[FUN/INFO] ServerRights v0.1- Give your player the Custom Bill of Server Rights [1185]

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    ServerRights- The Bill of Rights for Servers!
    Version: 0.1
    This Plugin Allows the Admin to custom his or her rights in the Config! When a player types /Rights
    it will read his or her rights to him/her!
    • Config for Server Rights
    • Permission Node To Use
    • 13 Rights Customized
    Download Here

    Version 0.2:
    • More Nodes
    • More Rights

    Version: 0.1:
    • Plugin Release
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    Sounds great, based off of the Bill of Rights I'm assuming?
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    So a /rules with a limited # of rules?
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    Can you list the Rights each player gets?
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    you honestly think that fixed-width font makes it more readable?
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    Well yes sort of its custom in the config

    You customize it! in the config

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    How do you edit the config? Like, what do you put in, so that say Blue95o8 can have the right to teleport people or something?
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    How about posting the permissions nodes?
    Is it just 'Right.2' or 'right2' or 'Right2'
    Or what? Maybe I'm just missing something, but I would like to know. :p

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