[FUN] IonCannon V1.3.1 [1185]

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    Note: It seems that i can't edit the title at the moment. It IS compatible with build 1185!

    Version: v1.4

    Since I had some free time, i decided to port this amazing hMod plugin to Bukkit. This amazing plugin fires a sort of lazer, which will explode. (This is called an Ion Cannon)

    • Permissions. Players need to have the permission 'ioncannon.fire' to be able to load and fire the cannon.
    • If you don't have Permissions, then you must have OP rights in order to be able to fire the cannon.
    How to use it:

    Use /ioncannon to load your cannon, then use your left mouse button to select a block and fire the cannon.
    You specify the width by using: /ioncannon <width>
    Make sure that another plugin doesn't stop TNT from exploding. It will fail.

    You can reload the config with /ionreload. The configfile is located at /plugins/IonCannon/config.yml. On the first load of this plugin, it'll make a config file itself, so there's no need to do that yourself.
    The configfile looks like this:
    bordertype: 57
    logBlockType: false

    Bordertype is the type of block which is used to cover the ioncannon. Currently, it's diamond, like in this sample. logBlockType logs the current borderType to the player if they do /ioncannon. That output will look like this:
    "Warning: Ion Cannon Primed.
    Ioncannon fires with borderblock [borderType]"
    If you set this to true, then it'll display this line. It's default off.

    • Fires an Ioncannon
    Download the Ioncannon Plugin: Zip (Normal click) | Jar (Note: Right mouseclick -> Save as. If you don't do that, then you'll get a lot of crap)

    Version '1.4'
    • Introduced the config file with nodes: ioncannon.borderType and ioncannon.logBlockType
    • Made sure that it's compatible with build 1185
    Version '1.3.1'
    • Made it possible to use the cannon without Permissions (fallback)
    • Cleanup of the code
    • You get a nice "Access Denied" message when you don't have access to the command.
    Version '1.3'
    • Renamed the permission to 'ioncannon.fire'
    • Updated the plugin to build 953
    Version '1.2'
    • Added the creation of a fire block inside the TNT portion of the beam. This means the "beam" will explode.
    • Changed the " :: WARNING :: ION CANNON LOADED" and the like to nice colourful messages. Also, I made these messages broadcast to the entire server, not just you.
    • Compiled against a bundle of newer versions of things, if that even does anything.
    • Nothing else.
    Thanks to Crazyoldman

    Version 1.1

    • Fixed long constructor
    • Removed some debug code
    Version 1.0

    • Public Release
    To Do:
    • Make diamond disappear after it blew up. <-- Now you can setup the borderType (block id). This can also help this, but it still needs to be done.
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    I'm sorry you have issues, and understanding how forums work and why they exist. Trolling while 'being helpful' is not constructive behavior. Have a nice day.
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    So's a person who can't take a joke ;)
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    how can i make this with the permissions ?
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    "So i gave that dame an ion cannon, dames love ion cannons"

    now i need to find an excuse to use this thing >.>
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    Add the ion cannon permission node in Config.yml
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    Finally I can nuke things the easy way instead of using WorldEdit to place 11,000 TNT :p
    Edit1: Tip: Dont use WorldEdit to place 11,000 TNT.
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    pls can you help me with that i want only this plugin and im new here
    i canĀ“t that
    when i try anithing
    then comes that "Player was denied access to command. org.bukkit........"
    what is this
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    It creates a giant beam made out of diamond blocks, but it doesn't explode. =(

    I use a plugin that automatically updates to the latest version, so that shouldn't be the problem.

    (Also, I LOVE Command & Conquer. This plugin rules!)
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    Same here, doesnt explode b485
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    i think one time i achieve the level 7 ion cannon!

    but the level 8 sent my map to the recycle bin :(
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    I dont know if its possible, but if you could block items from spawning from the destroyed blocks, it would remove all lag problems. All the floating debri just makes more entities than clients can render. I tested this theory by using worldedit and doing "/remove items 100" and just typing that over and over as it went off, it was very smooth.
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    thats true in removing the after lag, but the server load still remains when all blocks are exploding at the same time and thats is what crashes the servers...
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    So... sounds like I'm not the only one with this issue, but I only get a giant column of pretty blue diamond blocks... that I need to light off by hand... am I doing something wrong?
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    How exactly do i add the permissions? I can't find a config.yml file anywhere :(
    Excuse my noobishness.
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    Get Permission plugin.
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    Ah. Now instead of an "internal error" it says i was denied permission. I still cannot find that elusive config.yml file :(
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    In Plugin - Permission folder.
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    I have that folder and a .yml called "rename-me". I renamed that config.yml (At least, i think that what i was supposed to do) Where exactly in that document can i add the permission for me to fire the ion cannon? I tried adding my name to admins but im not sure i did that right.
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    Is there a reason why the Ion Cannon Beam thing doesn't detonate? It's just a tower going from 0-128 :/
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    Please either remove the "Permissions" plugin as a requirement to use the plugin or provide a version that does not involve using it.
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    yes! This would solve my woes! I could stop noobing up this forum!
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    You have to rename config.yml to <worldname>.yml. I imagine that your world folder is called 'world'; this means your configuration file should be named world.yml.
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    So, the mod author gave up?
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    If the author will post the the source, I'll update it.
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    Yeah I have to manually detonate the ion laser thing, it's just a big diamond thing with TNT inside ATM if you don't set off the TNT yourself.
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    *laugh that was so fun. *cry* my poor map
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    the auto-detonation works on my server, but i have to clean up half the beam afterwards.
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    Tfs Halo

    i just used the regular defualt beam.. and omg i thought there was... diamonds in it so i decided to move it .. and when i hit the diamond block and mined it.... i hit the tnt... my life flashed before me ... and hugeeeeeeee lagg fest ... R.I.P. how is this helpfull!?!??!?!
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 1:09 AM ---
    yep... going to be telling the members of my server what happened... lol it's going to be really akward xD fk i got to redo the spawn again aww..
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    how do i get the permissions?

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