Inactive [FUN/GEN/TP/MECH] BuildersGame v1.0 - A framework to make any game you can imagine [1.2.5-R1.2]

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  1. Easily create a virtual space for your game and configure a multitude of options to enforce rules on the players.

    Lead Developer: Firefly

    • In depth game framework to enforce game rules
    • Advanced objective and team system for up to 10 objectives and 10 teams in 1 game
    • Intuitive commands to manage games
    • Specialized "spectator" area for every game where people can watch games without interrupting the action
    • Game-specific teleport locations without the need to set up warps
    • Illegal command list for every game (configurable!)... stop your OPs from cheating!
    • /game - Shows all of the BuildersGame game-handling commands.
    • /game create <GameName> "Objective" - Creates a new game. The only game type for now is "Objective."
    • /game load <GameName> - Loads a game into memory. This must be done before the game can be modified or started.
    • /game info <GameName> - Shows info about the specified game.
    • /game modify <GameName> ["GameBoundary" or "Inventory"] [Number] - Provides the ability to modify a select few config options through in game selections. Game Boundary uses 2 points selected by left/right clicking blocks with String. Inventory uses your current inventory.
    • /game start <GameName> - Starts the specified game, teleporting all participating teams to their spawns.
    • /game tp <GameName> - Teleports to the specified game's spectator area.
    • /game addConfig <"Inventories"> - Adds a config file with an extended amount of options to you game's folder. Currently the only config that can be added is "inventories."
    • /team - Shows all of BuildersGame's team-based commands.
    • /team join <GameName> <TeamName> - Joins a specified game's team (if space is available)
    • /team info <GameName> <TeamName> - Shows info about a specific team, including a player list and the current number of people in it.
    • /team points [TeamName] - This command can be used without the [TeamName] parameter if the sender is within the game boundaries and is on team, then it will show their team's current points. Otherwise, the command shows the points for a specified team.
    • /team toggleChat - Toggles team chat for yourself. By default, team chat is enabled. If you type the command after disabling team chat, it will be re-enabled.
    Game Inventories:
    Inventories are really useful when making games in BuildersGame. They allow you to easily define setups (including names) from which BuildersGame randomly selects 3 and provides each player with a choice. The choosing mechanism is records, where left-clicking the record tells which inventory you will get and right-clicking the record gives you an inventory. This takes the hassle out of defining kits or having to rely on another plugin but rather allows BuildersGame to randomly select one of your 10 possible inventories that you can define. You can define which team it is assigned to, or "None" if it doesn't matter what team gets the inventory.​
    Game Objectives:
    Objectives can be thought of as "flags" in Capture the Flag. Each objective has a defending team and a location, as well as a block that it is assigned to. In objectives.yml up to 10 objectives can be defined. You can setup the pickup location, which is the region from which that block can be taken to be considered "taking the objective." When a player takes from here, they get a configurable amount of points for their team. They must then take that objective back to their spawn and place it on the ground to be considered "fully capturing" the objective. They get more points and the objective returns to its original location. It's that simple! Just configure the intuitive options in objectives.yml and BuildersGame takes care of the mechanics for you.​
    Game Teams:
    Teams have a ton of cool features that make them cohesive and overall improve the experience of any game. One of these features is the Team Chat, which can be toggled by command and allows team members to communicate without letting the other team(s) know. As stated above, inventories can also be assigned to team, allowing the game creator to make each team's layout unique. Finally, teams have their own spawn points which allow them to spawn back at their "base," the spawn system selects a random location inside the region you define in settings.yml. That's all there is to it!
    Coming soon!
    Recent Version: Download v1.0
    Version 1
    • Release
    Todo List:
    • Permissions support
    • More configurable features/extra config files
    • Team differentiation method
    • Definable teleport "pad" to join a team
    • Don't take damage in spawn areas
    • Automatic random chest generator
    • Suggest more stuff!


    Just wondering, am I missing any required information on this thread?

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    awesome !
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    I lost the game
  4. Haha...
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    Endless if we had more info... like setting spawns. Among other things.
  6. If you look at settings.yml the spawn setup looks pretty intuitive.

    Team 1:
      Name: BlaBla
    Just set x1-z2 for whatever 2 blocks represent the corners of the region.
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    That's lame .. we should get to set it ingame.
  8. What do you mean? Allowing players to choose where they spawn? That's weird.
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    No , allowing OPs or Admin to /gameset spawn [name] would me awesome ! BTW this plug' is AWESOME !
  10. Oh, I see. Glad you like the plugin :)
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