[FUN] JoinGive 1.0 - Gives items on join! [1060]

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    Current Version : 1.0 for Bukkit Build #1060

    This plugin allows you to 'Give items on join!'


    * Can give users cookies on join!
    * Permissions Required

    Known Bugs:

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    Permission Nodes:

    joingive.cookie - Gives the designated user or group a 25% chance of recieving a cookie on login

    Version 1.0 -
    * Plugin released :)

    Open for suggestions and feedback (Hit Meh!)

    Download Count : 23 (Updated every day)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    If you notice any bugs or problems with this plugin, Give me a call at 01388POSTAREPLY (Joke, just post a reply below ^.^)
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    Is first time login or everytime login?
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    If the player or group has the permission, it is everytime login, but the chances of actually getting a cookie when you log in, is 1/4
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    Download count?
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    Great start..

    Hows about making it where players who are brand new to the server are able to receive the configured item. Such as:

    A new player receives a stone sword. Just a suggestion to make the plug in useful.
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    Interesting idea. Maybe add a cooldown variable so this can not be exploited so easily, default cooldown being 24hrs and/or an option for first arrival at server and/or after gaining permissions from guest to builder.
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    I agree with the cooldown and the "upon first logon, receive X"

    I'll be watching this one for our server. We like simple and light, however a few options never hurt :)
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    I'd like to use this one for my server, but I'd like some more features.
    Keep up the good work! :D
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    other items?
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    can you change it ina config??

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