[FUN] FootChicken v0.1 - Play soccer with chickens [1000]

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    Foot Chicken - Play soccer with chickens:
    Version: v0.2

    Foot Chicken is my first plugin. It adds two commands with Permissions support to kill nearest chickens or give them 200 health points. The aim is to play soccer with Chickens : you put a chicken in a soccer field, you give him 200hp and you have to hit the chicken until he gets into the opposite team's goal.

    You can make a soccer field like this :
    Or download the schematic here : http://ompldr.org/vOWk4bA

    • /footchicken <range> : Gives 200 health to all reachable chickens in <range>
    • /killchicken <range> : Kill all reachable chickens in <range>
    Download v0.2 : http://ompldr.org/vOW11OA
    Download v0.1 : http://ompldr.org/vOWk4ag
    Source Code : http://ompldr.org/vOWk4bQ

    To use the Permissions feature, you must have a bukkit rev > #1000 with the new Permissions system.
    Nodes :
    • footchicken.footchicken (allows /footchicken)
    • footchicken.killchicken (allows /killchicken)

    Version 0.2
    • Added Permissions support
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin
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    Interesting idea... good job.
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    Maybe a command for make the soccer field?
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    Er, it would require World Edit. And my soccer field is ugly. And… I'll see that tomorrow, it's 2:00 AM here ;)
  5. The category in your title should be capitalised ([Fun] --> [FUN])
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    Man... I would LOVE this, but this would be abused because people would just spam those 2 commands everywhere...
    Maybe make a special arena with configurable goals/spawn points and the plugin itself would spawn one chicken at the start of the game and kill it at the end, while keeping its HP at 200 every time it is hit (Similar to MobArena)?
    This sounds like an awesome idea, it's just unrealistic unless you're playing with 3-4 friends that are all OP's, although im not sure if you want to make an advanced plugin like that either..
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    No, I want to keep it very simple. But you know, only ops can use these commands, so don't worry about people who could spam it.
    However, if you *really* want a Permissions support, i could add it (but I really don't like it.)

    The Plugin seems to work with the last build (#1000), but please give me feedback if you encouters any errors (and even if you don't).
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    Best soccer plugin! :D
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    Is there any way i can spawn chickens in the field?
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    No Bug for me.

    Great plugin

    (i understand you hate permission but in my server i'm only the OP and my friend hope they can use it ;o )
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    The idea is cool, but its not done yet..
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    Thanks !
    With CommandBook or Essentials, /spawnmob chicken.
    You can also catch it with a fishing road.

    Ok, I'll see what i can do.
    What do you mean by « it's not done yet » ?

    Added Permissions support.

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    /Spawnmob chicken <Amount>
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    This looks fun! :D

    maybe make this for every mob that would be fun :).

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    Only New Permissions system ? with Permission 3.1.6 is ok?
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    I don't know, it must support the hasPermission() method of built-in Permissions API.
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    Ok so don't work with permission 3.1.6 i don't try with the new bukkit permission.
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    If you are op it ignores the permissions and grant you the access.
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    It's ok for me i'm Op but i'm not able to Op all my server :p
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    I am building a Big arena for this :D
    heris a pic!
    (its not done yet. but it looks nice alredy (i think) )


    Yup! throw eggs ! :D

    Wadaya think from that one that i made :D? program that you can spawn this arena (if it is done) with a command?

    why? this is awesome

    i am not gonna fill this up: if you dont mind :) (ill make walls around it so it doesnt look gey. but ill leave it hollow.

    Done! this is how it looks under the seets. not bad. you can use this space for whatever you want.

    OMFG IM DONE! (ill do the details later. like the entrance and light and stuff.
    i hope you like it! :D

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    I just saw your replies but I can't see the images. Sorry about that.

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