[FUN/GEN/MISC] WeatherSigns v0.3 - Change the weather and time with signs [iConomy 5] [1000]

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    WeatherSigns - Change the weather and time with signs.
    Version: 0.3


    WeatherSigns is a plugin requested by @Jordan White who wanted to be able to make signs that would let users change the weather and time at the cost of iConomy credits, this is simply that, it does also work without iConomy.

    Basic Usage:

    Drop "WeatherSigns.jar" in the "plugins" directory and restart the server or reload the plugins.
    Then, edit your Permissions config files and give your users whatever permissions you want, listed below.

    After the initial setup, go ingame and create a sign with the first line "[WeatherSign]" and the second line "Weather" or "Time".
    Depending on what you want that sign to change, if you put "Weather" on the second line, you need to type either: "Sun", "Rain", "Snow", or "Storm" on the third line, if you don't, the sign just won't work.
    Otherwise, if you put "Time" on the second line, you need to type either: "Dawn", "Day", "Dusk", "Night", or a number between 0 and 24000 for a custom time.
    The fourth line only matters if you have iConomy installed, as this is the cost to use the sign.
    You have to type a number, which is allowed to have a decimal place if you want, this cost will be taken from the player when they change the weather or time through a WeatherSign.

    Once you have created the sign and have permission, the first line will turn green to show it is active, if someone tries to bypass having the correct permissions by typing "&a[WeatherSign]" to fake an active sign, it will turn red, disabling the sign, which will not work when someone clicks it.

    Now that the sign is enabled, you (or anyone else with permission) can just right click it to change the weather or time and if you have iConomy enabled, the cost you put on the sign will be taken from your balance.

    Sign Overview:

    Weather // Time
    Sun / Rain / Snow / Storm // Dawn / Day / Dusk / Night / 0-24000
    iConomy Cost​


    This plugin was built against Permissions 3, but should work fine on 2.x.

    • Create WeatherSigns - This permission node is needed to create WeatherSigns
      • 'weathersigns.create'
    • Destroy WeatherSigns - This permission node is needed to destroy WeatherSigns
      • 'weathersigns.destroy'
    • Use WeatherSigns - This permission node is needed to use WeatherSigns
      • 'weathersigns.use'


    This plugin was built against iConomy 5, I have no clue if it will work on older versions, but I doubt it...

    I personally don't use iConomy, so if it breaks, I won't know about it, so please report it to me. :)

    • (0.1 - 0.3) Change the weather and time easily with signs.


    WeatherSigns.jar - Hosted by Dropbox [diamond]

    Known Problems:
    • Possibly any sign changing plugins, as the way this plugin checks enabled signs is just by the green first line...

    Possible Features:
    • Cost bypass permission node/Op status?
    • Different Economy plugin support?


    Version 0.3
    • Public(ish) release
    • Cleaned up the code a little bit.
    Version 0.2
    • Completely rewrote the plugin.
    Previous Versions (open)

    Version 0.1
    • Initial release. [diamond]
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    Brilliant, as usual! Oh, FIRST :D
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    The Snow command is Rain?

    Sad, i have hoped this is a Plugin that allow to make Snow-Weather :(
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    @StolleJay Yeah, unfortunately weather is global and biome controlled, so the rain/snow command will only make it rain in forest biomes, snow in snow biomes or nothing in desert biomes, I added the snow command simply to make it look better in snowy regions. ;)
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    Excellent plugin :D

    Can You add option to broadcast message when the player changes weather/time ("player_name changed weather" or something like that).
    If the message would be customizable, it would be great.
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    The Custom Time not working? i write my sing:

    1800 (for 30 min)

    but he change the time on 6 min.

    it is running with [1000]?
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    @Hanver Works fine with RB 1000 and so does custom time, 1800 is about 9am game time.

    The custom time needs to be a range between 0 and 24000, not 2400, that's what I'm guessing is the problem.

    @DooBLER I can add something like that and make it customisable. Give me a few days though, I am having trouble getting any coding done. :(

    @triarry I will take a look at BOSEconomy.
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    Can you make this so that you get a in-game chat message that you just maked it day for (coinsamount)/
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    I second the extra economy support, i use BOSE personally, and there are quite a few econs around but BOSE and ICO seem to be biggest players,

    have you looked into using Register?

    it lets u access all econs (that are utilizing it, many are) via one interface, BOSE/ICO are working with it :D
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    Njiegh, I have a sign with

    and when I click it (left or right) nothing happens :'( I do have enough money, so that can't be it. I also gave myself permissions (although it's a bit messy, that new McMyAdmin Permissions System thingy).
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    @Lolmewn Does the first line turn green when you create the sign?
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    Nope. Did I do something wrong?
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    @Lolmewn It is most likely your Permissions setup then, as I haven't got this to tell you if you haven't got permission when creating/using signs. I don't use McMyAdmin though, so not sure how it handles Permissions. :confused:

    EDIT: After a quick look at McMyAdmin, I see it integrates Group Manager or Essentials Group Manager, this plugin is only built for Permissions (2.x or 3.x), not even updated for SuperPerms 'cause I'm lazy.
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    Mokay. Ill test it some more now.

    Works =D
    Only thing missing is some message which displays how much this has cost you and stuff, that's what I usually add.

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    @Lolmewn Yep, next release will have Register support (If I can get the damn thing working), SuperPerms support (Hopefully) and the ability to create messages and other config. stuff. :D
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    one thing, snow is the same as rain, is it?
    so u dont need the snow button
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    @da_boom Snow is only an option so that when the WeatherSign is in a snow biome, it fits in better...
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    Does this work on multiverse? such as signs in one world affect that world only?
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    @Jackdepancake Yep, the signs only change weather/time for the world they are in. :)
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    Thank you I will give it a try
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    Hey, i tried using this but it didnt work, is it powered by redstone?[diamond] Idea!
    ( Aka diamond idea -.- for newbs, aka really great idea )

    Just recognized that it is not compatable with redstones :( please update and do so.

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    Hey this plugin works great! I'm using iConomy 6 on MC 1.8.1!
    Edit: Just noticed accounts are not getting money deducted after use with iConomy 6.

    Here's a suggestion though: Maybe you could display a message to the user when they change the weather so they know that they were charged some price.
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    @Zeroth I'm currently working on an update for this, it's going to support Register, so all major economy plugins will be supported and have fully customisable messages.

    It might be a while depending on how motivated I am. :)
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    can you update it??
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    @NizonRox Yes sir, I will work on it some more today.
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    please update this to 1185(1240) and iconomy 6
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    Hello, your plugin does not seem to work with iconomy6 would it be possible to have an update.
    does it work on Minecraft CB1.1-R3 (not sure)
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    For Economy support of any sort, Might I recommend going for Vault linking instead, allows you to support all types of economy plugins without having to worry about updating for a ton of different kinds of them
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    I get this error on startup


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