You can start a hunt, but not end or actually do anything with it :/
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    The issue with the sign going blank is a display issue - it does actually restore the text but doesn't update the sign in game. If you quit and rejoin you'll see the sign still reads correctly (it also reads correctly for other players). I'll try to fix that in the next release.

    Regarding the chests, a treasure hunt requires a chest to function so once you've created a hunt you can't unmark or delete the chest without deleting the hunt it's the prize for. I'll add a task to add the ability to mark a new prize chest, releasing the old one.

    To delete a hunt do the following:

    /th edit (Put the hunt in to edit mode)
    /th delete (Mark the hunt for deletion on save)
    /th end (edit editing and save the hunt, or in this case, delete it)

    It was designed that way as a kind of failsafe to prevent accidental deletion of hunts.

    Thanks also for the feedback!

    There should be feedback for all events, so I'm not sure what's happening here. I'll have a play tonight to see if I can recreate it. Are there any errors appearing on the console?

    Edit: I've seen the same issue - will release an update asap!

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    Thank you!

    Also the way you explained to delete a hunt also didnt work, it never deleted them on /th end.

    I really like the idea of this plugin, so I would love to see it working!
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    Released version 1.1 - Let me know how it goes for you!
    • Fixed thstart permission
    • Revised help commands
    • Fixed permissions for hunting commands
    • Fixed treasure hunt deletion
    (These are the 'broken' fixes.. the chest unmarking and sign glitch will be next..!)
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    this fails in multiple ways.. i really like the idea but.. everytime i make a hunt the prize chest turns out to be empty eventough i did exactly what the tutorial said... and i would like to be able to add multiple chest spread around the hunt for small prizes around the hunt
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    For multiple chests simply put a new hunt sign above the prize for the previous hunt.

    You need to have a start point for the hunts to work, otherwise the chests appear as empty as you can never start the hunt.

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    video how to?
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    Added now...!
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    thanks for the video!!!
    EDIT: this is all the node needed right?
    General treasure hunting permissions

    - thclue
    - thstart
    - thinfo
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    I am eager to introduce this to my players. Thanks! There's one aspect of the implementation, however, as odd. I imagined that I would setup signs along the way as clues to help them ultimately find the chest. And I was expecting to type clever messages on the signs as the clues. But I instead find that the signs are wiped when I /th mark them. So I find myself placing signs around the marked sign in order to create the clues.

    I therefore propose a slight addition: Clue signs.

    How about:
    1) When I place a sign, I type something on the sign as a clue.
    2) When I mark the sign with /th clue, it replaces the text on the sign as it currently does with /th mark. But the old text is not lost; instead it is stored as a clue in the database.
    3) After I have started the treasure hunt; when I right click on a clue sign, the clue that I typed is echo'd back to me in the chat window.
    4) Once a clue has been found; the original clue remains visible on the sign, only to that player, instead of the treasure hunt title.
    5) The system would not require the treasure hunter to find all of the clues before they could access the final chest. The clues would not be quest items; merely clues. It is important for them to be a member of the hunt, however, so that the clues are only visible once the hunt is started and the signs are found.
    6) If possible; one other nice to have would be for all treasure hunt signs except for the start, to completely disappear until the hunt is started. This would allow me to place clues all over the place and not worry about them potentially degrading the aesthetics of our world for players that are not in the hunt. Once the chest is found the signs would also disappear, including the start sign.

    I think those clue signs would be just what I need in order to introduce this to my players.

    Thanks for your efforts!
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    Nice, i may install this
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    Thanks very much for the kind comments!

    Your ideas are the perfect kind of thing I was hoping for as to how to advance this further. I'll look into all these as see what can be done. I was very aware that the clue system was currently a little basic and this could be just the answer!



    Been thinking about this, and hiding the signs for individual players wouldn't be possible without a client side mod. However, I'm wondering if I can hide the signs completely and use something like the 'Q' key to check your position against the clue location and give you the hint when you're close enough...

    I will see where I can go with that. I completely agree that the signs are a bit of an aesthetic problem so this could be the answer.
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    Very lovely plugin! I truely like it! :)

    I just have a small but for me extremely necessary suggestion: Multiworld support.

    I want to create a dungeon world where people can create their own dungeons via helpful plugins, then start an instance of these dungeons (another plugin) and thanks to multiinv (no mixing of inventories so the main world doesn't get spoilerd by those items) they can do whatever the dungeoncreater wanted them to do. At the end of each dungeon I wanted to place a sign and a teleporter back to the normal world and next to the portal in the normal world is a chest that contains the price. I created a chest in the main world and a sign in a skylands world for testing purpose (I'm using MultiVerse for the multiple worlds) and it actually worked fine! Problem is that after a server restart your plugin didn't work anymore because the plugin crashed when trying to load the coordinates of the saved hunts. :/

    Found a way how multiworld works! :D
    Actually a kinda strange one but oh well. Bukkit seems to load the plugins in alphabetical order, therefore loading "JunksTreasureHunt.jar" before "MultiVerse.jar". Since the multiple worlds ain't loaded YET your plugin throws an exception. Trick: Rename "JunksTreasureHunt.jar" to "zzzJunksTreasureHunt.jar". Then Bukkit WILL load MultiVerse before JTH and everything works perfectly! :D
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    Very pleased it works ArcFox! Strange issue with multiverse though, I'll see if it's anything I'm doing...
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    Any Issues with #935?
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    Shouldn't be any problems - will be testing and updating later today.
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    Installed it on my server and everything is looking good. The only issue i noticed was removing treasure hunts. If it gets improperly deleted the plugin completely breaks down and no commands are usable. Instead of the usual command list with descriptions you get a short list in all caps. I noticed this when i accidentally world edited a chest away.
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    Sorry about the delay in responding (paid work getting in the way!). Can you tell me what you mean by 'improperly deleted'? I've redesigned this section so I'm hoping it's more stable.
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    Instead of using the command to remove it as a chest you just world edit the chest away. The plugin still looks for the chest and completely breaks if its not there. Should have some sort of failsafe to deactivate that hunt or something until the chest is replaced.
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    Say, aren't you a little young to be developing software?
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    Just made a showcase with this plugin!

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