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    Geoff Winans

    DeathNotifier - Broadcast Deaths!

    DeathNotifier is, for now, a very simple plugin that has no external requirements. It does not use, nor care about, Permissions of any sort.

    This is the first official release of this plugin and is the official Death Notification plugin for the GoMinecraft server.

    • It broadcasts deaths with a (random) message!
    • You can customize the messages and even add more for each mob type!

    Now on BukkitDev!
    >> Click Here <<
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    Geoff Winans

    Both for now when they first use /kill without a previous death and to handle kills from new mobs as they are added in the future (until I can update). There aren't going to be too many cases where it comes up.
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    Ah, right, I didn't think of the /kill one, gotcha. Great! Time to start thinking up some terrifying Endermen messages...
    '%player% was ended.'
    '%player% stared death in the face. Big mistake...'
    'Don't blink. Whatever you do, don't blink, %player%!'
  4. Geoff, I would gladly help out with the other mobs quotes, you you want to jump the gun and put the planned mobs in:
    Research on MCWiki, planned mobs: Dragons, Pigmen, Silverfish, and Endermen [Weeping Angles?]

    Further, I would strongly consider implementing "Monsters" (Aka Humans, Steves etc.) -- They can be spawn edited/hacked into the game (just like Giants).
    I spawned one and got myself killed by it: no message was displayed in Minecraft but the console DID output:
    CONSOLE: Damage Message:
    like spunkiie had.
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    Geoff Winans

    I've got them implemented for a later revision (small patch). I won't do any actual release implementation until I know for sure the API isn't going to change.

    Quotes would be fantastic, though!

    Fail. That's what I meant to do last night. Popped open NetBeans and stared at it for 10 minutes. Forgot what I had planned. And there it is. I may just implement them as part of the "Unknown" group for now.
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    I have an issue when I get killed by a Skeleton I dont get any death messages.
  7. ifrezzax: If it's just skeletons then it's probably because of an unclosed tag. Make sure apostrophes are doubled up (don''t, opponent''s, etc.).
    When you're sure all your apostrophes are doubled, check the yml in this parser:
    If that still doesn't work, post the config here :)
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    Geoff Winans

    If you don't like the double'd up apostrophes, you can actually just wrap each line in double quotes and remove the extra apostrophe.
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    version: 0.94
    - '&3%player% &9was killed by &3%opponent%&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9got beat to a pulp by &3%opponent%&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9has been dominated by &3%opponent%&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9got their ankles chewed off by &3%opponent%''s &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9got ripped to shreds by &3%opponent%''s &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9just got pwned by &3%opponent%''s &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was mistaken for steak by &3%opponent%''s &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9just lost his alpha-male position to &3%opponent%''s wolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9just got ate by &3%opponent%''s mad &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9became lunch for &3%opponent%''s hungry &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was blown to bits by a pile of &CTNT&2!'
    - '&3%player% &9tried to launch themself into orbit using &CTNT. &EResult: &CFailure&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9is in tiny, tiny pieces. That''s what you get for messing with &CTNT&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9turned to mincemeat by &CTNT&2!'
    - '&3%player%''s &CTNT &2went boom.'
    - '&3%player% &9got a little too close to that &CTNT explosion.'
    - '&3%player% &9was blown away by &CTNT&2.'
    - '&3%player%''s &2bits were scattered everywhere by &CTNT&2.'
    - '&3%player% &9got &Cfireball''d &9by a &CGhast&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9got gibbed by a &CGhast&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9has been owned by the all-powerful &CGhast&9!'
    - '&3%player%, &9if you see a &CGhast&9, RUN.'
    - '&3%player% &9was blown to bits by a &CCreepy Creeping Creeper&2!'
    - '&3%player% &2was hugged by a friendly &CCreeper&2!'
    - '&3%player% &2didn''t want hug the &CCreeper&2 so it went boom.'
    - '&3%player% &2is in tiny, tiny pieces thanks to our friend, &CCreeper&2.'
    - '&3%player% &2was turned to mincemeat by a &CCreeper&2.'
    - '&3%player% &2got a little too close to that &CCreeper &2explosion.'
    - '&3%player% &2was blown up by &CCreeper&2.'
    - '&3%player% &2asploded by &CCreeper&2.'
    - '&3%player%''s &2bits scattered everywhere by &CCreeper&2.'
    - '&3%player% &2got owned by &CCreeper&2.'
    - '&3%player%''s &2last thoughts were ''what is thisssSSsssSSSss noise?''.'
    - '&3%player% &2had a run in with a creeper. And now they are here. And there. Oh, and there... and over there...'
    - '&3%player% &2saw a &CCreeper&2... you can tell where this is going.'
    - '&3%player% &2said ''What''s that?'' &CCreeper &2said ''Boom!'' '
    - '&3%player% &2had a nice life. Until a creeper happened.'
    - '&3%player%, &2if you see a &CCreeper&2, RUN AWAY.'
    - '&3%player%, &2do as your dogs do, and fear the all-mighty &CCreeper.'
    - '&3%player% &9just got &CSlimed&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9discovered that &CSlime &9is not something you wear.'
    - '&3%player% &9got too close to the &CSlime&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9was absorbed by the &CSlime&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9got stomped on by an angry &CGiant&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9is now a waffle.'
    - '&3%player% &9has been eliminated from life by a &CGiant&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9just got snipe''d by a &CSkeleton&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9got shot to death by a &CSkeleton&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was slain by a &CSkeleton&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was shot by an Undead William Tell!'
    - '&2A &CSkeleton &9 had a bone to pick with &3%player%.'
    - '&3%player% &9believes in the saying ''Sticks and stones may break my bones but arrows always kill me.'' '
    - '&3%player% &9was beaten by a pile of bones holding a bow. Pathetic.'
    - '&3%player% &9was trampled by a &Cspider&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was bitten by a venomous &Cspider&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9developed a fear of spiders after their last encounter.'
    - '&3%player% &9fell victim to a giant, hungry &Cspider&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9just had a nasty encounter with a not so itsy bitsy &CSpider&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9had a run in with a giant &CSpider&9... it didn''t go well.'
    - '&3%player% &9was like a fly to that &CSpider. Tasty and helpless.'
    - '&3%player% &9was munched on by a &CSpider&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9lost their mind to a &CZombie&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9became dinner for a hungry &CZombie&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9is now missing &Cbbrrraaaaiinnnnsss&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9was roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris disguised as a &CZombie&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9just gave their brain to a &CZombie&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9donated their brain to science. Or maybe it was a &CZombie&9. '
    - '&3%player% &9was hacked to death by a &CPigZombie&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9just got slaughtered by a bunch of mutated &CPigZombies&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was slain by a &CPigZombie &9for mistaking it as a pig!'
    - '&3%player% &9angered the &CPigZombies&9.'
    - '&3%player%, &9it''s advised you don''t attack the &CPigZombies&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9met the mysterious &CHam Shambler&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9got slaughtered by a &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9became lunch for a hungry &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9''s blood was tasted by Kujo.'
    - '&3%player% &9received a love bite from a friendly &CWolf&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9has been eaten by Savage the Wolf&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9got their ankles chewed off by a &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9got ripped to shreds by a &CWolf&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was put down by the mysterious &4Herobrine&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9has ''Cause Unknown'' on their death certificate!'
    - '&3%player% &9died through unknown causes.'
    - '&3%player% &9died in a &Cfire&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9has a new, slightly charred look&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9was &Cburned &9to death.'
    - '&3%player% &9is looking a little crispy.'
    - '&3%player% &9is nothing but ashes now.'
    - '&3%player% &9was cremated.'
    - '&3%player% &9was incinerated.'
    - '&3%player% &9is very flammable, test results show.'
    - '&3%player% &9decided to take a bath in &Clava&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9discovered just how hot &Clava &9really is.'
    - '&3%player% &9fell into &Clava&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9was engulfed in hot &Clava&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9took a swim in &Clava&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9enjoys a hot, &Clava &9filled bath&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9landed in molten &Clava&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9didn''t realise &Clava &9was hot.'
    - '&3%player% &9didn''t see the &Clava&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9liked fire so much, they jumped into a &Clava &9pool.'
    - '&3%player% &9mistook &Clava &9for their mother''s soup.'
    - '&3%player% &9decided to try sky-diving without a parachute!'
    - '&3%player% &9discovered that it isn''t the &Cfall &9that kills you, it''s the sudden stop at the bottom!'
    - '&3%player% &9did indeed bumble and took quite a tumble.'
    - '&3%player% &9went bungie jumping without a bungie.'
    - '&3%player% &9forgot their parachute.'
    - '&3%player% &9thought they could fly.'
    - '&3%player% &9went splat.'
    - '&3%player% &9took an ill-advised leap of faith.'
    - '&3%player% &9forgot about gravity.'
    - '&3%player% &9broke a bit more than their legs in that jump.'
    - '&3%player% &9done goofed and fell.'
    - '&3%player% &9fell from a great height.'
    - '&3%player% &9decided to hug a &Ccactus&1!'
    - '&3%player% &9was turned into swiss cheese by a &Ccactus&1!'
    - '&3%player% &9hit a sharp &Ccactus&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9got speared by &Ccactus&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9was sliced up by &Ccactus&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9came into contact with something very prickly.'
    - '&3%player% &9got pricked by &Ccactus&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9touched that &Ccactus&9.'
    - '&3%player% &9successfully held their breath until they died!'
    - '&3%player% &9forgot to take a breath.'
    - '&3%player% &9forgot about breathing for too long.'
    - '&3%player% &9stuck their head somewhere they shouldn''t have.'
    - '&3%player% &9couldn''t hold their breath any longer.'
    - '&3%player% &9wasn''t a fan of breathing anyway.'
    - '&3%player% &9died by chocking on air.'
    - '&3%player% &9took a deep breath while under water.'
    - '&3%player% &9didn''t take a deep enough breath.'
    - '&3%player% &9tried too hard to be a fish.'
    - '&3%player% &9is sleeping with the fishes.'
    - '&3%player% &9sank into the abyss.'
    - '&3%player% &9is a bottom feeder.'
    - '&3%player% &9forgot about the no swimming after food rule.'
    - '&3%player% &9ran out of air. Oxygen is important too, y''know.'
    - '&3%player% &9is drowning their sorrows away.'
    - '&3%player%, &9please visit Atlantis for me.'
    - '&3%player%, &9fell in the toilet.'
    - '&3%player% &9got zapped by a bolt of &Elightning!'
    - '&3%player% &9now understands what an electrifying experience being outside in a storm can be.'
    - '&3%player% &9was hit by lightning.'
    - '&3%player% &9got thunderstruck.'
    - '&3%player% &9got the electric chair.'
    - '&3%player% &9was struck down by the gods.'
    - '&3%player% &9got zapped.'
    - '&3%player% &9got electrocuted.'
    - '&3%player% &9was back-traced by the gods.'
    - '&3%player% &9won the lottery! Oh wait, there''s the lightning.'
    - '&3%player% &9fell into the &Cvoid&9!'
    - '&3%player% &9discovered that the &Cvoid &9really is endless.'
    - '&3%player% &9fell through the bottom of the world. Wow.'
    - '&3%player% &9embraced eternity.'
    - '&3%player% &9jumped to infinity and beyond.'
    - '&3%player% &9fell into the void.'
    - '&3%player% &9explored the great beyond.'
    - '&3%player% &9went exploring in the void.'

    I'm sorry I don't know how to use spoilers >.<

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  10. Didn't pick out anything wrong with it, except that the version number has been changed. Don't do that :)
    Copy out the sample config from the OT again and don't change the version. (Let the plugin do that if necessary)

    P.S. spoilers = [.spoiler.] and spoilers with a title are [.spoiler.=Example] (remove the periods).

    For example [spo.iler]Spoiled![/s.poiler] and [spo.iler=Example]Oh noes![/Spoile.r]

    Show Spoiler
    Example (open)
    Oh noes!

    @Geoff Winans
    Made a quick Regex to check ifrezzax's code, may as well let you have it ;) Take the code and use
    to check through any configs people give you.
    Full Regex (open)
    /([^-(\s|)']'{1}[^'\s]|(\s- [^'])|([^']\r)|^[^-]|^-(\s|)&)/gm

    Pattern (open)
    ([^-(\s|)']'{1}[^'\s]|(\s- [^'])|([^']\r)|^[^-]|^-(\s|)&)

    It'll check for:
    Lines not starting with -
    Lines not beginning with ' after the initial -
    Lines not ending with '
    ' not doubled up except for those beginning and ending a line.

    Yes it does mean the node beginning and endings should be highlighted. Sorry about that ;)
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    @kjhf Thank you least now I won't fill up the comments with my configs all the time :D.
    This is very strange even when using default config the skeletons still don't give a death message.
    I even tried another plugin and still skeletons still don't give death messages. I am clueless to what is causing this.
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    Geoff Winans

    Sounds like you may have another plugin that does stuff to events related to skeletons. Anything in the server.log?
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    Geoff Winans

    That wouldn't impact the event since it doesn't touch ENTITY_DEATH. Can you post your plugin list?
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    @Geoff Winans
    Plugins (open)

    Lava Forge,

    Well I failed on the spoiler...Derp. Sorry again.

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    Geoff Winans

    Lose the dots ;p
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    Ahh lol Thank you. :D
  18. Needle in a haystack much?
    Two plugins catch my eye:
    MobBounty: Changes onEntityDeath and has its own listener ...
    SpawnX: Changes onPlayerRespawn, but not death.

    However, you have a number of outdated plugins that I would highly recommend uninstalling. Perhaps switch to CommandBook or Essentials (Really, they encompass pretty much every plugin you have...)
    If you get Essentials, don't install Group Manager or the Bridge. It'll mess up Permissions.

    Outdated Plugins (open)

    FirstSpawn *** Declared as inactive... [RB: 766!]
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    Is it really a problem using outdated plugins when they all work correctly with no errors or problems whats so ever ? :(
  20. Not really a problem, except some may cause compatibility issues that you didn't even know about. I recently uninstalled an outdated plugin that I didn't know had an effect on the server at all. After I did that, my chat was completely fixed: colours were supported again and people's group names were correctly prefixed.

    Further, have that many plugins much surely slow your server start/stop/restart speed, as well as working memory. As I mentioned, install some newer plugins that combine many of those plugins into an easily manageable one.

    But of course, that's just my advise. If your server ticks over well enough as it is, then leave it.
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    My server seems to tick over fine with 30 people on so thats not an issue atm.
    But I agree with the reload sometimes it takes so long it kicks everyone out for a moment.
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    Great plugin! Works great with no problems whatsoever! :)
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    Geoff Winans

    Glad it's working for you!
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    Nifty plugin here...and I respect another fellow Developer getting started here at bukkit

    I saw your concerns with version numbers....may I make a suggestion?

    Top of your main class...
    //Description file for the plugin
    public PluginDescriptionFile info = null;
    In your onEnable...
    	public void onEnable() {
    		//Load configuration
    info = getDescription();
                    //rest of your code here
    When you need to access the version number....
    String version = info.getVersion();
    Doing it this way allows your versioning to be handled by your plugin.yml file and not in the config (where an unknowing user is more likely to tinker with it).

    I hope this helped!
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    Geoff Winans

    I had actually figured that out a few days ago, just patiently waiting for 1.8 to come out so I can push my updates.

    But thanks anyway!
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    No problem....I am on the borderline regarding if I should push an update for mcDeath or not myself...hard when a major update is right around the corner.
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    Geoff Winans

    I'm just waiting because I'm lazy.. and the update I'm going to do isn't really going to do anything other than add support for Enderman.

    One of these days, I'll get around to patching up the PvP side of things so that the messages can support notifying what the person got killed with.
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    Go read Jeb's twitter....1.8 on the 8th is now looking high unlikely

    Does anyone else think that having ONE developer working on the ONE biggest update in the history of MC the stupdiest thing ONE company could possibly do?

    That's like saying that Minecraft is their side project...not their flagship >.>
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    Geoff Winans

    I didn't expect it to release on the 8th. I kinda felt that was a bit too optimistic of a timeline. I'm fine with it though - hopefully it'll get more polish than 1.7 did when it popped out.
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    :D this is good i can edit wat it says xD cant wait till u make it so it broadcast the tool or something they get killed with :p
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    Can you make it so it'll turn off the messages from vanilla? Or does it already do that?

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