[FUN] HookShot v1.3.3 - Scale mountains with a Hookshot [1060]

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    HookShot - The Hookshot Plugin:

    BukkitDev Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/hookshot/

    Attention! If you are having issues with "Moved too quickly" kicks, use http://robinvandervliet.nl/plugins/NoMovedTooQuicklyKick/!


    HookShot is a plugin that allows users to fire an arrow as a "hook", and then use string to pull themselves towards it! Right-Click whilst holding arrows to fire a "hook", then right-click whilst holding string to "pull" yourself towards the hook! Consumes string per use!

    Now Uses Permissions! Add 'hookshot.use' to use! Hooks are NOT a replacement for bows, hooks no longer do damage!

    • Right-Click whilst holding arrows to fire them as a "hook"!
    • Right-Click whilst holding string to "pull" yourself to the hook!
    • Allows another use for string!
    • Scale tall mountains with ease!
    • Editable config allows you to set the "hook" item, "pull" item, "pull" cost, and if there's a cost at all!
    • Want to scale up flat walls? Holding shift, then "pulling" causes a block to be placed beneath you simulating you "gripping" the wall. When you stop holding shift, the blocks disappears.



    Version 1.3.3

    • Updated code to adapt pulling differently based on hook to player distance formula. Hopefully should reduce issues with moved wrongly errors.
    • Fixed exception thrown when players right-click with string with no hook fired.
    • Fixed exceptions thrown when skeletons shoot arrows.
    Version 1.3.2

    • Updated EntityListener to ensure hooks do not damage players or mobs.
    • Players can no longer pull to their hooks unless it has landed. No more flight :)
    • Changed Dirt block to Glass
    Version 1.3.1

    • Attempted to fix odd Permissions issue...
    Version 1.3.0
    • Cleaned up source code and updated it to the repository.
    • Made the "pulling" cleaner and more efficient, should result in much less movement errors
    • Dirt blocks now correctly disappear
    • The hook now has 10 more blocks of range in all directions
    • Half blocks are no longer destroyed when pulled to
    • Damage issue should be mostly resolved
    Version 1.2.2
    • Fixed glitch that caused players to teleport sequentially to their past hooks and place non-disappearing dirt blocks there.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed the issue allowing other players to use your hook.
    Version 1.2
    • Added Pull Simulation
    • Added config file which lets you edit the hook item, pull item, pull cost, and if there's a cost for pulling at all
    • *Hopefully* fixed the glitch allowing players to be sent to other player's hooks
    • *Hopefully* fixed noclip error
    • Want to scale up flat walls? Holding shift, then "pulling" causes a block to be placed beneath you simulating you "gripping" the wall. When you stop holding shift, the blocks disappears.
    Versions 1.1.1
    • Added support for non-permission users
    Version 1.1
    • Added Permissions support ('hookshot.use')
    • Arrows now correctly subtract, you can still pick up the "hook"
    • Hooks do not damage monsters, animals, or players.
    Version 1.0

    • First Release!
    Known Bugs:
    • Pulling into corners or other odd areas can lead to the player "bouncing" off the surface.
    • Pulling from a large distance can sometimes cause the player to be auto-kicked for moving to fast in respect to the server.
    • Doors will still be destroyed when pulled to
    Upcoming Features:

    • Configurable string cost, hook distance, "hook" item, "pull" item, and iConomy support.
    • Simulate pull effect rather than simple teleport.
    • Allow for players to only pull to server specified blocks
    • Possibly change up the arrow/string system
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    This sounds pretty amazing, maybe post a vid?
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    I'll look into that tomorrow morning, thanks!
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    This sounds awesome! Ill make a vid if you'd like!
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    Yes! You may not have realised it but you have made my grappling hook idea! Thank you!
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    I love the idea but i would love it even more if you could get some permissions support into it. it would be perfect for my rpg server ^^ then my assassins could climb into the victims homes and no other class
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    Errr.... It works kind of strange. I think you should look into making a more comfortable use...
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    Can't you make it like that if you shoot an arrow with a bow, and you then right click with a string you will be automatically pulled to it; like you will be pulled to the last arrow you shot. Maybe thats a more realistic idea then what you have now.
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    It's bit buggy, you can choose 1 arrow and shoot it many times, then collect and get more arrows (you can dupe arrows) and another thing: you can shoot many times with 1 arrow and you can use it for fighting without bow and with only one arrow.
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    What would be more comfortable in your opinion?

    Also, I can fix the arrow glitch today, and I will look into using a bow.
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    Permissions support please!
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    I'll work on getting permissions support today, as well as fixing the problems with arrow glitches and duping.
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    If you right-click with the arrow, it actually duplicates, it shoots an arrow and also keeps one in your inventory. Plus when you pull yourself to the arrow you pick it up again.
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    Haha yeah, it's just a matter of having the code remove the arrow if you only have one left. It'll take a few seconds to fix when I get home. I don't mind that the one that is originally fired is picked back up as long as the arrowstack subtracts correctly, the main cost is on string consumption.
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    Would love a cooldown on this. My biggest concern is that people will just spiderman around mass loading chunks and lagging the server. Also maybe a way to make it cost more than 1 string I would love to make this a 'special' use thing. As people said also, perm support so I can make it per world too :3
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    New update! Permission support added, include 'hookshot.use'! Arrows no longer are duplicated, but you can still pick up the "hook" you fired. Hooks also no longer do damage to players, animals, or monsters! This is not a replacement for the bow!
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    Request: Toggle with /grapple or /hookshot. This interferes with VoxelSniper.
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    Im not sure if its possible, but I have seen plugins where you could "ride" entities( "mob rider" with mobs, "seats" with paintings). Is it possible for the player to "ride" an arrow?

    If it is, the possibility to a real looking transportation would be incredible. Imagine a player actually being pulled when they use strng, better then a teleport.

    Still, its probably impossible to do :( or way to hard.
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    That is just awesome !

    For the new features I'm ok with the idea of Delois about the cooldown and anon's idea looks fun too.

    Nice job and good luck for the next updates.
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    Just installed version 1.1. and for some reason i cant right click with arrows to fire the hook anymore.

    version 1.0 used to work just fine for me. other than some minor bugs.

    Keep in mind, i do not use permissions mods on my server. so perhaps by adding the permissions support you have blocked the mod from those of us that do not use permissions mods?


    Another suggestion, tho idk if it would work. Perhaps using a fishing rod would make a better grappling hook. However, you'd have to figure out how to block the hook in water to let fishing work and how to block fishing out of water to let the hook work.
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    I'll add that in my next update.

    Actually, it IS possible to ride an arrow! That's actually the first way I attempted to implement this plug-in. Though there were some issues:

    * It's difficult to know exactly how far the arrow will go before shooting it.
    * Riding an arrow leads to some really wonky camera movement.
    * Player movement will sometimes interfere with the arrow mid-flight, and cause it to fall straight down.

    I'll keep looking into possible implementations though!

    I'll upload a non-permissions Jar for 1.1! Shouldn't take long. Also, it seems the issue with using a fishing rod is the Bukkit API doesn't have an Entity object for the "fishing lure", because of this I can't easily track it's location :/
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    Can you make it as "moving along" versu an instant teleport?
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    That's currently one of the things I'm tinkering around with, I'll keep you all posted!
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    maybe adding a cost to use this?
    iconomy or maybe an item deduction thats configurable? :D
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    Oooh, I'll add that as part of the config file in 1.2.
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    X 8P X

    might u be able to make the item configurable? cuz voxel sniper uses arrows :( i want to use this plugin as well
    possibly a fishing rod?
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    That'll be really easy actually! I'll add that to the config file as well.
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    LOZOOT in my Minecraft? YEEEEEEEESH!!!! I'm going to consider it.
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    Hey um For the hookShot Could You do something like using a fishing rod?

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