[FUN] GhastBlast v0.3 - Shoot fireballs like a Ghast [935]

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    Matthew Uecker

    GhastBlast - The fireball plugin.
    Version: 0.3

    Allow your players to launch Ghast fireballs if they are holding
    glowstone dust. Right or Left Click while holding the dust to
    hurl a fireball.

    The fireball does exactly what a Ghast fireball does; destroys blocks,
    and has a chance to set nearby blocks on fire REGARDLESS of what type
    they are (it can set stone on fire). If the block can burn it will be
    consumed, otherwise the fire will fizzle out after a few seconds.

    WARNING: This can potentially annihilate a forest.

    • Use glowstone dust and launch a fireball!
    • Requires Permissions 3.1
    Permission Nodes:

    /ghastblast <allow|deny|help|disable>

    Just typing /ghastblast tells you the usage.

    allow - allows users to shoot fireballs.
    deny - denies the ability to shoot fireballs.
    help - displays some basic instructions.
    disable - unloads the plugin.

    Everyone can use /ghastblast help but only people with the node can use the other


    Source Code:

    Version 0.3
    - Fixed fireball origin problem.
    Version 0.2
    - Fixed issuing commands from server command line.
    - Admins can always use the plugin now, even when they type /ghastblast deny.
    Version 0.1
    - Initial Release.

    Other Good Projectile Plugins:

    Have fun everyone!
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  2. You know that plugins like this already exist (I think they're released now unless I just missed them in the submissions thread)?
    One is "flowerpower" and there's another "Mario" one. That being said I have no idea if yours is different as I never paid full attention to those plugins.

    But beyond that, this plugin WILL need permissions support. People in these forums like permissions support for things that don't even need permission. So they'll definitely want them for the ability to throw fireballs.
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    Matthew Uecker

    I had started working on permission support but decided not to include it, but that is something I can easily finish up.

    Also I checked for others like it but I just looked for things like fireball. Guess I overlooked those two. As per how it works I wrote it from scratch with some google-ing here and there for the bukkit entities.

    It's my first plugin I thought it was an interesting idea so I made it.

    But ill have to check those others out and see if mine is different, as well as add permission support like you said.
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    This could be a fun admin plugin when it has permissions support. Might be a fun way to end a server war too.
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    In case somebody wants to know whether or not this is stolen or a ripoff from another plugin:
    Just checked the source .. completly legit and nothing like those other two fireball plugins.
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    Matthew Uecker

    Just updated it with permission support.
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    other three :p don't forget slimeplusplus
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    Can we customize the item that shoots fireballs?
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    Sorry bro, already part of essentials!
    you can use /powertool fireball with the thing ur holding
    and you shoot EXACTLY like a ghast -.-
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    can i take over this. it outdated and i want to contue this great plugin

    uups spelling mistakes: continue, its

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