[FUN/INFO] Marquee v0.2.8 Beta - A single line scrolling text [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Marquee v0.2.8
    Moved to BukkitDev
    This thread no longer updated. Please check out on BukkitDev for latest informations.

    Did you ever want to create a dynamic shop which change the price automatically through the time? Did you tired of writing a long information or rules for new players? Did you want more space to show a bit more text on any sign? If you say "Yes" to one of these questions... Marquee is the one option for you...

    • 3 show styles (more styles come in a newer version or by requests)
    • Permissions, BukkitPermissions, PermissionsEX Supported!
    • No databases required!
    • Can be use with another sign-based plugins

    Just put the .jar file in Plugins folder and run the server...
    Important Note

    To update to latest version of Marquee...
    For v0.1 or older... You need to reset all marquee due to a speed feature which will be use in all files
    How to use

    Check out commands and instructions on BukkitDev

    [A] = Add
    [F] = Fix
    = Improve
    [R] = Remove
    v0.2.2 [#1.0.1-R1]
    [F] Fix error with PermissionsEX

    v0.2.1 [#1.0.1-R1]
    Supported for 1.0.1-R1

    v0.2 [#1337]
    [A] Add in-game chat help
    [A] Speed can be customized
    Marquee not exist will be notify
    Correct colored in notifications

    v0.1 [#1337]
    Initial release
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    Nice :) looks good
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    Marquee v0.2 now release...
    Speed now configurable through command.
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    @emericask8ur No no I already checked the source, it is not stolen. I did come up with a first version, and it is better (ALOT better), but that doesn't mean this guy can't have his own. :)

    It's up to the users to decide what to use. This plugin is generally simpler (command based), mine is a bit more advanced and has a full featured API, multi-sign ticker display, coloring etc. But it requires you to be a bit more 'into' tech if you want to use it's full potential.
  8. This plugin is awesome, I'll keep this one in mind...
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    No no no not saying its stolen at all lol Just saying you made something like this already
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    Yeah, I saw your plugins once I submit it... But my plugins are just only for make a scrolling text on sign and it's not have any macro (don't know if it called macro or not) to use for show an info (like date,time, etc.). So, I think I didn't stole or copy at all. Just making something that suit for my server and share for everyone. :D
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    Marquee v0.2.1 now release...
    Supported for #1.0.1-R1

    Marquee v0.2.2 now release...
    Fix error with PermissionsEX

    Marquee v0.2.3 now release...
    Color supported
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    Thanks :)
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    Marquee v0.2.4 now release...
    This version provide a new storage system and add color enable/disable feature.
    - Supported for 1.1-R3
    - New file storage system (YML or FlatFile)
    - Color can be enable/disable

    Marquee v0.2.5 now release...
    This version added supported for 1.1-R4 only...

    Marquee v0.2.6 now release...
    This version add supported for 1.1-R6 and supported for bPermissions...
    Permissions now unsupported...

    Marquee v0.2.7 now release...
    This version added supported for 1.2.4-R1.0 only... and should work properly with all 1.2.4 updated server.

    Marquee v0.2.8 now release...
    This version fixed a bug spamming "unloaded" and sign stop when unload chunk... also supported for 1.2.5-R1.0...
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    some of the mq signs are not working i only have 4 set up
    there just not scrolling any fix soon?
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    May be chunk unload is the problem or may be you just reload your server... To fix just reset up all sign and make sure you type "stop" instead of "reload" while reload server.
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    looks like it was me setting up 2 of the same mq signs one would not scroll the other would i just only use 1 sign at a time on the same mq:name, seems to be fine!

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