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    Joker - Mess with players in all sorts of ways:
    Version: v1.1

    Joker is a plugin I created out of boredom and I thought it would be pretty fun to make. Essentially, Joker allows you to play "practical jokes" among your players. Joker even has the ability to prevent people from building and/or chatting. Joker will be a project I will continue to expand on as time goes on so keep checking back for new updates and etc.

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    * Prevent certain users from building/chatting
    * Play practical jokes on users such as scaring them with lightning, sending wolves at them, and more
    * Force a user to say/use a command in-game

    * /joker - Bring up an in-game help menu (Permission Node: The user will only see the help-stuff for commands they have permission to)
    * /jshock [name] - Scare a user with a fake lightning bolt (Permission Node: joker.shock)
    * /jlaunch [name] - Launch a user in the air (Permission Node: joker.launch)
    * /jcow [name] - Surprise a user by spawning a few cows at a users location (Permission Node: joker.cow)
    * /jwolf [name] - Cows too friendly? Spawn a pack of hostile wolves instead (Permission Node: joker.wolf)
    * /jslap [name] - Slap a user! (Permission Node: joker.slap)
    * /jbuild [name] - Prevent a user from building. To let them build again, simply type the command again(Permission Node:
    * /jchat [name] - Prevent a user from chatting. To let them chat again, simply type the command again(Permission node:
    * /jsay [name] [message] - Force a user to say something in-game (Permission Node: joker.say)
    * /jpickup [name] - Prevent a user from picking up any items (Permission Node: joker.pickup)

    NOTE: "joker.*" will allow anyone with this permission node to use any of the joker commands

    * Version 1.1

    - * Added an in-game help menu (/joker)
    * Added a new "prank command" (/jpickup [name])
    - Version 1.0
    * Joker was released for the world to see/use!

    This was a fun plugin I made and I hope you guys enjoy it/use it. If you would like to see something added, please tell me so :3
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    So with a few of those commands, like /jbuild and /jchat, do they toggle the option for the player or how do you re-enable build and chat for them.
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    It's a toggle command (Probably should add that to my OP)

    /jbuild and /jchat will prevent a user from doing there thing
    To re-allow them to do stuff just type the necessary command again
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    I'll take to it that you like it xP
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    love this :D
    a ingame help would be nice
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    I'd like that to :3
    I'll see to it that I add it in the next version
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    haha, definitly going to use this.
    it's gonna be fun :cool:
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    srry im stupid and dont know how to set it so that i can use it it says i dont have permission
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    What permissions plugin are you using?


    On a side note, Joker 1.1 is updated.

    New Commands:
    /joker - In-game help menu
    /jpickup - Prevent users from picking up items (Tested this out with some friends unknowingly. Results were quite hilarious)

    New Nodes:
    joker.pickup - Prevent users from picking up items
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    I can't get this to work. Every time I type in a command it says (player context is required) and if I'm in game typing it says (you do not have the permission for this).
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    I haven't added console support yet. Also be reminded this plugin uses SuperPerms (As in bukkit permissions)
    Are you using Permissions 3? Have you set up permissions right?
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    No i have not can you help me.
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    I cannot exactly tell you a step-by-step process, but I recommend installing PEX or bPermissions onto your server for permissions. Once you have set up permissions/know how to set it up, go to your permissions.yml and add the appropriate nodes to the appropriate users/groups
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    Wolvereness Bukkit Team Member

    A crazy idea... When someone moves, have them go in the opposite direction.
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    Love the plugin, ive been trying it on my server for a couple of days now and i think it`s a really fun plugin. One suggestion i have though is for things like for slapping you should let us put a number for how many times it slaps someone. This could work for slap launch lightning all of those things. No complaints at all though, no bugs either yet.
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    Oh so like

    /jslap [name] 3

    It would slap a user 3 times basically? Eh sure I can add that in when I have time
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    cool sounds like a nice feature
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    Updated to the newest RB :3 Expect a few more features to roll out soon.

    On a side note, thank you for downloading Joker! Joker just hit 500 downloads not to long ago :D
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    Hi 8thDimension,

    Do you think it would be possible to add the console in addition to player context / permissions? Some times its nice to keep certain users on their toes from the console without logging in. If you don't have time, or feel its appropriate, do you maybe have a link to the repository, or source available? I could just add it into my copy.. I'm doing little things like this to make baby steps in learning java syntax.


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    really awsome!! love it! i would love to make arrow rains and maybe blow someone up :D
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    @RchGrav I don't see why not.. I just need to get used to github :p

    @IMF_lykosen11 Hmm... I like the explosion stuff :3
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    Yeah.. git is a PITA...

    I like the plugin, but a good deal of player spanking is done from the console. ;-)
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    Awesome plugin, this has 9/10 of the elements I was looking for in a plugin of this nature. THe only thing it is missing IMO is the ability to launch players shorter or higher/longer distances (IE) (/Jlaunch NAME 1-10) Other than that, Thanks so much for a fun and good quality plugin! Keep up the good work!
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    ... very nice plugin i love it ! can you propably add a few more commands ? like a command that teleport a player to a random location or a command makes you control the player xDDD and more commands like
    IMF_lykosen11 says ^^

    I like hsi idea of arrow rains and blowing someon up ^^ or add such things like this rocket plugin, when you launch a player with this it looks rly cool !!!

    Add pls all mobs to the spawnlist xD and is it possible to go in circle like he goes out at front and come sin from behinde, such timecurves xD
    yes i know I'm crazy !
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    could you please add the feature (defaults to Op permissions) to this plugin? because I don't have permissions set up, and therefore this plugin won't work :(
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    Make a /jvoid which drops player into the void!
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    For joker say can we add something like /jsay * ?

    Ex. Im leaving the server.
    /jsay * Goodbye Killer_Klownz
    Make's everyone say "Goodbye Killer_Klownz"
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    I'm using this plugin for CB 1550 and works, I haven't find any conflict but, won't you gonna update it? at least compile it against latest development bukkit and try all to see if it still works great?

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