[FUN] HookShot v1.3.3 - Scale mountains with a Hookshot [1060]

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    HookShot - The Hookshot Plugin:

    BukkitDev Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/hookshot/

    Attention! If you are having issues with "Moved too quickly" kicks, use http://robinvandervliet.nl/plugins/NoMovedTooQuicklyKick/!


    HookShot is a plugin that allows users to fire an arrow as a "hook", and then use string to pull themselves towards it! Right-Click whilst holding arrows to fire a "hook", then right-click whilst holding string to "pull" yourself towards the hook! Consumes string per use!

    Now Uses Permissions! Add 'hookshot.use' to use! Hooks are NOT a replacement for bows, hooks no longer do damage!

    • Right-Click whilst holding arrows to fire them as a "hook"!
    • Right-Click whilst holding string to "pull" yourself to the hook!
    • Allows another use for string!
    • Scale tall mountains with ease!
    • Editable config allows you to set the "hook" item, "pull" item, "pull" cost, and if there's a cost at all!
    • Want to scale up flat walls? Holding shift, then "pulling" causes a block to be placed beneath you simulating you "gripping" the wall. When you stop holding shift, the blocks disappears.



    Version 1.3.3

    • Updated code to adapt pulling differently based on hook to player distance formula. Hopefully should reduce issues with moved wrongly errors.
    • Fixed exception thrown when players right-click with string with no hook fired.
    • Fixed exceptions thrown when skeletons shoot arrows.
    Version 1.3.2

    • Updated EntityListener to ensure hooks do not damage players or mobs.
    • Players can no longer pull to their hooks unless it has landed. No more flight :)
    • Changed Dirt block to Glass
    Version 1.3.1

    • Attempted to fix odd Permissions issue...
    Version 1.3.0
    • Cleaned up source code and updated it to the repository.
    • Made the "pulling" cleaner and more efficient, should result in much less movement errors
    • Dirt blocks now correctly disappear
    • The hook now has 10 more blocks of range in all directions
    • Half blocks are no longer destroyed when pulled to
    • Damage issue should be mostly resolved
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed glitch that caused players to teleport sequentially to their past hooks and place non-disappearing dirt blocks there.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed the issue allowing other players to use your hook.
    Version 1.2
    • Added Pull Simulation
    • Added config file which lets you edit the hook item, pull item, pull cost, and if there's a cost for pulling at all
    • *Hopefully* fixed the glitch allowing players to be sent to other player's hooks
    • *Hopefully* fixed noclip error
    • Want to scale up flat walls? Holding shift, then "pulling" causes a block to be placed beneath you simulating you "gripping" the wall. When you stop holding shift, the blocks disappears.
    Versions 1.1.1
    • Added support for non-permission users
    Version 1.1
    • Added Permissions support ('hookshot.use')
    • Arrows now correctly subtract, you can still pick up the "hook"
    • Hooks do not damage monsters, animals, or players.
    Version 1.0

    • First Release!
    Known Bugs:
    • Pulling into corners or other odd areas can lead to the player "bouncing" off the surface.
    • Pulling from a large distance can sometimes cause the player to be auto-kicked for moving to fast in respect to the server.
    • Doors will still be destroyed when pulled to
    Upcoming Features:

    • Configurable string cost, hook distance, "hook" item, "pull" item, and iConomy support.
    • Simulate pull effect rather than simple teleport.
    • Allow for players to only pull to server specified blocks
    • Possibly change up the arrow/string system
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    Great mod, i'll try it out right away! However, I think it'd be cool if you could make it more customizable. For example, what I'd like to do with it is stuff like: set some requirements such as needing to be wearing a gold chestplate to use, or it uses a more rare item, like a diamond, which disappears after 10 uses; using a fishing pole as the pull item, which takes damage as a tool with each use... but then again I can get pretty creative/demanding. XD I'd like it if at normal times, bows shoot arrows as normal, but when you're wearing a gold chestplate (or some other customizable item), the bow instead shoots string the same distance.
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    What about a link for the Hook.use permssion ?
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    Dino Filippini

    I've heard some of my users complain about getting suffocated for a half heart or so every time they use this, anybody else experience something of this nature?
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    Hello. There is a bug when i use the hook to far the server say:

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    Yeah, that bug is an annoying one that's hard to fix. So far I've noticed that it mainly appears when hooking to an odd location. (Things like corners, lips, etc.)
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    This looks really fun. When you figure out how to fix the long distance and corner bugs, this is going to be an awesome plugin. I'll probably install it to try it out in its current state anyway.
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    Bug report

    Using: CB766
    Using current Hookshot.

    First, lolnag.

    Second, fire two arrows, pulls you to the first, then pulls you to the second, drops a dirt block below you, and doesn't despawn it.
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    Now that's a strange bug, I'll take a look at it when I get back to my apartment.

    EDIT: Bug fixed! Thanks for pointing that one out! :]
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    Tried out this plugin. Very well done. Unfortunately I did get kicked for "hacking" many times. Again, if you are able to fix that somehow, this plugin will be awesome.
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    Not sure if this was stated somewhere else before, but I use the plugin "Combat Tag" which means anytime someone hits another player, that player becomes tagged. If they log out b4 tag wears off they drop there inventory. My problem is that when i use hookshot i "Tag" myself. Is it possible to fix that? Great plugin btw.
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    Atticus Craft

    Would it be possible to add in the config file the ability to specify which blocks the hooks can attach to? Say you only want players to be able to hook into Diamond or Obsidian blocks, you could specify that as a list in the config.
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    Sure, i'll add that to the next update.
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    I'm having an issue with it not temporarily creating a dirt block under me. Well, it actually does, you can see it, but it disappears almost instantly which causes you to fall. Also, it sometimes doesn't pull me all the way. Only about 80% of the way and drops me. (if I'm trying to drop on a higher platform) It also seems to damage you regardless of your falling height. (dropping 2 squares from the point you're drawn to hits you for 1 heart)

    Other than that. This plugin is pretty awesome, lol.

    CB766, linux, hookshot v1.2.2, no server.log errors.
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    What texture pack u got, looks epic.
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    Are you holding shift before pulling and remain holding it after?

    ShortStuf7's Simple Texture Pack, it's my favorite!
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    um can you make it slower.. its way to fast to pull up i imagined it as if you moved 2 blocks a second going up, and that we would need to be closer not so far when hooking it
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    Can you make it a configuration, so whatever it costs to use varies by distance? It'd be nice to have it set to string that uses 1 string for every X blocks you hook across
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    hey, just one question could i set this to just use the fishing pull some how(for both hook and pull)?
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    G1R Productions

    Uhm its broken... well you get pushed out of the block.
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    How so? It was working fine in 803 unless you're trying to run it off a 1.6 server...In which case I haven't tested it yet.
  22. When i scale a wall it only deletes the last placed block.
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    Just poking you to update your Original post to 803 so someone doesn't swing by and [INACTIVE] this :p
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    This plug-in still works (mostly) for build 818! Some new bugs with this build has emerged and I'll will be working on sorting them out completely. Thanks!
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    ' pull-costitem': 287
    ' pull-item': 287
    ' hook-item': 262
    ' hook-cost': true

    If I make the hook-cost false, what happens? I won't loose strings anymore?
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    No, you won't lose arrows.
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    Well, I'm not sure if it's working incorrectly, but it should make there be no string cost.
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    Ok, thanks! Will try it out!
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    There seems to be an exploit with hookshots. Apparently, users can use it to break down doors, both wooden and iron. Can this be fixed? It's a bit of a showstopper in my server.
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  30. Any chance for higher range? Preferably configurable. Not sure why it does not work at any range where you can land an arrow :)
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    simple request: cooldown option to set a time between allowed uses of the hookshot

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