[FUN] HumanSponge 0.3 - Assassins and Sponges [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by EvilPeanut, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Version 0.3 (Latest/Direct): HumanSponge.jar
    When a player places sponge, a human assassin pops out and attacks the player!

    1. Assassin NPC's Which Appear When sponge Is Placed
    Permission Nodes:
    Spawn A Human Assassin When Sponge Is Placed
    Show The User A Message 'A Assassin Pops Out The Sponge' On Placement

    About To Place The Sponge
    The Assassin Which Popped Out The Sponge, Coming To Kill Me!
    He Killed Meh!!!
    Images By HuntMASTER15, Ty Dude :)

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    W. T. F.
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    Your missing your plugins version number in the title.

    Interesting idea...
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    You don't meat the requirements required by EvilSeph and yes people this plugin works.
    -|- What you are missing -|-
    • Version in title
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    This video better explain everything. Because you place a sponge...and then...you get attacked by... an assassin? What?
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    meat (open)

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    Stuff like that is the only thing you do around here, right? :D Haha .. meat xD
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    Darn, another perfectly good plugin idea...taken.
    Back to the drawing board, men!
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    It does actually work, thanks for everyone's support :D I shall change the title! :)
    Changed It :)

    Fixed it! Thanks! So when will it come on the plugin list without 'show submissions'? :)

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    Awesome plugin btw!
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    Have a met all of the requirements for this to be added to the plugin list? If so, how can I get it added?
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    No, you have not.
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    Done it :)
    + Why is everyone so negative on these forums?

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    You have no idea...
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    What? Seriously! Everyone's like, "Its shit!". They could at least say, good effort but you could improve it by doing this...

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    I know right! I'm helping this guy on a thread (ill link you the thread in a conversation or PM if you want) and he said "omg ur so dumb" while I'm trying to help him.

    Also, I STILL don't know what your plugin does. It spawns a human mob or something? Sounds like a good prank plugin :D
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    Sounds random with no practical appllication and people know it. Good job =)
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    lol people ARE negative on these forums.

    And btw, thanks for the fork of zombieattack (infected). I guess thats positive.
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    Some people are but for the most part we are honest and good. My opinion is this plugin needs work that is all. And thank you. Stay postive. =)
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    Cheers, work in progress.
    I'm thinking off adding permissions and con-figs and all that.
    NOTE: These forums need more people who are actually nice and provide support! (Ty. jtlcr777 & (infected))

    I just made a logo and made the post look a lot more pleasing to the eye, please enjoy :)

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    If you ever need help with Java or plugins or just want to say whats up send me a pm. I can help =)
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    Thanks dude, if you ever help me, i shall put your name in the post of my plugin that you helped with :)
    Note: How do i read and set properties for a YAML file? (*.yml)

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    Grammar Troll

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    Yay My Plugin's Are Now On The Bukkit Plugin List :D Please Enjoy My Plugin's as Much as I Enjoyed Making Them! :)
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    Full of win ._.
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    Can you provide something like screenshots or a video or something?
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    lol yes because I STILL dont know what this plugin does.

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