Inactive [FUN] I Believe I Can Fly v2.2 - Awesome flying [Permission Support] [1.2.4-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Canownueasy, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Searching for a Fly Plugin that is equal to Zombes Fly Mod.
    This one here is (sry) unusable for Admins. Can only use this to get to another place
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    We're all looking for a good Fly Plug-in like Zombe and CJB mods. ;)
    Try VoxelAir, this one has the hover / float feature but is not as easy to control as Zombe/CJB's. :(
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    It does not have hovering. And by that, I mean you cannot stay in one spot and also be able to move without your Y coordinate changing. Also, to those saying it is easy to implement true hovering into this plugin, you are incorrect.

    Why do you want previous versions?

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    You can go up and down while floating, just look down and right click to go up or left click to descend and left click again to stop, you have to get used to control your flight but like I said it's not as easy to control as Zombe/CJB's.
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    It's not actual hovering. Your character does not remain still in the air, but instead you keep bouncing and going up slowly.
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    You're right but I think it's better than nothing although not good for building.
    Anyway, are you completely sure there's no way to implement hover in a plug-in?
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    Implementing true hovering seems impossible to me. I mean, I tried over 20 different strategies to get it to hover, however the ones that kept you actually hovering did not allow air movement and forced you to look a specific direction.
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    I understand...
    I don't know if it helps but you could take a look at this plug-in's source code, it's inside the jar, to see if you can get some ideas, although I think the hover in this one is like the one in VoxelAir.
    Take a look at this thread...
    Edit 2:
    Another one with source.
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    Because I have a cb 1000 server I still use...
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    The most latest release works with versions 684-1062.
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    It seems to ignore permissions? I have bPermissions and have added only for my "ops" group, but anyone can type /fly and ... well fly.
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    You could implement hover like VoxelAir. If you fall in midair, you'll fall down extremely slowly.
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    Is it possible to be able to stand still in the air?
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    I'm having this same issue with PEX.

    I figured it out, the file is being placed in the root directory of minecraft. Could this be changed so that it creates a folder within the plugins folder please :) Change the config to read permissions=true for it to work w/ permissions

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    is there a cooldown we can set for fly before its used again?
    If not i would love it to be implemented :)
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    So it is. Yes I agree this should be moved to the Bukkit convention inside its own directory in the plugins directory. If everybody put their config in the root directory it would be a mess, with lots of conflicts.
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    Hmmm. Flying doesn't end when /mvtp to a new world. I've got Permissions set correctly with only in my SKYLANDS world. If I /mvtp to another world, I'm still able to fly. If in the non-SKYLANDS world, I type /fly again, it turns it off, and I don't have permissions to turn it back on in that world once I've turned it off, so Permissions seems to work. But the flying continues to work following an /mvtp.
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    The best flight plugin availible, smoother than the bigwigs like Voxel, or at least I think so.
    The only suggestion I have is on behalf of a server user, who mentioned it would be nice if you could rebind the key required to fly. Personally I think its fine, but perhaps you could look at it if enough people cared?

    Still, very nice. +1
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    Perhaps let people use a config instead to bind it to whatever key they wish?

    I love allowing my mods to have the ability to fly, but with limitations. This is perfect for a skyworld. Let people fly, but they have to pay attention to where they are flying and etc. Not really that great for a 'creative' style word.
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    It's allowing all users to fly. Using Permissions 2.
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    Someone else had this issue, and solved it:

    That is how you stop letting everyone use /fly. You go into that file and change the items in there.
    permissions=false <----- change that to true
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    Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not reading the posts above mine, I had some other issues I was trying to fix and this just seemed to add to the list. Was really embarrassing realizing my players all had fly for 2 days. :p
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    Love it when the players know it and you do not. xD
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    It looks for the old outdated permissions from what it looks like -
    "Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.nijikokun.bukkit.Permissions.Permissions
    at$ Source)"
    I have the exact problem if I set permissions to true in the config, otherwise it works fine if you are an op. @Canownueasy can you please fix this, because your fly plugin is the best fly plugin out there.
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    Can I have a permission so that Users cannot change their Speed... Going at Speed 10 is too fast.. and it might crash server.

    like maybe:
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    It doesn't work, I can still fly in the next world (without permission) if it was activated and walk/fly through a portal (Multiverse) :(
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    Anyway you could make it so for the different ranks they fly at different speeds? Like just have it were you can set two or three speed configurations, then each of those could be set to a permission. That way the admins could go faster then the builders.
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    First, you have to have flying enabled in your
    Second, you have to look UP to go UP, otherwise you will just go straight forward. It takes a little practice because you basically fly where you look, up, down, sideways, etc.

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