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    ItemCommands - Command Hotkeys, Using Inventory
    Version: v1.15
    Works with Permissions v2.7.4 - 3.x, Help 2.4 and iConomy 4.xx-5.0

    Check this plugin out at BukitDev
    It is now maintained by Belf

    Allows a user or admin to set commands that can be triggered when left/right clicking with the selected item or slot. You also have the choice to set items or money to be consumed, or given to a player. It also has the ability to run commands a user does not have permissions for.


    • Works with Permissions and Basic Customizable OP support
    • Bind a command to a item/slot in your hand
    • Ordering if no item is found a slot command is run, and vice-versa
    • Use left and right mouse buttons to triggers commands
    • Allow a Global control/command list or Player
    • Can also send a message to a player instead of a command
    • Can enable or disable the original click events after running a command
    • Has the ability to consume or give items/money on command run
    • Colours, Random and String Replacements
    • Multiple Commands per binding
    • Cooldowns per command
    • Allow and Deny Commands for different materials
    Download: ItemCommands.jar

    Source Page --- Help Page
    If you find any errors just PM me the stack thx

    • Add Per Group Command Support
    • If you have any suggestions post or pm me
    Known Bugs

    • None at the moment hopefully :)
    Commands / Permissions (open)

    /icmd #Shows this help in game with only commands you can use
    /icmd add [-i item|-s slot] <flags> [command] #Add command
    /icmd remove [id] #Remove command by ID
    /icmd change [id] <flags> #Change properties of IDs command
    /icmd swap [id #1] [id #2] #Swap commands by ID (Commands with a smaller ID are run first)
    /icmd flags #Shows flags and their usage
    To be able to use a Command!
    /icmd list <-i item|-s slot> <-g global> #List commands available
    /icmd bind (add|set|remove|list)
    /icmd reload
    ICmds.super gives a player the ability to run any command even without permissions (Not Recommended to use with the ICmds.create node) gives a player the ability to run any global icmd command regardless of permissions allows the running of commands without money or reagents node for global command changes
    Added /icmd bind (add|set|remove|list)
    Support for Permissions 3
    Added random replacements <a|b|...|c>
    Added options for multiple commands:
    -al (all) -cy (cycle) -ra (random) -sh (shuffle)
    Added a * option to consumables takes item from hand
    Changelog (Cont.) (open)
    Added an internal /wait [seconds] <command/message> command
    Added random integer replacement <n1-n2> (random number between n1 and n2 inclusively)
    Small update, added cooldowns for each commands
    Updated for 766
    Consumables are now working
    Supports iConomy v5.0
    Added ICmds.super gives a player the ability to run any command even without permissions
    Added gives a player the ability to run any global icmd command regardless of permissions allows the running of commands without money or reagents
    v1.1 Pre-Release:
    Introduce ID System and Flag System for Clean Syntax (Still /icmd)
    Added Colours and String Replacements
    Added node for global command changes
    Multiple Commands per binding (Macros)
    Console Commands Work
    Updated for 740
    Changed command ic -> icmd conflict with CraftBookCircuits
    Fixed permission documentation
    Added ability to enable or disable click events
    Added ordering if the current binded slot/item has no command, a binded item/slot will be run
    This plugin was created from The Plugin Request Pages thx Mr.Magical [cake]
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    That makes sense, Ill fix it now, and ill try and add a * consumable so it doesnt matter the item.
    As of now tho your idea should be possible with ItemCommands, as long as you specify 1 type of reagent.
    Update: I think the global cooldown is fixed. And I ended up adding the * for consumables.
    ex: /icmd add -s -c *-2 Will Consume 2 held items
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    You are so damn awesome Cutch.
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    I love your plugin but I am having trouble figuring out how to use several flags. Could you give me an example of an command assigned to an item with a delay of 2 seconds?
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    It should be:
    /icmd add -i /wait 2 /heal
    If you want a cooldown style wait:
    /icmd add -i -d 2 /heal
    That should have been in the help pages im a mess with updates :p

    Edit: Didnt want to repost but ive updated to fix a bug with global commands and the -cy/-sh flags, also permissions 2.7.4
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    Thanks alot for the help and good job on the update! (this means that the download link in the post is a newer version than the one previous to your edit, right?)
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    Ya it is just small fixes and some things I forgot so there was no version change.
    Edit: Also another update added /icmd flags which is in-game flag help
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    Hey, could you add the ability to choose what items commands can be put on? For example, I don't want someone being able to bind a heal command to cobblestone.

    In the end, what I'm looking for is the ability to make it so certain commands can *only* be bound to certain items. For example, X command can only be bound to Y item.

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    Ya Ill See what I can do i'm working on something now
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    Sorry it took so long was actually a bit of work :p.
    /icmd bind is the command for blocking and allowing commands with item/slot ids.
    Just that will bring up help for binding.
    Need ICmds.admin
    Usage Example:
    /icmd bind add 1,4 -i -d /heal
    Blocks /heal from binding to Stone or Cobblestone
    -d deny
    -a allow
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    This guy knows what he's talking about. Thanks!
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    If you can add this API = CommandSigns
    To the commands part it would greatly improve your plugin!
    *adds multiple commands
    *adds more than one reagent cost
    *adds non-player permission commands
    *adds restrictions based on group/user etc.
    *includes placeholders for items held, position, your name and such you can fill in :3
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    Multiple Commands are featured in the plugin.
    You can also add more than one reagent however when you change the reagents for commands you have to type them all separated by semi-colons. I will be adding a better system to add remove and list reagents soon.

    Non player permissions work but you have to use the -t flag followed by an id to specify the slot or item. IDs can take data values with a colon after ex: /icmd add -t 35:1 -i /heal.

    Adding group support has been on the todo list since the project started, ill get to it :p

    Placeholders / message Replacements are already in the plugin but I added a couple more 2 minutes ago. For a list of them see the Help Page
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    Nice plugin! But I get spammed with
    2011-06-18 22:34:46 [INFO] None
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    Sorry my bad updated yesterday, and it was in the middle of working on an update. Gimme a second
    New ones up
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    So, I don't know what's up with this but this is what my server log looks like, and it's now unusable:

    It happened the moment I loaded this up (I did install it after CommandHelper--any conflicts?) and /reload-ed my server, and then it decided to explode. I'd give up on it if this didn't seem like a plugin I really could use. Any tips?
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    Thanks man for this awesome plugin!
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    Im not sure never seen that I use Command Helper too never had any conflicts but ill look into it
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    Nice plugin!

    You should make parameters (e.g. when you right click a thing, that would be parameter)
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    Can you tell me what you did to do that? I also wanted to bind a command to the book but I can't get this plugin to work period. :/
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    /icmd add -i 340 your_command
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    Adding per group (bukkitPermissions) commands would be epic. It would give more incentive for people to ascend in 'rank' on servers and would work nicely with Citizens' or other quests plugins :p
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    From what I understand, making ItemCommands perform 'chat' instead of 'performCommand' would allow plugins such as CommandHelper to also react to the input.

    It would certainly be interesting to combine a plugin which gives items extra functionality with the most extensive scripting framework for Bukkit.
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    Belf is taking over ItemCommands.
    Ill let him figure that out. Actually I believe it was used in one of the original version. Not sure why it was changed, but it should be a quick fix.
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    Here are the new BukkitDev page for the plugin :

    And a little update :

    v1.2 12/10/2011

    • Updated to CB1240
    • Added support to : iConomy 6, BOSEconomy 6 & 7, Essentials Economy 2.2.17+, MultiCurrency
    • Added support to Bukkit Permissions

    I'll look into it.
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    Hey, i have a small request!
    I need to be able to pay with items like gold. (or not pay at all)
    And i don't want to use any currency plugin!
    Neither do i want to use "Register".
    I need the plugin to be independent!
    Is there any chance that you could provide something like that for me?

    //great plugin btw
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    I love this plugin, but it not working with IBICF (i belive i can fly) plugin. This command is correct right?:
    /icmd add -i -t 288 /fly
    When i rightclick with a feather it says:
    You are now flying!
    I dont flying!!!!!
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    Andrew Reilly

    Can you help me because when I type in this command '/icmd add -i 340 -l /help' i want the book to bring up help in chat when you left click with it in your hand but it does not work. Am I doing something wrong?
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    I was sort of looking for a Plugin where you could bind commands to keys, but this is good. Also mind implementing that feature?

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