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    So for my Star Wars themed SMP was trying to give it something to make it more fun besides light sabers n blasters, then one of the builders suggested a force power mod, which Im not that great with making mods just yet so though maybe someone out there could help me. Im using the Permissions addon if that helps things any.

    Powers looking for.
    Force Push - Push the enemy/player X feet back
    Choke Hold - Hold the targeted player/mob in place loosing life
    High Jump - Jump High
    Force Lighting - Aoe lights from front of user (IDK how this work in MC)
    Saber Throw - Throw your weapon (sword) cant fight until it is returned

    Ideas for more powers?

    Thanks in advance
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    Friendly Bump
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    Still looking for a modder.

    Had an idea how it could work afte using the wand plugin in, You would have you X item in hand and be able to scroll through items which are your skills. There be a cooldown between when u can use them.
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    for the Force Push i was thinking already too... would be nice to make a shockwave like TNT in water, so no blocks get damaged, only things get pushed away/hurt. of course without hurting yourself...
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    I know that someone made a gravity gun type want before. That would work for levitation.
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    Gotta check it out, i just didn't want to have different several different plugins just for force powers alone.
    May just have to
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    No one feeling up to it :p
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    That is kick ass, about time to see more sw stuff ill def be using this for the swu server.

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