[FUN/INFO] DiamondAnnounce v1.0 - Lightweight alternative diamond find announcer [1490]

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    Download here!
    On BukkitDev!

    === Description ===
    This plugin is a lightweight alternative to FoundBoxx and FoundDiamonds. It simply broadcasts a message when a player finds diamonds, no rewards, light levels, anti - xray, or anything, just a simple lightweight plugin.

    === Features ===
    * Broadcasts a message when a player finds diamonds.
    * Waits 3 minutes in-between diamond finds to prevent spamming.

    === Commands ===
    * None!

    === Permissions ===
    * None!
    === Planned ===
    * If you can think of anything leave a comment!

    === Known Bugs ===
    * None!

    === Videos ===
    Pretty self explanatory, don't need any.

    === Changelog ===
    ** Version 1.0 **
    * Release!
    === Source ===
    Source Code
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    "* Waits 3 minutes in-between diamond finds to prevent spamming."

    When player have xray, plugin show only one of the million found diamonds :S this cooldoown only help xrayers :D
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    Wow! This is exactly what I need! All of the other diamond announcer plugins are either not lightweight enough or don't have the Options I need... But this is just perfect! Thanks for making this! Any chance you could add messages when players find other ores? Obviously configurable.
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    Update please?

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