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    Joker - Mess with players in all sorts of ways:
    Version: v1.1

    Joker is a plugin I created out of boredom and I thought it would be pretty fun to make. Essentially, Joker allows you to play "practical jokes" among your players. Joker even has the ability to prevent people from building and/or chatting. Joker will be a project I will continue to expand on as time goes on so keep checking back for new updates and etc.

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    * Prevent certain users from building/chatting
    * Play practical jokes on users such as scaring them with lightning, sending wolves at them, and more
    * Force a user to say/use a command in-game

    * /joker - Bring up an in-game help menu (Permission Node: The user will only see the help-stuff for commands they have permission to)
    * /jshock [name] - Scare a user with a fake lightning bolt (Permission Node: joker.shock)
    * /jlaunch [name] - Launch a user in the air (Permission Node: joker.launch)
    * /jcow [name] - Surprise a user by spawning a few cows at a users location (Permission Node: joker.cow)
    * /jwolf [name] - Cows too friendly? Spawn a pack of hostile wolves instead (Permission Node: joker.wolf)
    * /jslap [name] - Slap a user! (Permission Node: joker.slap)
    * /jbuild [name] - Prevent a user from building. To let them build again, simply type the command again(Permission Node:
    * /jchat [name] - Prevent a user from chatting. To let them chat again, simply type the command again(Permission node:
    * /jsay [name] [message] - Force a user to say something in-game (Permission Node: joker.say)
    * /jpickup [name] - Prevent a user from picking up any items (Permission Node: joker.pickup)

    NOTE: "joker.*" will allow anyone with this permission node to use any of the joker commands

    * Version 1.1

    - * Added an in-game help menu (/joker)
    * Added a new "prank command" (/jpickup [name])
    - Version 1.0
    * Joker was released for the world to see/use!

    This was a fun plugin I made and I hope you guys enjoy it/use it. If you would like to see something added, please tell me so :3
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    Hey I love this plugin, great job with it. I was wondering if you could add some way that you could do like /jop and it would like fake op them with the little message that says you are now op with the correct colors and stuff, idk if u could build off of that and like make them have no commands or if they tried to do a command it would like shock them with lightning of something idk if that would work. Also like you could add a fake game mode changer that would say like your game mode has been changed but everytime they tried to do something it would like spawn a creeper next to them.idk if you could do any of these things but if u could that would be awesome. Once again I love this plugin and it is great for trolling.
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    Sorry To be a pain and i know 1.2.3 has only just sorta came out but can you update this plugin because I LOVE SOOO MUCH!!!! :D
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    I really like this plugin! Can you update it please??
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    hey 8thDimension. Just an idea here for you... Its even free. In command book, there are a few of commands like this. (ex:slap) There is one in there that I really enjoy. You do { /barrage <player name> } and it will send a horde of arrows at their location. Just an idea. (/jbarrage <player name>) Thanks for the awesome plugin.
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    this is a really nice plugin, i've seen reviews on it and as much as i want it i can't because its not updated :( if u update i'm shure to download ;D
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    i've got a suggestion how about adding one like /jparanoia
    it would like play some of those sounds it plays when someones underground/ some scary sounds?
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    How about a /jcontrol or /jpossess to disable them from interacting then get complete control of their actions so that you control them with your own movements. Like you would be in your house and type /jcontrol caucow then instantly teleport to me and get complete control over my movement and where i am looking. I can do this in my MCForge classic server and think it would be a cool idea and from what ive searched NOBODY'S DONE IT!
    Show Spoiler
    I possessed myself on my minecraft classic server. This would be good for the bukkit Joker plugin to add.

    THAT ^^^ is a good idea and there could be options like /jparanoia cave or /jparanoia 13 to play the sounds from caves or the music disc 13


    /jbarrage is also a great idea.
  9. Hey man, I'm making a plugin called joker now and i didn't no you had that name to! So sinds you don't work on it anymore! can you send me the source code! If you don't belive me search it up on bukkit dev, joker by Flixis98 and reddy360! It would be Super awsome if you give us the source code to continue your idea!
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    Omg Thanks for making this :D It's soo cool I can't wait to play pranks on my friends >:}
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    Broken link, anyone still have this?
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    Should work again!

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