[FUN] Jack-o-Pumpkin v0.2 Let There Be Light.. Or Not [1060]

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    Jack-o-Pumpkin: DeadlyScone
    Version: 0.2

    Download: Jack-o-Pumpkin Jar
    Jack-o-Pumpkin Source

    Just drag the Plugin into your plugins folder and your good to go.

    • Turn Jack-o-Lanterns Light On or Off By Redstone
    When current is given to a pumpkin, it will turn into jack-o-lantern, and when the current is turned off, the jack-o-lantern will turn back into a pumpkin. In simple terms, give power to a pumpkin it will light up, take the power away, it will turn off.

    Known Bugs:
    - None

    Future Ideas:
    - Adding Automatic Light Detection (Street light effect) -Currently Working on
    - Adding Automatic Time Detection(Day and Night Detection) -Finished
    - Adding a config file to enable this effect or disable. -Finished

    Other Information:
    Thanks To Hammale For helping in the beginning with the code.
    v0.3 is coming out soon. keep an eye out for it.

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    I think this is already a plugin but great idea xD its great for a like spooky area instead of using glowstone
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    Could I see the source? I think you may have solved my sponge-Redstone problem :) the code I provided didn't seem to work on all blocks...did u have to modify it for pumpkins or did it just work? And I will definatly install this :) one of my friends on my server is ALWAYS asking for new toys. This ought to keep him quiet for a few days :p BTW does this default to op's? I'd luv for EVERY user to have access to this! Even non op's...sorry to be long winded great plugin :p
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    Great plugin... finally a some kind of everyday light in minecraft

    hammale, if your friend is asking for new toys, try my softair plugin, maybe could be fun
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    uh the code you provided i had to modify a bit to get it to work but, ill test this to see if it works on sponge to save you the trouble. i cant give you the source because i'am not on my computer, but i will give it to you asap kk? oh and everyone can use it. op or non op.

    thanks, i do appreciate it :D

    you know i was looking to see if this was already a plugin, but i couldn't find anything similar to it.
    but thanks :)

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    Dude thx so much. I have seen this idea before but it was in a bigger package...I don't remember which. This is small, light, and easy to use. I'm gonna use this 1! :p
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    Alright i tested it using sponge, but bad news.. it didnt work using the code you gave me or the code i used.
    the problem i think is that sponge is not a block that can be powered, or it might. I dont have the time to try a couple more tricks to see if it would work but ill try when i have some more time.
    -btw remove the else statements from your code and walla, you have my code ;) you will have to make a separate conditional statement for the newcurrent == 0.
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    Cool well thanks anyway, I think you would have to set up a loop to check for sponges on a RedstoneChange then check the blocks around that block (maybe with getBlockFace) for powered Redstone. Well I don't wanna spam ur thread anymore. Thx for a good plugin :)
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    AFAIK block data is reset when you change it's type, so you should save the block's data and then set it again after you change type and maybe you'll fix that bug.

    EDIT: actually, I tested it myself and it works, the pumpkin keeps it's rotation when redstone input changes.

    Also, I looked into your source, you're registering BLOCK_PLACED but you don't have the callback... and some unused stuff here and there.
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    i didn't use the block place event, i meant to take that out. and idk if the boolean is in it either but ya. how would you save the block data? sorry i'am not the greatest at this plus i don't have eclipse on this computer so i cant mess around in the coding to figure it out :/
    - you can pm me if you want
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    easy, like this:

    byte data = block.getData();
    block.setData(data, true);
    Use the same method for both transitions... also, you're checking material twice in the first if(), you also might want to store material because you're using getType() twice :}
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    ah, i figured it would be something like that, thanks :) ill throw out v0.2 in a couple days

    EDIT: i know i have it check twice in the same conditional statement, lol i was a little excited to get this submitted, but in the 2nd Version ill clean up the code a little better and remove all that crap.
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    Approved, but please look to the future: BukkitDev.

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