Inactive [FUN] Hemoglobin v1.3.2 - a plugin to make mobs bleed when damaged [1597]

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    Hemoglobin: yet another bleeding mob plugin

    Warning: This plugin will break with 1.1-R5. I'll fix it when I have time.

    Screenshot of it in action:
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    Version: v1.3.2

    Hemoglobin spawns "blood" -- redstone drops by default -- when a mob is damaged.
    The blood cannot be picked up and will vanish after a delay
    • Configurable despawn delay
    • Configurable amount of "blood" spawned per loss of 1/2 heart
    Download Hemoglobin

    Source Code on Github
    Version 1.3.2
    • Switched to synchronous threads to stop Bukkit from nagging.
    Version 1.3.1
    • Stop Bukkit from nagging about async tasks
    Version 1.3
    • Lowered default despawn delay to 50 ticks
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    Version 1.2
    • Automatic despawning of "blood" items
    Version 1.1
    • Added ability to change the item spawned as blood
    • Added ability to change amount of item spawned per 1/2 heart lost
    Version 1.0
    • Initial version


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    pickuptoremove: whether walking over the blood drops will cause them to disappear default: false
    delay: how many in-game ticks should pass before the dropped blood would despawn default: 50
    multiplier: how many blood items would spawn per 1/2 heart of damage default: 1
    material: the material of the dropped item default: REDSTONE
    metadata: a special metadata value to distinguish blood from normal drops. default: 1337
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    Wow, i saw the request ages ago testing now :D
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    Can you add an option for disable blood in NO PVP AREA ?
    Each mob had their personnal blood (fire for pigzombie for exemple, slimeball for slime, )
    Why not the blood can be pickup (just 10% of the blood and we are heal for 10%) if you pick it up before it disappears? (I know their are a vampire mod but it's just a suggestion :p)
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    Thanks for the suggestions; however, this is intended to be a very simple blood plugin. The blood types for each mob may, however, be implemented in a later date. It is strange to see skeletons dropping blood, after all.
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    can you make it do this for everything BUT creepers

    can you make it do this???
    just make a lil less fall out and only bones when the mob dies, and make it so when creepers explode the wool isent blown out of the ground as a pick up. that or take out creepers all together.

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    there is a plugin which let mobs bleeding and its better!
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    I know my plugin may not look as nice as SnowLeo's GoreMod or BleedingMobs, but I like the effect.
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    I have a persistent error..

    Do you why that come please ?

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    Updated the plugin; Bukkit shouldn't nag about async threads now.
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    I test it now! report you ..
    Fast answer man, thanks you!

    REPORT: error persist :/
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    And trying again...
    1.3.2! I hope this works.
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    It seems to be ok! thanks you!
    Good job!
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    lightning when hit mob make people lag REALLY lag xD
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    I'll have to put a cap on the maximum amount of particles spawned per hit next version.

    It seems that the number of particles spawned depends on the weapon's maximum possible damage, not the actual amount of health that the victim lost. Therefore, lightning or the kill command both make the server lag because they are able to deal huge amounts of damage to the victim. This will be fixed also in the next version.
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    no one uses the small block particles that you see when destroying redstone/wool in the bleeding plugins :( that would be the most realistic
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    Not possible without a client mod.
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    Why not use spout then :D since it's optional :D
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    I don't think Spout has support for spawning particles. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.
  20. Bleedinmobs plugin had this same idea, it bugged A LOT. Redwool (blood) stay on ground so ppl were able to get it, redstone (intenses if it was correct word?) dropped on ground also, bones dropped on ground...Does this plugin bug also like that? coz id love to have bleeding mobs XD
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    I didn't observe any bugs, but I did not test it with NoLagg. I never implemented flood control, so if, say, a giant started dancing on cacti, the spawned blood will rapidly disable a server, so I do not recommend you to install this until I have time to fix that.

    Are you running NoLagg with BleedingMobs or GoreMod? If so, remove it until they fix that bug.

    Edit: I see that BleedingMobs/GoreMod added a fix for GoreMod. Try updating BleedingMobs.
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    I would put Lava- drops animation (You know, when Lava is on some block the lava-drops from this block) of instead redstone.
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    I'm gonna have to update the plugin for 1.2.5 anyways, so I might try to play the breaking red wool animation.
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    I still think that lava-drops would be a lot more reliastic than droping items.
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    *waiting for breaking red wool animation*

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