[FUN] GoldenStopWatch v0.5 - Swing to start your watch, shift+swing to reset [1185]

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    GoldenStopWatch v0.5 - Swing to start your watch, shift+swing to reset
    Version: v0.5

    The user-friendly stopwatch, no commands needed, instructions on click!

    This plugin turns the old golden watch into a modern stopwatch!
    (Old screenshot)

    - Hold the golden watch in your hand, and left or right click to start the timer.
    - Click again to show the time passed since you started the timer
    - Shift+click to show the time, and stop the timer

    Here is a messy scheme of how the plugin works:


    With 'Toggle announce' you can toggle between these two modes:
    ON - You say the time when you click, everybody can read it
    OFF - Only you can see the time of your stopwatch

    This is my first plugin, so if you have any simple feature requests or bugs please post them.

    • Starts the stopwatch with a single click, no commands involved!
    • Reset by holding shift (sneak) and clicking. This prevents resetting it by accident.
    • A clock per player
    • Times are shown in seconds with one decimal (12,4)
    • Say the time so everybody can read it, when you reset the watch twice.
    Todo list:

    • A clock per player instead of a global one
    • Toggle to broadcast the time, or just send it to yourself
    • Change klick into click
    • Permissions (will take looong)
    • Sound effects
    • Force times to be shown with 1 number after the comma: 18,4 3,0
    Download v0.5

    Source Code: I will upload it if anyone needs it

    Version 0.5
    • You will not say the time by default. When you reset the watch twice, it will toggle 'announce on' and 'announce off'.
    Version 0.4
    • A clock per player instead of a global one
    • Changed klick to click
    Version 0.3
    • Times are displayed as with one decimal
    Version 0.2
    • Published preview of the plugin
    • Changed miliseconds to rounded seconds
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    Why change to seconds? Would like to see support for milliseconds to come back. ;-) great plugin btw!
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    I suggest looking into Inkscape for making shape-based (vector) pictures :)
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    Yes, I know I can do better :p
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    Tested for b1k, still works
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    Also works for mc 1.8.1 bukkit 1185
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    klick = click ?
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    Yes it is the same, but in Dutch click is 'klik'
    I corrected a spelling mistake

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