[FUN] GoldSpammer v0.1.1 - Bring back the best of MMOs [928]

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    GoldSpammer - Bringing back what all MMO'ers miss
    Version: v0.1.1

    This plugin checks if players are online every 10 minutes and based on the amount of players, may send them 3 messages directly; A fake login, the gold spam message, and a fake logout. Only one player on the server gets the message.

    There is no configuration. Just pop it in your plugins folder. It will increase in frequency as more people are on the server and slow down as less are. I believe it's every 10 minutes with 50+ users, every 30 minutes with 25+ users, every 50 minutes with 10+ users and every 70 minutes with 2+ users. If only 2 users are on it will not do anything. When it sends a message it only sends it to 1 user, not all of them.

    • Supports iConomy 4/5, BOSEconomy, and Essentials Economy via Register. This ensures the gold spammer offers your native currency.
    • Creates random letter spammer names each time.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Prints message to console when a user is spammed.
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial version
    Source Code - Download Link
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    I love it. LOVE IT!
    Wouldn't install it for all the CHEAP GOLD in China, but this plugin Must Exist. LOVE!
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    actually it was the most annoying part of mmos for me :p
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    Any screenshots?

    I have no idea what this plugin does. xD

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    It literally just picks a random user online and sends them 3 messages to their chat window:

    fajioa joined the game.
    <fajioa> MinecraftGold! $10/100.0 dollars, $20/300.0 dollars. Prompt delivery!
    fajioa left the game.

    It uses the Register API to determine what currency your economy plugin is setup to.
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    Connor Griffin

    I don't—how does.... Why?
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    Are you a server admin? Do you like harmless fun?
    That is why.
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    This isn't supposed to be a "must have" plugin. It's just something for fun. I made it in part to try out a first plugin, have the source available for anybody who wants to poke through it (it's a simple plugin), and possibly make a few of your users laugh when they see the gold spam. Heck I don't even run it on my own server...

    Also it implements the Register API for anybody who wanted to see that working.

    If it makes you feel better, it was only a few hours of effort.
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    changed category to FUN
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    I love the idea
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    :) omg love it.

    May I ask you to improve it and actually make it help players instead by giving them actual gold/currency (user configurable obviously)?
    Doing this you wouldn't even have to change the name of the plugin. ;-)
  12. Ridiculously original and awesome, testing :D
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    Under what circumstances would it give them currency?
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    Well just randomly, really. The basic plugin mechanics already send them a fake user login, a message, then a fake log out. Just throw up an in-game script for /money grant <player> <user defined amount> or /give <player> <gold Ingot ID value> <user defined amount>

    Everybody likes random goodies. :)

    Also set the name generated to be user configurable as well as the message.

    So something like:
    ServerAdmin has logged on.
    ServerAdmin messages you "Pssst, don't tell anyone."
    ServerAdmin has granted you/has given you 50coin/1 gold ingot.
    ServerAdmin has logged off.

    It would be almost like DailyBonus, but more like a random bonus. Since chances of the random bonus increases with the amount of people on the server, only good things could come out of it.

    Sorry if this completely takes you plugin on a tangent, but, There is just a lot of cools thing you could do with this plugins, IMO it would be great. ;-)
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    It's possible to do but doesn't really fit into the scope of the project.
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    And if I start spamming you with donations? :-D
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    Wouldn't help. Sorry.
  18. Could you add logging? Had this enabled all day y'day, but no one mentioned anything, which seems very unlikely :p
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    Done. It will now a print a message to the console in 0.1.1. Let me know if people aren't getting limited time offers! It should work but I can't test it really since I have no users at the moment.
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    Meh alright, :-P Any interest ing making a similar plugin that would do as I described?
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    My next plugin (not this one) will be able to randomly give players money. Although it is going to do a fair amount of other stuff too. If you'd like a plugin to do only what you're asking, you can try adding your suggestion into the Plugin Requests forum. If you'd like it incorporated into this plugin, any other developer is free to utilize my code if they like as it's available on GitHub.
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    Alright boss. I'mma check your new one out before I post a request, thanks for all your quick responses. :)
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    Too much awesome in one plugin...
  24. Thanks for the logging, now I could go through the log properly :D

    2011-06-11 09:21:44 [INFO] [g] Virlomi: ... wtf was that?
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    Glad to hear it's working!

    Hopefully it's infrequent enough to not be annoying. I can reduce the frequency if need be.

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